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Bikini Top: Venus (similar HERE)
Bikini bottom: Victoria Secret
Hat: J.Crew 
Sunglasses: Chanel (similar HERE)
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There are so many great photos to share from my Bora Bora trip, I had such a tough time culling through them.  I figured I would talk and review the food next. You had three main restaurants to choose from: Tere Nui, Arii Moana (Fine French Dining), Sunset Restaurant & Bar (Asian Fusion/Sushi).  You also had Fare Hoa Beach Bar that you could order drinks and lunch/snacks from during the day.  We were never hungry for lunch because we stuffed our bellies so much at breakfast and the sun always suppressed our appetite.
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We opted to stay on the Four Seasons resort for all of our meals. You can go into town by ferry and dine there (much cheaper and more options) but I prefer to stay at the resort. When I go on island vacations, I don’t want to have to think about where I’m going to eat – I just want to relax and not have to worry about anything.  It may be like groundhogs day for some but I don’t mind it.
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We ate at Arii Moana our very first night. A bit of warning, the prices are very expensive so make sure you enjoy fine French cuisine.  It’s most definitely an acquired taste.

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{Wagyu Beef – Seared Beef, Green Papaya & Cilantro}
{Duck Foie Gras – Pan Fried, Papaya Chutney, Almond Panacotta}
{Local Green Crab – Sweet Potato, Citrus & Miri}
{Prawns – Seared, From Moorea, Tomato Concassee}

Four Seasons Bora Bora_-7
{Mahi Mahi – Seared, Citrus Segments, Taha’a Vanilla}
{Scallops – Seared, Eggplant Confit, Tahitian Honey & Sherry Vinegar}
Four Seasons Bora Bora_-8
{Spiny Lobster – Poached, Celery, Baby Potato, Ginger & Sweet Rangiroa Wine Butter Sauce}
{Risotto – Crunchy, Braised Morels, Veal Juice}
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I couldn’t find what these desserts were called but the presentation was sure pretty.  This post is very pic heavy so I’ll post pics of the other restaurants separately.

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After a full day of fun in the sun and pure relaxation, we would enjoy the sunsets and view of Mount Otemanu from our deck before dinner.  Sigh, oh how I wish I was back there…
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