J.Crew Haul: Merino Cielo Ruffle and Placket Chiffon Cardigans and Winner of December LOFT Giveaway!!

I am so happy I found the Merino Cielo and the Merino Placket cardigans to compare. I couldn’t tell the difference online but the there is a difference! Up first is the Merino Cielo Ruffle cardi:

***Congratulations Vicky! You are the winner of my December LOFT giveaway! Please email me with you info so I can ship out your goodies!  The turnout on this giveaway was really amazing and I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who entered! I seriously wish I could give each and every one of you who entered something but not to worry..I will have many more giveaways in the near future!***

If you didn’t win this one, make sure to enter Allison Izu’s Premium Petite Denim HERE. There will be THREE winners chosen! 🙂
Sweater: J.Crew Merino Cielo Cardigan (in Blossom color)- size XXS (buy HERE)
Skirt: J.Crew Wool Bell Skirt (comes in black, henna, and english saddle)– size 00 (buy HERE)
Belt: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Belt in Granite- size XS (buy HERE)
Tights: H & M Divided Grey Tights 40 Den- size XS
Pin: LOFT Flower Felt Pin
Necklace: Nordstrom Rack Pink Long Pearls
Shoes: Cole Haan Grey Suede Pumps– size 5 (buy HERE)
I didn’t have time to steam the wrinkles out of the skirt so pardon the lines and creases! And yet another pink and grey combo for work. It just happens and I don’t even plan for it! I love this look for work and the best part is – it’s so ultra comfy!
This Merino Cielo caridgan is a bit different from the Merino Placket cardigan. The buttons are not on the silk chiffon but on the wool (hope that makes sense). Same design and same materials with the silk chiffon ruffles but button placement is different. And the bottom of the cardigan is a bit different as well. The bottom of the Cielo is more elastic, and I think that’s what makes the fit a bit more narrow. And the length is slightly shorter.
Merino Cielo Ruffle Cardigan (see the button placement)
Merino Placket Chiffon Cardigan (buttons are on the silk chiffon)


The arms on the Cielo are not as tight and the fit on the torso is not as baggy. unbuttoned, both sweaters appear to be almost identical but buttoned, you can see a slight variation.  The wool bell skirt is what I am neutral about, see it on AlterationsNeeded and PetiteXXS. They both looked lovely in it. I don’t love love the fit (a bit wide) but love the fact that the waist is tiny and fits! My Henna Red skirt is on it’s way!
Sweater: J.Crew Merino Placket Cardigan in GOLD– size XXS (buy HERE)
Skirt: H & M Grey Pencil Skirt w/Belt- size 2 (Just bought)
I love this color and also got the heather graphite and weathered wood too.  According to some petite’s that got this sweater say the arms are really tight but  I don’t mind the fitted sleeves. I didn’t find it to be too tight on me and I love how fitted it is!  Better fitted than baggy right? The arms on all my cardigans always end up stretching out so I think there is hope!
The sleeves are cuffed because they are too long, but that was to be expected since it’s not a petite size. This H & M grey pencil skirt was recently purchased this past weekend and I needed a light grey pencil skirt other than my Banana Republic one which is a bit too big.
I tried to take a pic in my formal living room, the lighting is much better. I am  hoping to get better at taking photos and learning about the proper lighting and everything when I get my new camera! And definitely getting a remote!!! I tweeted about how difficult self-photography is especially w/out a remote!
Skirt: H & M Camel Skirt- size 2 (will be getting the length hemmed)
Shoes: Aldo Medium Brown Leather Pumps– size 35/5 (buy HERE and still on sale)
I bought the Placket in ivory and the the Cielo in almond and the almond color is a bit more taupe than cream so not sure which one to keep.
Is it wrong that I keep all colors? I really do love cardigans and these are so pretty! The Cielo ones came out to be only $18! You really cannot beat the quality of either styles. 100% merino wool and 100% silk chiffon? Love it!
This skirt is on my “take to tailor” pile and still haven’t had the chance. Hopefully soon! I think it will look amazing when the length is taken up. (excuse the wrinkles)
Who else got J.Crew items?
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  1. I really love these cardis…the ruffle detail really adds an extra something special! I actually have last year's version of the sweater in a rust color, and I adore it!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the colors of the first outfit. Baby pink and grey is probably my favorite feminine colors combo. I love all the cardis on you, so I think you should keep them all lol!

  3. I love these cardis on you!! The cielo and placket cardis actually do look different once they're on. My fave look is the one with the gold cardi, but I may be biased as I have that color. 🙂 I would keep all the cardis too as they're so great for layering and look beautiful on you! 🙂


  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Annie! I'm so excited to win the Loft giveaway! I'll DM you the address later.
    You already know but I will say it again, "Keep them all!" The cardi's look fantastic on you, and the colors are amazing. With that price, why would you return any?

  5. I'm in loove with your outfits! That Merino placket cardigan in Ivory looks fantastic! I love your pink and grey looks–pretty combo! I also love the ivory, grey and brown belt and heels! 🙂

  6. Aha – I totally thought the Cielo was the same as the Placket version – thanks for clarifying! I really love that gold color on you and especially paired with gray! How does the Bell Skirt look with something tucked into it? It looks a tiny bit too floofy on the bell part but maybe I'm looking at it weirdly. If it is floofy (sorry don't know how to articulate this!), I think showing off the waistband will help balance the proportion.

    Congrats to Vicky on winning!

  7. The cardi's look terrific on you! I should've ordered the cielo. 🙂 I love your gray/pink combo too, it's so you!

  8. I ordered the Cielo cardigan and it was a little too small on me — that rarely happens! I wish I could've kept it because it was beautiful. It looks lovely on you. I don't blame you for getting multiple colors at that price.

  9. Yay!! Congratulations to Vicky!! 🙂

    I say keep them all! You did get a great deal. :p

    I did purchase the cypress plaid skirt in oo…still need to blog about it! It is so cute and festive!

  10. I love all cardigans on you and now I regret for not getting one when J Crew had a good deal. I love how the cardigans look on you and AN but I was hesitant to buy when I saw how baggy it looked on Jean. Great buy.

  11. Oh! I was looking at the cardi's online and couldn't figure out what the difference between them was! This clears things up, thank you. I have never been a pink fan, but I really like the pink cardi on your skin tone. The gold color is lovely as well. The bell skirt looks like a great fit on you. I'm wondering if you wouldn't like it more dressed down a bit….maybe with some flat to the knee boots? The color seems quite versatile as well.

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