Are you shocked to see me in sneakers? lol I don’t think I’ve ever posted athleisure before.  This one is one of my favorites that I’ve been wearing non-stop.  I shared it awhile back on Instagram but never reviewed it on the blog.  I used to say I was always more comfortable in high heels and dress clothes.  Well, times have sure changed!  Don’t get me wrong, I love getting dolled up and wearing cute outfits but now I’d rather be in comfy clothes and sneakers any day of the week.

kate spade new york cinched side bow high waisted capri leggings, kate spade new york striped bow neck jacket, Nike black free RN running shoe

As much as I would love to say that I work out, I don’t. I want to, need to but haven’t made it a priority.  Does chasing a toddler around for hours on end count as exercise?  If so, then I definitely work out (lol).  All joking aside, I seriously need to exercise at some point. I try to go on walks almost everyday but it’s important that I get my heart rate up with some type of cardio.  Health is so important and should never be taken for granted yet it’s taken a backseat lately.

Okay enough of my rambling…let’s get to this adorable striped bow neck jacket!  It’s still available so get it before your size sells out.  Probably the cutest activewear jacket I’ve ever seen!  Also comes in black and navy.  Unfortunately my bow leggings are currently sold out but these are a good alternative.

On another note, I went on a J.Crew shopping binge and ordered tons of stuff.  I blame my severe allergies for forcing me to shop in order to feel better (lol).  I’ve been wanting these New Balance for J.Crew capri leggings in blush and white but they’ve been sold out and haven’t been able to find them anywhere.  I scooped up the matching crop top just in case and plan to wear them with these pink high waisted crop leggings (on sale).  I also ordered these scalloped capri leggings (also on sale) – how does one resist anything with scalloped edges?  These pink New Balance sneakers have been in my cart for months and I finally pulled the trigger.  Don’t ask me why I just bought all this but maybe it might motivate me to work out? Haha!  Below is everything I got:

J.Crew Haul

kate spade new york cinched side bow high waisted capri leggings, kate spade new york striped bow neck jacket, Nike black free RN running shoe

c/o Striped bow neck jacket (xs, solid color HERE) // c/o Cinched bow leggings (xs) // Nike shoes

This is completely un-related but I’ve been on a swimsuit craze lately.  Not because my body is ready to show that much skin but mainly because I’ve been taking Milan to the beach more often and need to rotate swimsuits.  I still considering THIS, THIS and THIS.  Also, if you love lemon prints, this dress is adorable!  I’m considering getting this polka dot shirt dress – nursing friendly and has pockets.  I noticed this striped top that is similar to the one I wore HERE is back in stock!  Just thought I would share in case you were eying it.  That is all I have for today – thanks so much for reading! XO

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