Current Favorites

What I Eat In a Day + How I Maintain My Figure

One of the most requested topics lately is what I eat in a day.  Honestly, I don’t eat anything special but try to make good choices.

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Body-Shaming + Looking and Feeling Confident

I received some really awful messages recently regarding my body and the way I dress.  Body shaming is NOT acceptable and I feel like I need to address this issue.

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Spring Favorites

Petite Friendly One Piece Swimsuits + Mother’s Day Weekend Sales

    It’s been a such a busy week…haven’t slept much so I’m a little out of it.  I can’t believe it’s Mother’s Day weekend.  This year seems to be going by so fast.  I got my hair done for the second time and it feels so good!

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Petite Friendly Scalloped Yoga Outfit

I stopped taking care of myself for a long time.  My health was never a priority.  Working out wasn’t at the top of my list.  I just kind of threw in the towel so to speak.  I wasn’t out of shape but I definitely didn’t do anything to take care of myself.  Yoga has been on my to-do list for so long.  It’s one of things where you want to do it but never get around to trying.  Well now I’m going to try everything!

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