This is the only picture I could convince hubby to let me put on the blog:)  We had some super cute jumping sunset photos but he denied those.  Here we are walking into the sunset…okay we were “pretending” to with a tripod/remote snapping away but I thought it was super cute. The weather and lighting was so perfect on this night. We had wonky weather for the first several days but towards the end of our trip, it was much nicer.

I just love this picture hubby took of my footprints in the sand…it’s so cool!


I’ve been saving this dress for vacation but really wanted the yellow version. Aubs (reader) tried so hard to find and located the yellow one for me but they didn’t make too many of the them in a size 2. The yellow dress sold out very quickly so I ended up keeping this paisley one. It’s great for vacation because you can roll it up and it doesn’t wrinkle. I was able to use this belt for most of my outfits too.
We ate at Star noodle in Lahaina a couple of times. The place was packed both nights and there was usually a 30 minute wait. Above are some of their popular noodle dishes although hubby still says he prefers my fried ramen over these any day. He could be biased but I have to admit, my fried ramen is quite tasty:)
These pork bun sliders were amazing!
The huge malasadas were the best we tried in Maui. You get 3 ginormous portions with carmel, dark chocolate and I think peanuts to dip into. They were so fresh and fluffy and very reasonably priced at only $5.  I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you are in the Lahaina area.
Another picture perfect sunset with a boat passing by and the sun beaming through the clouds- it was amazing. The pictures definitely doesn’t do it any justice. I thought I could squeeze my vacation pics into two posts but a third and final one will follow soon:)

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