Review: Tory Burch “Reva” Sting Ray Leather Ballerina Flats

So I never thought in a million years I would ever own much less wear a pair of flat shoes that weren’t tennis shoes! Is this a sign I can’t handle heels anymore?? Gosh- that’s scary!!! These Tory Burch Reva flats just came in the mail:

I have been on the hunt for some flats to wear when I am on my shopping rampages. I have looked everywhere for a comfortable pair. I even tried cheapie ones and super expensive ones but nothing fits comfortably. And if I am going to dare to wear flats for the first time- they better be super cute and more importantly extremely comfortable!!! So I was able to find a decent pair at Nordstroms- BP brand of black peep toe (similar HERE) ballerina flats that seem to be the only one that has fit comfortably. I think I may have tried on about 50 pairs as of late. I like the idea of peep toe flats so my toesies can breathe in the summer.

I am very particular when it comes to ballerina flats. It has to be just the right look for me otherwise I just feel weird in them. So for the price tag of $42.50 on sale for the B.P. black leather flats- I thought- what the heck. 
Then I came across these Tory Burch Reva ones online during my late night online shopping sessions and they were on sale. Even at the sale price of $159.99 plus tax- I wouldn’t even think to spend that on flats that I wear only when I am not working which is usually not very often. But the sting ray leather and “coconut” color got me! Being that I am in love with my Chanel Grand Shopper Tote which is made out of sting ray leather- I thought these flats have to be awesome. And they had a size 5 available which I thought – this has to be meant to be…that’s my logic anytime I find shoes in size 5 🙂
So I got them and was so nervous to even touch the leather since I was still in shock due to the overwhelming price tag- I slipped them on and it was heaven for my feet. Keep in mind- I have never worn flats except for tennis shoes so these felt divine! The fit was so perfect- I started to squeal with joy and tears as I thought – how would I ever wear these out knowing they were so much?
Pros:  The leather is so soft- you don’t want to take them off. The coconut color is so perfect because it’s a neutral tone that will match anything and everything. Because of the cute Tory Burch logo- you can dress it up with a cute summer dress or wear with skinny jeans to go casual. The fit is perfect- no toe cleavage (my pet peeve) and the ruching in the back keeps petite feet from slipping. The toe box fits very comfortably- not too wide or narrow. The quality is ridiculous and you can’t beat it. You really do get what you pay for. I love love love the sting ray leather- the pebble leather is just lovely.
Cons: The price tag is very steep even on major sale. But you do get what you pay.

VERDICT: Keeping! It’s the best pair I have found so even at the steep price, I love them!

Here are some other ballerina flats I am coveting: (click to shop)

Expensive Versions:

Affordable Flats: (click to shop)

Happy Shopping everyone! If anyone has any other brands they like for flats- please share with me! And don’t forget, my first giveaway is tomorrow 🙂
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  1. I just started following you back. =) I looked at a few of your posts and I have to say you look like an absolute doll in every single picture! Your clothes always suit your shape and are tasteful and classy yet they're always fun -unlike some boring work outfits I've seen! =P Absolutely love your blog and so glad I found it. I can't get over how you find such nice "work clothes" for your petite size. Everytime I look, things are too baggy, ill-fitted, long, etc -I need to start seeing a tailor. Again, love your blog.

  2. Lol, sure they are a little costly but I wear mine for "commuting" to work almost every day. If you can tote around a Chanel bag then TB flats shouldn't be too much of a price shock : )

    I like that the stingray ones aren't like their typical leather Reva flat. I'm always looking to expand my collection but only with their more "unique" or seasonal designs. Another plus – they are super light for throwing into a purse in case heels get to be too much that day!

  3. I have TB Revas and I like them a lot but the elastic on the back of one of them has stretched and now falls off the back of my foot. I hate that! I like the pair you chose though, the stingray really makes it unique!


  4. Thanks for the review on TB flats. I always have my eyes on them, but can't justify the price tag for a pair of flats! I might have to cave in after this :p Oh the wet seal ones are so cute <3 but I always have a bad luck with peeptoe flats, they never seem to stay on my feet 🙁

  5. As a petite person, I probably like flats too much heh. I have them in pink, yellow, brown, lavender, floral, red, and few others. To me, flats are very comfortable to wear. They are just a fancier looking version of slippers. On days when I have to wear heels, I don't wear them all day. I always have a pair of flats in my purse. I hope you will enjoy the flat experience :).

  6. I only wear flats, so I was very interested in this post! Thank you for it. I like the look of those shoes and I'm glad to hear they're comfortable. I've started paying more for shoes because it's so hard to find the ones that don't kill my feet. Sometimes quality really is worth paying for.

  7. *sigh*… I managed to resist these when I first saw them over at diaryofashopper… but you're tempting me!!

  8. I just tried on my first pair of TB's today at Bloomies and im a size 5, and I instantly fell in love!!! I just coudln't justify paying $235 in store, so i went online and found some good deals.. I want to buy all the colours!!!
    It's nice to know there are other likes me wiht small feet out there, but shoe shopping that is cheap is difficult for me to find..

  9. I tried on my first pair of TBs size 5 at Bloomies today and instantly feel in love!! They fit perfectly but i coudln't justify spending $235 on the style i tried on, so i left them and then checked online and found cheaper deals. However, now I want to buy all the colors!
    Then i saw a pari of Franco Sartos at Macy and of course there was no size 5..errr!
    Does anyone else struggle with finding size 5 in styles you like?

    Anyway it feels nice to know that i'm not alone out there with a small foot.

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