Dots + Belted Blazer + Blue Suede Shoes

Dots and Belted Blazer04
Dress: Delias {shrunk} – size XS (buy red version here or cute pink)
Blazer: H&M {sleeves taken up and buttons added} – size 2 (similar here and here)
Belt: Kate Spade – size small (buy here)
Shoes: J.Crew {old} – size 5 (similar here and here)
Purse: Chanel WOC (similar here and cute bow here)
Dots and Belted Blazer06
I’ve been making an effort to remix my wardrobe a little bit more and shop a little bit less. It’s not easy to do (the shopping less part). LOL I got this Delias dress awhile back (see previous post here) for $15 and it’s proven to be a good purchase for me.  I love that it’s all cotton (including the lining) and I was able to shrink it successfully in the dryer.  I will need to take the straps up eventually because when I bend over, you can see straight down the front of my dress.  Not exactly the look I’m going for. I really don’t think anyone cares to see my not so pretty nude bra underneath.  
Dots and Belted Blazer03
If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that I love shopping. It’s almost like my second job. I love scoring deals and the idea of new stuff. I get bored easily with my clothes and love “new” things.  Don’t judge. 🙂 Some people like certain things, I happen to like shopping and eating.   Is anyone with me? 
I get blind sighted by tempting sales..this flash sale..that flash sale. I can hardly keep up anymore.  I end up adding items as filler just to get free shipping and then end up having my hubby haul them to the Mall to return.  Most of the time, I only keep one or two items if even.  I don’t know how he hasn’t snapped yet.  Maybe it’s because of I feed him well?  Being a fashion blogger’s husband is a full time job in itself.

Dots and Belted Blazer12

Speaking of sales, Gap is having their Friends & Family 40% sale for card members and I picked up this polka dot aceademy blazer and these leopard pointy flats. I really like this tweed blazer but no more small petite sizes. 

Dots and Belted Blazer05
Okay back to being serious, I’m in the process of purging my closet.  I like to do this a few times a year (usually in between seasons).  I’ll be donating a lot and selling some items.  I used to do a blog sale but just don’t have the time or patience for it anymore.  I have a few ladies that I offer my stuff to privately and it’s just much easier instead of posting each item.  I’ve seen some ladies do a separate Instagram account to sell their items (shop What Jess Wore’s closet) and am thinking about doing that as well.

Dots and Belted Blazer11

As I was remixing this dress, I added a bow belt over my trusty H&M white blazer and voila, I changed the look of this dress into a work appropriate outfit.  It’s very feminine and dresses up a casual $15 dress.  I’ve also worn it with a chambray shirt tied at the waist too.

Do you try to remix your clothes?
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  1. I agree – the blue suede pumps are very cute and add something different to the outfit. I would totally be interested if you decide to sell anything!

  2. Hi! I can relate to your love of shopping (*sigh* flash sales!!!) but have been making an effort to cut down the past few years. I remix and my clothes as much as possible, and purchase items that I can wear for more than one season a year. Curating your closet 3-4 times yearly definitely helps so that you can reorganize and take stock of everything you have! I’ve also found that sorting out my closet by item type and by color also helps with the remixing process (and with keeping my inner neat-freak happy). Good luck with your closet purge, I’m sure that any pieces you decide to sell will find a happy home somewhere! 🙂

  3. I love this outfit! It is so fresh and different! I am also trying to shop less, just getting pieces that are really good quality and designer, from the best consignment store in the city! You wouldn’t believe the great deals I’ve got! Some of it is like new and you pay a fraction of the cost.

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