Lookbook: Pink Gingham and Lace

Shirt: H&M L.o.g.g – size 2 (similar at Gap, Aeropostale, Brooks Brothers Petite)
Skirt: H&M {old} – size 2 (similar here and designer)
Shoes: J.Crew Platform pumps {review coming soon}- size 5 (buy here)
Necklace: LOFT 3 strand pearls (similar here and here)
Bracelets: H&M girls bangles {see previous post} – (similar here)
Purse: Chanel WOC
I have been wanting a pink gingham shirt for so long. Thanks again AubreyOhDang for emailing me and letting me know:) This one isn’t exactly the shade of pink or material I was hoping for but it’ll do for now. I wanted a lighter baby pink with smaller gingham with a crispier material to wear to work.  
I paired it with this H&M lace skirt to dress it up for work and feminize the casualness of the gingham. Here are some other options: (click on photo to shop)

I also ordered this J.Crew boys secret wash in classic gingham (**update- on sale for $24.99 plus 25% off (1-2-12) w/free ship).  I am curious to see if it will even fit. I like the size of the gingham and navy is a great color for work.  **Update- see Kelly’s review (Jensen gingham) here of the boys vs. women’s**
I am officially obsessed with J.Crew pumps! I got these suede platforms as a filler to get free shipping and now am in love.  Please stay tuned for a review soon.
I hope everyone had a great New Year celebration! Mine was very low key and quiet. Thank you for all your support and for those of you who take the time out to comment: )
How do you style your gingham shirts?
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  1. Sorry, pls don't get mad but the lace skirt and that button down shirt don't match. Plus that shirt looks like a summer table cloth. Sorry, I just want to express my disappointment. I always enjoy your blog and I thought that you should my opinion. Happy New Year!

  2. Annie, I was just at H&M today and saw this shirt. It reminds me of the one Sydney from Petite Little Girl recently purchased from Old Navy. I think the colour is fantastic, and any lighter it wouldn't be as vibrant in photos. Looks great with the lace skirt too!

  3. I saw that pink gingham at H&M yesterday and was debating about the size of the print too. You have great timing with your posts. =) What size did you order in the J. Crew boys shirt?

  4. Hi Nicole! I ordered a size 10 since 12's were sold out and 14 will probably be too big. I wear a 10/12 in girls so let's hope the boys 10 fits! It's final sale so I'm screwed if it doesn't work out:(

  5. It's my first pair and I wasn't expecting the sz 5's to fit and they fit perfectly with no gap in the back of my heel like all my other shoes! Woo hoo!!

  6. Hi Sheila! No worries! This isn't for everyone:) I like the fact that it's very unconventional to pair these two items together but I know it won't work for all : ) Happy New Year to you too!!

  7. Awe thanks Angie!! I was just messing around with the instagram photo today trying to plan my outfit for my post:) I should start posting them…thanks for the idea Angie! You are too cute!

  8. Very cute! Odd combination but I love how it works on you!! But if you're going to copy Jean, then you need to at least give her credit. Ever hear of creative plagiarism??

  9. No offense – but not my favourite, the colours are all over the place (the cream necklace with the white in the pink clashes – basic colour theory), maybe a different statement necklace would've worked. The chest pockets on the shirt are kind of tacky and the lace on the skirt is too prominent against the bright pink. Even so, the shirt looks cheap against the lace, I think due to the fabric. Overall, a horrible colour combination – honest opinion. Something more monochromatic would've worked better, if at all. I think my design eye is getting to me though maybe.

  10. Love the gingham with the lace…something I'd love to try myself….but first I need a lace skirt lol

  11. loveee those J. Crew pumps! I've been lusting after their shoes, but I need to wait for a good sale. 🙂 That pink gingham looks just perfect on you. I agree that a more crisp material would look better for work, but this one should be great for casual outfits!

    I hope you have a wonderful 2012, Miss Annie! 🙂


  12. i'm afraid that you've selected a very poor combination. you had the right idea, but the gingham is too large and it competes with the lace skirt, which stands out on its own. the shoes are nice.

  13. Haha, I have this one too but I grabbed it quickly without trying on so it is massive on me (got sz 14 since 14 boys J Crew fits well). I now only wear it underneath other items. I love the brighter pink color versus the pastel – it really makes the gingham pop. You wear that skirt so well Annie – really emphasizes your teeny little waist 🙂

  14. my god you are beyond shameless!! you copy cat, dont you ever learn? this outfit like many other outfits in your blog is a copy of an outfit posted by another blogger. there already has been a nasty discussion about this on this blog. i thought that will change you but no way. now dont tell you both share similar tastes. you dont ,you just purchase what ever she has shared on the blog, that makes copying easier!!!!!!
    i wont be wasting time reading this blog anymore. the other blog & person is way talented and original.
    Good Bye.

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