ASOS Embellished Prom Dress and Blush Bow Heels

ASOS Embellished Collar Prom Dress - Stylish Petite
ASOS Embellished Collar Prom Dress - Stylish Petite
ASOS Embellished Collar Prom Dress - Stylish Petite
ASOS Embellished Collar Prom Dress - Stylish Petite
ASOS Embellished Collar Prom Dress - Stylish Petite
ASOS Embellished Collar Prom Dress - Stylish Petite
ASOS Embellished Collar Prom Dress - Stylish Petite
Dress: Asos (buy here)
Shoes: Asos (buy here)
Purse: Tory Burch (buy here)
Earrings: Kate Spade (buy here)
Lipstick: YSL #8 fetish pink
Watch: Kate Spade (buy here )

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! You know I have a thing for flared dresses and as soon as I saw this, I knew it had to be mine. I posted a sneak peek on Instagram last month and couldn’t wait to wear it. This embellished collar prom dress is the perfect Holiday or New Years Eve dress! I was a bit concerned about the embellishments on the  collar and sleeves falling off but luckily they are individually sewn in! Whew! This is the ultimate girly girl dress and I love it. The material is a scuba/neoprene fabric so it always holds it’s shape. I wore it for an entire evening and didn’t have to worry about any wrinkles. It appears that many sizes are sold out but don’t give up because items always pop back up due to returns. I also recently got this petite funnel neck skater dress in white.  It has a lot of potential and will keep you posted on the fit. Asos has the cutest dresses! If you’ve never ordered from this website before, their sizing tends to run smaller than most American retailers. I love that they offer free shipping and free returns. Asos is currently running a promo right now – get 20% off your order w/code: DECEMBER20.

P.S. – It’s still not too late to enter my giveaway – winner will be announced tomorrow! (Winner has been announced HERE)

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  1. oh, how beautiful is that dress! when you first posted a pic on IG, I browsed the asos-website and found it, put it on my wishlist! I’m happy to hear that the embellishments are sewn in! that’s the tricky part when buying online, especially things with embellishments or made out of lace… you don’t know if it will look cheap or not… glad this doesn’t cause it’s such a lovely, girly dress!
    and also, it’s great that it won’t wrinkle! I am crazy when it comes to buying clothes… LOL, I don’t want my skirts, dresses to wrinkle easy, the jumpers to get large and the fabric to get damaged after washing… my friends call me crazy sometimes, but I don’t care…
    can I ask you another thing? can you share your tips when buying clothes, like what fabric do you go for, this kind of things? I would really, really appreciate it! because sometimes one can get carried away by the beautiful design or a small price, but afterwards realize you’ve waisted your money…
    wow, I’ve written so much!… hope you won’t mind…:)
    Hugs! Wishing you a beautiful week! (cause here is already Monday morning)

    • Thanks Elena! Did you end up getting the dress? It’s so adorable! I was able to get a price adjustment when they ran a promo right after I bought it too so that helped. lol

      I don’t think you are crazy at all! I hate wrinkles but unfortunately sometimes I don’t find out until after I wear it that the item is wrinkle prone. I know 100% cotton skirts and anything linen is extremely wrinkle prone. I prefer natural fibers over synthetic but everything these days are made out of poly. I try not to discriminate against fabrics and as long as they don’t wrinkle and make my skin itch. I forget which fabric pills easily and for the life of me, I can’t think of the name…is it rayon? lol I think I need an extra cup of coffee. hehe I hope you have a wonderful week Elena! You truly are amazing! XOXO

      • I haven’t actually… I usually add items to the wishlist and wait to see if I really want them or not after a period of time… sometimes I end up wanting to buy something, but my size is already sold out..
        the best thing is that this way I manage not to buy clothes that I wouldn’t wear that much like I used to do in the past… I try to refrain myself and I try to buy clothes I know I will wear a lot and I can mix and match with the shoes/other clothes I already have…
        but I still want to buy a lot more… (my latest addiction is makeup… still I need do something about it and not buy anything!)

        • I have to be better about that but I just couldn’t resist. This dress screamed me all over it so had to get it. I’ll try to wear it as much as I can…I’m thinking maybe for Valentine’s day too 🙂

          I haven’t gotten into make-up just yet althought I’m currently into lipstick. lol

          • yeah, the dress is perfect for Valentine’s!

            I am a makeup junkie for a couple of years now… a good thing is that most of the brands I’m craving aren’t available in my country so I can refrain myself… but I still dream of buying new palettes, blushes, lippies… although it’s not humanly possible to use everything I want!

            yet, considering companies are launching collections after collections, it’s so hard to be up to date with everything… but I try to not get carried away and use up everything I have and if I have something I know I wouldn’t use I’ll give it to my friends… I’ve made it my goal not my buy more makeup until I hit pan on at least 3 products…

  2. I saw this dress on their website a couple days ago on the Asos website and was debating buying it for prom, but after seeing the way you styled it knew it was the one! Great job!