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Five and a half months after I gave birth, I received a rather rude comment about my weight and after discussing it on social media, I also felt compelled to write an entire blog post about it.  I wrote the majority of this post right after while the topic  was still fresh but never published it until now.  I usually try not to pay attention to negativity anywhere in my life but when it’s so appalling and based upon all of the feedback, it needs to be addressed.  So many of us women struggle with body image and our weight every single day.  Whether you’ve had a baby or not, you’re underweight or overweight, or struggle with your body image, it’s something that is very difficult to talk about on a public forum of any kind.

Personally, I’ve never had any weight issues.  I’ve been thin my whole life and have alway been able to eat whatever and as much as I wanted.  And believe me girlfriend, I could eat!  My metabolism has always been good to me.  After getting pregnant for the first time last January and then experiencing my horrific miscarriage, my body began to change.  When I became pregnant the second time and after giving birth, I thought for sure the pounds would just fall off right away.  Well..they didn’t.  I gained 27 lbs. during my pregnancy which was nearly one third of my starting weight.  After delivery, the first 15 lbs. came off rather quickly however, the rest is, well..still here on me (lol).

Now, I’m still about 8-10 pounds heavier than before my first pregnancy and about 6 pounds more than before my second pregnancy.  I’m not the same size as I was before both pregnancies and my waistline is nothing like it used to be.  I tell you all of this because I am completely comfortable sharing it.


Having a baby completely changes your body in every way possible. How can it not?  You create and carry a tiny human being for nine months so you cannot expect your body to be the same.  I see other women and all these celebrities who instantly get their pre-pregnancy body back within weeks and I’m thinking to myself..
“is there something wrong with me?”

Granted, I didn’t exercise for nearly six months after delivery so obviously I can’t be too hard on myself by expecting results.  The first three months of Milan’s life were so incredibly difficult and taxing with her surgery and resulting infection and just me getting used to being a new Mommy – I barely had time to do anything.  The last thing on my mind would be getting my body back in shape.  It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I started to make a conscious effort to go for daily walks.  I try to do this at least every other day even if it’s for 15 minutes just to get some fresh air and the blood flowing, so to speak.


I think we as women are so hard on ourselves.  We put so much pressure on ourselves to be thin.  Society fills our brains with these ideal body types and these “perfect” images are plastered all over TV, magazines and social media.  How can we not feel bad about ourselves when we constantly compare our bodies to tall, skinny models, actresses and photoshopped images that constantly flash before our eyes?

When Milan got eczema about three months ago right after I went back to Minnesota to visit my family, I had to revise my diet to to eliminate any foods that may be causing her skin to flare up.  I cut out diary, gluten, processed foods and wheat.  Boy was this tough!  This topic is for a whole different post because there’s so much to get into.  I inadvertently lost a little weight just by being aware of what I ate.  This was such a new concept to me because I was used to always eating whatever I wanted to.

Being photographed in outfits that will be displayed online after giving birth has been challenging to say the least.  Nothing seems to fit the way it used to or the way that I want it to fit.  Have I gone through times where I just want to curl up in a ball and cry about my extra body weight? Of course!  But then I have to check myself and remember that it doesn’t matter.  I’m still breast feeding and need the extra calories.  As long as Milan is healthy and growing each day…my waist size and how much I weigh is completely irrelevant.  I love and appreciate my body for what it was able to do and what it continues to do for my baby.


The reason for this post is for any woman out there that hates her body or is currently struggling with weight issues or just doesn’t feel good about themselves…I want to remind you that you are beautiful.  Love your body. Treat your body and yourself with respect.  Don’t wish to be a different size.  If you’re healthy, then be grateful.

After Milan’s surgery and going through the most difficult time in my entire life, I realized that you only get ONE chance at life.  Your health is most important.  You can have all the money in the world, all the clothes and shoes you want but if you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

As I mentioned on Instagram and Facebook about the comments regarding my weight, we as women need to seriously stop judging each other.  We should be cheering each other on and supporting one another and simply be kind to everyone.  There is no reason to discuss a woman’s weight or appearance EVER.


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I love positive quotes so I’ll leave you with this one by Eleanor Roosevelt…”Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

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