I’ve been trying to do a closet clean out post for what seems like forever and well…that has now warped into a life of it’s own.  I started culling and then…I started down a path of no return.  I decided I wanted to re-do all my hangers.  *slaps forehead* Oh gosh…the thought was so daunting but once I get my mind set on something, I have to get it done.  I was so tired of the shoulder bumps in my blouses, coats and blazers.  I finally found a solution!

how to get rid of hanger bumps, petite hangers, pink petite slimline hangers, Industrial Pipe Rolling Clothing Rack with Cedar Wood Shelf on Wheels

c/o Clothing rack // Gucci soho disco bag // c/o Polka dot top // Lace top // White bell sleeve top // Topshop blazer (similar HERE) // Rebecca Minkoff cropped trench (similar HERE) // J.Crew hat (similar HERE)

Shoes: Louboutin nude pumps // c/o Camel pumps // BP luminate sandals // Ann Taylor bow pumps (similar HERE) // Steve Madden block sandals

how to get rid of hanger bumps, petite hangers, pink petite slimline hangers

Here are those pesky shoulder bumps that plague my closet. They have frustrated me for so many years and finally decided to do something about them.

So my search began and I was on a mission to find petite hangers.  I really wanted white wooden hangers for my blazers and coats and a velvet option for my tops and blouses.  These kids hangers are only good for some of my tops and even those are too small.  I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything remotely close to what I wanted.

I was about to give up it until I stumbled upon THESE!  If you prefer natural wood, HERE is a great and affordable option.  I also found these junior hangers which are slightly smaller than the petites and 2″ longer than the kids.  If most of your clothes measure 13-14″ across the shoulder, then I would recommend the junior hangers.  If only the junior hangers came in white wood, I’d be all over them.  The size would be perfect for my clothes. For some reason, I’m obsessed with white wood hangers (lol).

I wanted to point out that my new white wood petite hangers have notches in the top (to hang items with straps) and rubberized strips on the shoulders to prevent slippage.

Regular size wood adult hangers measure about 17-17.5″ and petite hangers are 15-15.5″.  Here’s to show you the difference – that’s almost 2″ difference (depending on brand). See below for comparison:

Petite white wood hangers (these are the exact ones I bought, matching skirt hangers HERE)

I knew I couldn’t use wood hangers for all my clothes because some blouses and tops are so delicate.  I went back on to good old google and found these petite velvet hangers.  I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw that they came in pink!  Why do these pink hangers make me so happy?  If you’re in need of a different color, they come in linen (cream), lavender, black and hot pink.  You can find more petite size hangers HERE.  Wayfair carries some petite hanger options but I noticed there is a huge mark up in price.  Based on my research, Amazon or Overstock are both much cheaper.

petite hangers, Petite pink slimline hangers, pink hangers

When my pink hangers arrived, I squealed with glee.  I know, so strange that I would be this excited over hangers. LOL

Here is a comparison of adults (17.5″), petite velvet hangers (14.5″) and kids (12″):

Regular size wood adult hangers measure about 17" and petite hangers are 15.5". Here is the difference in sizes:

I plan on using my kids hangers for Milan’s clothes so at least they won’t go to waste. Whew! I was wondering what on earth I was going to do with hundreds of kids hangers (lol).

clothing rack, DIY, Industrial Pipe Rolling Clothing Rack with Cedar Wood Shelf on Wheels, petite hangers

I’m using the white wood hangers for my blazers and coats and the pink slimline hangers for my dresses, tops and blouses.  I also got matching white wood skirt hangers.  If you need the regular size adult hangers, I would recommend THESE.

clothing rack, DIY, Industrial Pipe Rolling Clothing Rack with Cedar Wood Shelf on Wheels, petite hangers

Look how nice my coats look without the shoulder bumps!  What a HUGE difference this makes and your clothes will last longer too.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!  Now I just have to tackle my entire closet. *sweating*

clothing rack, DIY, Industrial Pipe Rolling Clothing Rack with Cedar Wood Shelf on Wheels, petite hangers

Left to right: Suede crossbody bag // c/o Scalloped lace top // White ruffle crop blazer // Rebecca Minkoff cropped trench coat (old, similar HERE) // c/o White bell sleeve top // c/o Double frill sleeve top // Topshop blazer (similar HERE) // c/o Banana Republic pink trench coat

Shoes: Marc Fisher wedge sandals (blush color) // Blush lace up d’orsay pumps // Blush mules // Manolo Blahnik white pumps // Blush suede sandals

In case you like my clothing rack, I wanted to do quick review on it.  There’s a lot on the market but after a ton of research, I came across William Roberts Vintage and fell in love with this industrial pipe rolling rack.  The quality is amazing and very sturdy – not like the cheap racks you usually see.  Love the cedar wood bottom – great spot to display shoes!  It’s super easy to set up and the perfect size – great for small spaces or anyone who just wants to display their clothes.  I’m so happy with it and know I’ll use it forever.  The owner is incredibly nice and accommodating – love supporting small businesses. 🙂

If you end up revamping your closet or getting this clothing rack, please let me know what you think!

P.S – today is the LAST day to get up to 40% off at Nordstrom – click HERE to shop the sale.  I just got these scalloped booties in the mail and my convertible cardigan is 40% off!

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