Striped Midi Skirt – size 1 petite
Top: Ann Taylor factory {old}
Shoes: Christian Louboutin camel simple 85
Measurements: waist across: 11 3/4″, hips: 16″, total length: 23″
Likes: Stripes? Yes please. Everything fits perfectly – including the length so no alterations required.  I adore the high waist and pencil cut. It hugs you without being too tight.  The split back hem allows you to walk freely and comfortably.  If you are unfamiliar with ASOS sizing, US 1 petite is comparable to H&M size 2 (maybe even slightly smaller).  I love the red/navy stripes and have nothing similar in my closet.  The material is 97% cotton so it will be easy to care for.
Dislikes: It’s partially lined (half way) but wish it was fully lined.  The lining is a bit tight and tends to ride up.  I may have to secure it on both sides.  The back zipper is white which annoys me. Not sure why they wouldn’t choose a red or navy zipper to conceal it better. At least the zipper isn’t exposed.
Verdict: Keeping (The waist doesn’t leave too much room to breathe so size up if you are debating.)
Gingham Skirt – size 1 petite
Measurements: waist across 11 1/4″ (tiny), hips 16″, total length 25″
Likes: The fit is good for someone my size/height.  The waist is a bit snug (more so than the stripe midi) so you may want to consider sizing up.  I love the gingham print/pastel colors and it has potential to be cute.
Dislikes: The fabric feels like a picnic tablecloth – it’s unlined and very thin. The material is 100% polyester but feels more like plastic. I expected it to be low quality for the price but it’s much worse than I thought.  The length is a bit too long and will need to be taken up.  
Verdict: Return – love the print and colors but it’s just too poorly made.
Draped Pencil Dress With Off The Shoulder Detail – size 1 petite
Shoes: Christian Louboutin simple 100
Measurements: armpit: 14″, waist: 11″, hips 14.5″, total length 34.5″
Likes:  I adore the teal color. I don’t believe I have any dresses in this style or shade.  It screams sexy without being too risqué.  I love the long form fitted pencil silhouette and yet I can still breathe comfortably.  The length is a great length for me (5″ tall).  The price tag of $23.74 down from $76.30 is too good to pass up. The dress has a little bit of stretch but not much so size up if you are unsure.

Dislikes: The dress is unlined which was to be expected.  I’m a bit unsure about the draping detail in the front area. Maybe I just need to steam it better but it seems too bunchy?
Verdict: Keeping (I plan on wearing to an upcoming party)
Darling Amelia lace skater dress – size 2 regular (not petite)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin simple 100
Measurements: shoulders 14″, waist 13″, total length 32″
Likes: My favorite part are the sleeves – just too cute. I originally wanted the cream one but it’s completely sold out.  The quality is well made and I adore the feminine qualities of this dress.  I love anything lace so I am biased.
Dislikes:  The price is a bit steep and it’s marked down! I wish it was cheaper. I don’t love the burgundy as much as the cream.  Will I get sick of the color? The waist will need to be slimmed slightly – right now it’s a bit wide and I don’t love the detailing in the middle.  Will I wear this often enough to make it worth the price? If I am already second guessing it – then it probably means I don’t love it enough to keep.  The fit is inconsistent because I ordered two (see first one here) and it was a tad longer and wider in the waist. I re-ordered to qualify for a promotion and the second one fits slightly better (shown in this post). 
Verdict: Return or keep?
What are your thoughts on these items?

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