If you have been following my blog for a long time, you know I love pearl necklaces. They are so classic and go with everything.  It’s a staple every woman should have.  Whether it’s a single, double or triple strand pearl necklace, I love them all.  I did a Youtube Video back in 2011 on how to style a pearl necklace here with a shorter strand of pearls (36″).
How to wear a 60" Pearl Necklace 21 ways1
This post will show you 21 different ways to wear a 60″ long strand of rope pearls. Before we begin, make sure your strand of pearls are knotted in-between each pearl.  Extremely cheap faux pearl necklaces (i.e Forever 21) will just be strung together and not individually knotted.  This makes a big difference when you are trying to do different styles – it won’t bend and knot as easily.  
Some good options for 60″ pearl necklaces: (here, here and here)
How to wear a 60" Pearl Necklace 21 ways2
How to wear a 60" Pearl Necklace 21 ways3

These are my favorites and are the easiest to do. All of them are so feminine and instantly add a touch of class to your outfit. 

How to wear a 60" Pearl Necklace 21 ways4
These are better explained in a video which I am hoping to do in the near future.  Hopefully they look easy enough for you to try.  #11 is the only one that I may not be able to duplicate, it was kind of a mishap and ended up looking like a collar.  
How to wear a 60" Pearl Necklace 21 ways5
If you want to add some fun to your pearl necklace, a great way to do that is to clip on a vintage brooch or flower pin. It instantly changes your  outfit.  Just make sure to put the brooch/pin clasp in-between the knots of your pearls. This was also in my previous video.
How to wear a 60" Pearl Necklace 21 ways6
I got this idea from my old Loft ribbon pearl necklace here. It’s nice that it’s not permanent and you can change out the color of your ribbon.  I only had these two colors laying around but I think a cream colored ribbon would be look amazing as well.  For the blue ribbon, I used a 50″ ribbon and 19″ for the shorter brown bow.  My suggestion is to play around and have fun with it. 
I made one collage with all the styles so it makes it easier for you to pin🙂 The possibilities are endless and I had so much fun doing this post.  If you end up trying any of these styles, please feel free to share them with me!
Which style is your favorite?

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