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Spring Dress For Under $32 + Comfortable Leopard Pumps

I have no idea what’s going on but daylight savings has kicked my butt this week!  It’s never been an issue for me but for some reason it’s thrown Milan and I both off.  She has more energy at night and won’t go to bed (lol).  Let’s hope we get over this hump soon for my own sanity.  Here’s another adorable dress I’m loving and it’s on sale for under $32!  Click READ MORE to view the full post.

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Feeling Alive Again + Snakeskin Print Wrap Dress

After many dark days, I’m seeing some light.  It’s crazy and hard to explain but it feels good.  I feel alive again. For the first time in years, I feel like myself.  I feel alive.  I feel strong.  Click READ MORE to view the full post.

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Spring Favorites

Spring Outfit: Navy Lace Dress + Nude Sandals for under $60

Give me all things lace!  I’ve never met a lace dress I didn’t like and this one is no exception.  I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is and it’s currently on sale for under $40.  My entire outfit is actually under $60 (yes that is including my sandals)!  Click READ MORE to view the full post.

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Mommy and Me Spring Outfits

I found this quote on Pinterest and it completely resonated with me.  Being a parent is being there through tantrums, the milestones and the tears. Being a parent means you love that little person which you created, more than you could ever love yourself or anyone else! You’d readily lose sleep to comfort them from their nightmares.  You would risk your own life for that small person, you’d surely die to save them if you needed to. Being a parent is NEVER a burden, it’s loving somebody else wholeheartedly and unconditionally, for eternity! Being a parent to your child is NOT a job, it’s a privilege, cherish it.  Click READ MORE to view all our mommy and me outfits!

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