Pink and Navy

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Dress: Choies – size small (buy here)
Belt: Kate Spade (buy here or similar here)
Shoes: Kate Spade (buy here or similar
Coat: Kate Spade  – size XXS (buy here or here)
Earrings: Kate Spade (buy here)
Clutch: Ann Taylor (buy here)
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Hi everyone! Today’s post is all about my favorite color – pink! From light pastel pink to bright fuchsia – there’s just something so girly and pretty about this color. 
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This was my first time purchasing from Choies and needless to say, I’m very disappointed. I fell in love with this dress online and w/out any hesitation, I placed my order. Shipping took forever (from China) and when the package finally arrived, I was so unhappy about the quality. FYI – the online description says the color is peach but clearly it’s not. And the length of the dress says mid calf but it hits above my knees.
Pink and Navy-2
Let’s start with the most noticeable issue – which is the hem. It’s unfinished and cut very sloppy. I wouldn’t mind the unfinished part if it was cut perfectly and straight. The front edges are jagged and it looks like it was done in a hurry. The material is a thick neoprene fabric but felt more like scuba diving suit. The inside mesh lining of the dress is already falling apart. WTH? 
Pink and Navy-7
The top portion of the dress is just weird. The seams and the cut – all wrong. It makes my arms and shoulders look big (who wants that?). The back of the zipper when fully zipped up puckers out. I was so upset and literally was about to throw this dress away because I didn’t want to waste my money shipping it back. After I calmed down, I played around with it and added a belt. The dress unbelted does not fit me well – it has no shape and the waist is wide. By adding the belt, it made pulled everything together.

Pink and Navy-8

I still don’t like the top portion of the dress so I threw on my favorite Kate Spade coat (buy here or here). The material of this dress is so thick that you can’t throw on a cardigan or blazer over it. Trust me, I tried everything but it ended up looking too bulky.

Pink and Navy-11
I like that it has long sleeves and the length fits my short arms perfectly but I’m thinking about cutting off the top completely and making this into a skirt. I also plan on finishing the hem with a blind stitch because I don’t want the edges to fray or fall apart. Hopefully that won’t result in losing too much of the length.

Pink and Navy-12
Luckily there’s a few positive things to note about this dress. I love the bright pink color and the length is great for someone my height (5′ tall). The fullness/shape of the skirt is adorable and it has pockets! If you plan on ordering this dress, just make sure you’re okay with all the issues I pointed out. 
Pink and Navy-17
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On another note, don’t forget to enter my sequin clutch giveaway here!
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  1. Although you hate it and I totally understand everything you’re saying, I still think you styled it very well and look adorbs! I think making it into a skirt and finishing the hem would be a great idea.

  2. Annie, this is a lovely dress you’re wearing; but I’m sad this dress didn’t fit you well enough to give more positive reviews. The blue pumps with the silvery cap toes are nice, though I am not really a fan of cap-toe shoes. I’m not really feeling the blue/white coat with the pink dress, but the coat is nice. Very good outfit of yours.

  3. you did the best with what you had! Kudos to that.
    I think you should rethink investing time/money into any alterations.
    Not a Keeper..the fitting (neoprene) looks horrible.

  4. It’s so disappointing when things are jot what you expected, but the colours look fabulous on you. I think making it into a skirt would be a great idea.

  5. Yes i agree with StylePoiseyou styled it well..

    But at first look this reminded me of this horrible nude dress Kim Kardashian wore during her pregnancy. If you know which one I was refering to.


  6. I’d put that one done to experience. The fullness of the skirt makes you look shorter. The striped coat disguises this unfortunate dress to make it slightly more aesthetic. You really should rethink wearing so many horizontal striped clothes….. I know you love them but one thing I learned in design is they make petites look shorter, and broader bodies look broader, whereas a vertical stripe gives the illusion of length and is far more flattering. Give them a try.

  7. It’s funny Annie, I actually love it on you! It is a bold colour, very striking and I love neoprene because it is a difficult fabric to work with (I sew). How you styled it with the belt could have made it look better but I can imagine the problems you mentioned. I also buy things from Sheinside and after 8 or so purchases, I realise that it is a ‘Buy at your own risk” category. They said they give refunds but they don’t – they just give you a credit for your next purchase. Could you take to a seamstress to get it altered around the armpits? It looks like that area is where you might be having trouble. I also tend to avoid tops that have a higher neckline. I am a 5’4″ but 34C and 105lbs, not sure what your bust size is but I tend to look very top heavy with those types of necklines.

      • I think it depends on how much you want to salvage the entire dress, Annie. By what you have written, it sounds like the arms and bodice is one continuous piece, is that correct? It sounds like you need a bust dart and this can be done by separating the sleeves from the armholes- a task meant for a seamstress if you are a beginner in sewing. The sleeves can be re-attached to the bodice. That also depends on how much fabric there is for you to play around. The good thing about a skirt is that you might probably get more wear out of it since it’s more versatile. Good luck!

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