Wednesday Wants: Floral and Olive Green Wool Skirt

Lately I’ve been craving a floral pencil skirt (maybe Spring fever?) and have been on a mission to find an olive green wool skirt. I haven’t had the best of luck so far and wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions. 
Here is my wish list for the floral skirt:
– pencil skirt 
– earth tones (no bright colors)
– it would be nice if I don’t have to tailor it but I’m willing to pay for alterations
– price to be under $50
Wish list for an olive green wool skirt:
– can be a mini or above the knee length
– wool blend
– price to be under $80
– has to be a true olive green color

I love the colors and vintage vibe of this floral skirt but the price is way to steep for me.  I found this topshop skirt but it’s just “meh”. I absolutely adore this green tweed pencil skirt but clearly the price is just ridiculous.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! : )
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  1. Are you willing to thrift at all? If you can get past the initial discomfort of used clothing, you can find amazing, gorgeous stuff, and exactly the type of pieces you're looking for. The amount you'll save by thrifting, you can spend having them altered to just exactly what you want.


  2. I remember that Loft had an olive green wool skirt…last year? Maybe keep checking EBay? Old Navy had a nice chiffon pleated skirt in olive that I was admiring, but I know you have similar style skirts in different colors.

    Maybe you could make your own floral pencil skirt with your sewing machine. Just copy a pencil skirt that you have and put in a lining!

  3. I have scoured Ebay and nothing. I'm trying to remember the olive wool one from Loft and can't think of what it looks like…..

    I wish I knew how to sew- still need to learn and use my sewing machine 🙂