Lookbook: H & M Pencil Lace Skirt

Hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday weekend! I went after Christmas shopping but didn’t find too much which was kind of a bummer (but may be a good thing for my wallet). But what I did find was this infamous H & M lace skirt that everyone has been raving about! I actually found two of them which was a miracle! Usually I only find one size 2 in any skirt but I think it was fate that I found an extra one!

Sweater: J.Crew Merino Placket Cardi in Ivory- size XXS (buy here)
Skirt: H & M Lace Skirt- size 2 (similar here and here)
Pin: LOFT flower felt pin (bought on ebay)
Belt: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Skinny Belt- size XS (buy here)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple 100’s- size 5 (buy here)
This photo was taken in my upstairs reading alcove near my loft. I am trying to test out different areas in my house to see which has the best lighting. 
See this skirt on Kelly and Elle. They both look great in it! Leave it to AN to find this amazing tiny skirt! I was amazed at how perfect the fit was. Usually H & M skirts are a bit wide on the hips and through the thighs but this was narrower. And the waist fit PERFECTLY! I got an extra one and already shipped it to Vicky. I can’t wait to see her in it!
I tucked in my J.Crew cardi inspired by Jean. Do you guys like it?
I know black and white are so boring but I love the color combo. It’s simple and clean! I added the Ann Taylor black patent skinny belt because I wanted to break up the lace a little bit. And I am so obsessed with their XS belts! I thought it was impossible to find a tiny skinny belt that fits my waist! It’s much easier to find thick stretchy belts that fit.
I didn’t think I could wear this to work but I am wearing it today and love it!
The length is so perfect, hits right at the knee. I think any shorter and it may look a bit less conservative. Since there is so much lace going on, the longer length definitely makes it look less racy (if that makes any sense). I would probably wear this with black nylons but mine had a run in them and my black tights were too opaque so I went bare legs for this post.
Some similar lace skirts I found was the LOFT scalloped lace skirt, and this Forever 21 lace skirt. I had about 5 minutes before work to snap these off so sorry they are not great photos! I will be getting a nice camera very soon so I hope to give you nicer photos and videos!Here is the back of the skirt so you can see the fit. I think the fit is great, what do you think?
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  1. This outfit is perfect. Do not change a thing! Black and white (when paired correctly) is soo classy and chic, and you nailed this one! I need some of your good luck at finding these treasures. My local H&M never has them!

  2. You got yourself one! Yay! The fit on you is just as nice as all the other petite bloggers. I like that you provided a picture from the back. I know people get weirded out taking a picture of their behinds, but I think it's necessary to determine a good fit.

  3. The skirt fits you perfectly! And yes, you made complete sense…a short lace skirt does tend to send different signals! I love the Jean-inspired cardigan look!

    I am loving the chairs in the alcove!

  4. Classy and gorgeous as usual. I love how you took two "infamous" petite items but made it into your own by the way you styled the outfit. And from the snippets we see of your home, it seems every corner of it is gorgeously decorated. Seems your good taste also extends to interior decorating!

  5. @Michelle YAY for the fit and the tucked in cardigan!! And the chairs in my alcove- are so comfy for reading too! LOL I have a short lace skirt and never wear it, it's a bit scandalous..LOL

  6. I LOVE this skirt – I picked this up in grey a few weeks ago and regret I didn't get the lavendar textured version and plain black because I can't locate them at my store anymore! Too bad, because you're right, the fit is untailored perfection!

    You look fantastic!

  7. @R.L. Oh you are way too kind!! Thank you for all your compliments- *blushing*! I go thru fazes where I am obsessed with buying stuff for my house and obviously this whole year has been dedicated to my wardrobe..LOL

  8. Love the skirt and love all the different backgrounds – your house is so pretty (and clean! mine is a mess filled with baby toys LOL). The great thing about your tan legs is that you don't really need tights πŸ™‚

  9. The skirt looks great on you as well as on other petite bloggers. I love the black and white color combo. Very chic and classy at the same time. I am glad you were able to find this skirt for you and also for Vicky. That was super sweet of you.

  10. The skirt looks so terrific on you, I love how you tucked in the cardi too! I love how you wore it and it's so simple but timeless…definitely the perfect work outfit! πŸ™‚

  11. this skirt is beautiful on you and i love it paired with the tucked in J.Crew cardi! the red underside of your CL shoes adds the perfect bit of sexiness to the outfit.

    and your house is so lovely!! my parents were even admiring it as i was reading it on my laptop here at the aiport!! πŸ™‚


  12. I saw this skirt at H&M and tried it on. Although I admit it is cute, it didn't fit me as well as it did for you D; It still felt loose on my hips. I love simple color combos, so black and white with a lace pattern still looks ultra chic to me! The flower pin is really cute!

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