This month’s challenge is being hosted by the ever so talented and one of my favorite bloggers, SewPetiteGal
The challege: Candy Colorized
Take a bowl full of colorful candies, close your eyes and draw 2-3 pieces. Now use those colors (+ a neutral of your choosing) to form the basis of your ensemble.

I don’t have much candy in my house but luckily had a small batch of jelly belly’s left to use for this challenge.  I drew yellow and pink but only had hot pink to use in my ensemble…it’s still in the same color family so hopefully that counts:) I went with navy blue as my neutral color and base.
Shirt: J.Crew– size 00 (similar HERE and HERE)
Sweater: Vince cashmere – size small (similar HERE and HERE)
Skirt: J.Crew {shrunken}– size 00 (similar HERE and HERE)
Blazer: H&M {recent} – size 2 (similar HERE and HERE)
Shoes: Cole Haan Slingbacks {old}- size 5 (similar HERE and HERE)
Purse: Chanel Sevruga WOC (cute HERE and cheap HERE)
Necklace: Loft pearls (similar 2 row HERE and HERE)

This is my new favorite pencil skirt and I am so relieved I was able to shrink it somewhat successfully.  
**Warning- I do not recommend you do this technique because it could damage your fabric or risk ruining your skirt**
I just want to share with you how it worked for me. I scored this J.Crew navy tweed No. 2 pencil skirt last week for only $21 in a size 00. J.Crew pencil skirts have never fit me and always run big. Even the 00P’s are too big so that just goes to show you how retailers love vanity sizing. Since this was 100% cotton, I knew it would shrink a little in the dryer. The tag says ‘dry clean only’ which means it could go one of two ways- really well or a total disaster.  It was a risk I was willing to take to avoid having to pay for alterations (plus it was a final sale item) and I wanted to wear it right away (impatient).  So I took the plunge and washed it on hot, delicate cycle. I fried it 2 times in the dryer on high heat, checking periodically for any damage.  Here are the before and after measurements:

Before: Waist 14″, Hips 16″, Length 21″

After: Waist 12 3/4″, Hips 15″, Length 19″

I am so mad I didn’t take a before picture of the fit pre-shrinking but I did however manage to take pictures with the measuring tape:)  I’ll try to remember next time I shrink something to take before pictures.  The waist is still a tad too big and has a small waist gap but nothing a belt can’t fix. The hips and length are perfect!  The lining was the only part that didn’t shrink and caused a bunching/ripple effect  in the center back which should be fixable once I take apart the lining and hem it up.  I didn’t take into account the lining but thankfully it’s an easy fix.  The skirt fits better (hips area) than most of my skirts…who would have thought!? Again, I’m not recommending this method to anyone, just wanted to share with you my experience. I definitely wouldn’t attempt this on an expensive skirt or had I paid more for this skirt.
I also tried shrinking my white Banana Republic cotton pencil skirt but the hips are still really wide.  I may do it a 2nd time and if all else fails, take the sides in. This goes to prove that not all skirts will shrink the same amount so please be careful should you decide to try this method.

FYI- This J.Crew polka dot pop over blouse (see on Tiffany and Kelly has it too) is very baggy and the arms are super long.  If you are my size or smaller, you will have to get the sleeves taken up and sides slimmed.  Here are my other outfit combos that didn’t make the cut:

This has been petite fashion challenge #17:

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