Giveaway: Win My Closet

plaid layered tee white jeans casual weekend outfit idea
As promised, here is your chance to win some stuff from my closet!  I decided that clothes will be too difficult to give away so I’ll be doing purses and accessories instead.  This giveaway is a bit different than any other ones I’ve done in the past.  You don’t have to sign up or follow me on any platform if you don’t want to.  If you do, that’s MORE than great and I really appreciate the support.  All I ask is that you leave a comment on this blog post letting me know which item is your favorite and tag your bestie on my Instagram page to tell them to enter too.  This is my way of giving back whether you choose to read my blog, follow me on social media or subscribe to my newsletter.  This giveaway is all about YOU.  So without further adieu, FOUR lucky people will win…

pink pumps gray handbag crystal necklace plaid layered tee casual outfit

Top: Anthropologie (old) | Jeans: AG jeans | Necklace: Loft (old, similar HERE) | Shoes: kate spade (old, similar HERE) | Watch: Michael Kors (old, similar HERE) | Bangle: c/o Brandy Pham

Prize: Hendri Bendel Purse (retails for around $400)

plaid burberry dupe poncho black handbag maternity outfit

Cape: c/o Shein (old, cute option HERE) | Leggings: Ann Taylor | Tee: J.Crew (similar HERE)

Prize: Hendri Bendel Purse (retails for around $450)

pink bow coat gray over the knee boots maternity outfit white handbag

Coat: kate spade bow coat (old, cute options HERE) | Dress: Forever 21 (similar HERE) | Boots: Stuart Weitzman in topo suede

Prize: Hendri Bendel Purse (retails for around $400)

blue handbag kate spade new york

Prize: kate spade purse (retails around $400)

camel cardigan taupe handbag white pencil skirt work outfit

Sweater: c/o Banana Republic (old, similar HERE) | Skirt: J.Crew no. 2 wool pencil skirt (similar HERE) | Sunglasses: Tory Burch (similar HERE)

Prize: Ivanka Trump handbag (retails around $400)

pearl bib necklace striped tweed sheath dress hot pink blazer work outfit

Dress: Banana Republic Factory tweed sheath dress (old) | Blazer: J.Crew schoolboy fuchsia blazer (old, more colors HERE)

Prize: Stella & Dot pearl necklace stylish petite handbag and jewelry giveaway

stylish petite handbag giveaway

Since there are fiver winners, the fairest way I could think of is to pair each purse with the coordinating number accessory. So if you are winner #1, you will receive the items next to the number one and so on and so forth.  All of these are in brand new condition and worn only for blog posts.  This giveaway is open to only US readers (sorry international readers – I have no time to go to the post office and stand in the long International lines especially now with a toddler).


– Leave a comment on this blog post and let me know which handbag you want (please include your Instagram handle for verification purposes). Make sure to tag your friends on Instagram to tell them to enter this giveaway. Easy peasy!

– Giveaway will end on February 7th at 12:00 AM PST.

– Winners will be chosen by a random generator and announced on February 9th on the blog.

– You will have 48 hours to claim your prize via email or I will have to pick another winner.

– Open to U.S readers only.

Good luck! 🙂 XO


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  1. If I were to win I would love to have the Hendri Bendel bag- number 1 or 2! They are both classy and sophisticated purses! Perfected for any occasion!

      • Love #3 and #5. Both the bags and accessories are cute and make a great combo. Thank you for the giveaway!

          • I don’t know where to respond. I’ve been scrolling down and up to see but couldn’t find it so I’ll jyst post it here.

            If I were to win I will go with bag #1 because it looks spacious and with kids I need something big to put there stuff and mine and look classy as well when going out!
            I really hope you pick me! Loved all the bags but favoriate was #1.
            Instagram: mairak05

      • I am totally in love with the grey Hendri Bendel bag ???? #allthehearteyes

        Insta: kirsten.lance1229

      • I love handbag #5! Fall is my favorite season because of the Taupe and neutral colored fashion items!! You can’t go wrong with those! ❤️


      • If I were to win I would love #1,#2 or #5 however love all the handbags. It would just be fun to win!! Right @

      • I just remembered I never left my Instagram name on my prior post and seeing your name reminded me!


    • I’m so excited – Thank you Annie for the giveaway.
      I would love to win #1 or #3. #sharingiscaring #giveaway

      Instagram: team_campo

    • I love purse #3! Thank you for doing an awesome giveaway

    • This is amazing! I love handbags 1,3,5 (Ivanka Trump) and necklace number 3 ???????????? thank you !

      IG: J_Rive

    • This is amazing! I love handbags 1,3,5 (Ivanka Trump) and necklace number 3 thank you !

      IG: J_Rive

    • I love the Kate Spade purse #3! But they are all gorgeous. This is amazing!

      IG: alisonoelle

    • They are all so elegant!! I pick # 2 or #3!!

      Thank you for all the fashion inspiration????

      Instagram: maryanntheroman

    • Number 5! Or whatever one is available if I’m picked ! Ya get what ya get and ya don’t throw a fit 🙂

      Instagram hmr703

    • I can’t remember the last time I had a new bag. I would love no. 5 or 4. Thank you! Instagram: lesleyvdub Friend: @BetsyHatcher

    • I love #2 the black Hendri Bendel bag!i agree it is very classy. Kate Spade and Ivana Trump aré also very nice. Always love your collection.

      Instagram: alliev78

    • Hi #3 Kate Spade purse is my fave also like the pink Kate Spade coat! Everything you wear is so cute!

    • Love love love handbag 1,2 or 3. Amazing choices!!

      Insta @carleemontgomery ????????????????

    • I love #1. It’s beautiful! I don’t own a Hendri Bendel and would love to add this beauty to collection!

    • If I were to win I’d love the blue Kate Spade. It’s totally my style and who doesn’t love Kate Spade! My IG is zenabooo

    • The Ivanka Trump handbag #5! They are all beautiful and thank you for doing this giveaway 🙂

      IG: Stephw425

    • If I were to win, I would love handbag/necklace #3 or handbag/earrings #5! Honestly, everything shown is gorgeous!!

    • I would love to win the chic black Henri Bendel purse! I am obsessed with your pink coat!!!!

      Instagram: Bella_Vida1010

    • Oops, had to re-comment as I forgot to include my Instagram name…

      I love handbag/necklace #3 & handbag/earrings #5!

    • Love #3 and #5..: both pocketbooks are classic and the colors and can be incorporated with any outfit.

    • I love all the bags so much! But I’d have to say my favorite is 1 it’s so classy and clean looking and is very versatile!

    • I am obsessed with the Kate spade purse!!! Would love to win! @simplysapphire

    • All your stuff are beautiful, I really don’t, but expensive stuff i shop mostly at thrift store, I follow you because I am petite and don’t know how to match outfits. And i like your style and of course Milan is just gorgeous.

    • If I were to win I would love to win #1! The bag is so cute and the necklace is gorgeous!

      insta: sierraloriaa

    • Love purse number one. Purse number 5 both of them and purse number 2.

      If i win any purse it would make my year.
      Thanks a lot for sharing

      My Instagram is below


    • I would honestly love any bag or anything because i don’t know or think i would win this giveaway so to win anything would be super cool and I’d be very grateful! My insta is @toomanypeoplesfan ✨❤️????✨

    • I would honestly love any bag or anything because i don’t know or think i would win this giveaway so to win anything would be super cool and I’d be very grateful! My insta is @toomanypeoplesfan ✨❤️????✨❤️

    • Can’t find where to enter my comment ???? I’ll try like this ????????. I love number 5 but will appreciate any ❤️

    • Hi Annie!
      If I win I would like bag #1 or #3
      Instagram Leah_b_hensley

      Thanks!! XO

    • I am in love with the dusty blue Kate Spade bag! #3! The black Hendri Bendel bag is adorable too 🙂 #2. Your styles are just amazing I love following your Instagram page and blog. Thank you for sharing your life adventures with us! ????????

      Instagram: morgannhorn

    • All the purses are beautiful. I love to have no. 5 . I’ll treasure this if given the chance. Thank you ❤

    • I love 5!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your style. I love your blog. Instagram Karencrockerburklew

    • I am obsessing over watch #4 !!
      Kate Spade purses #1 & #2 are amazing!!
      Love this, thank you for the opportunity. Love love love your closet ❤️❤️

    • I would love to have any of the bags or items in the giveaway as my style and wardrobe desperately need the updates!

    • I love your style! My favorite if the bags us number 1 but all if them are lovely. @jessi_ama

    • I wouldlive to win one of the Henri B. Bpourses! They are simply elegant and show pieces.
      Instagram: issa7796

    • These are all cute, thanks for doing a giveaway! I would be happy to have any of them! 2, 1, 3, 5 I can’t decide : )

    • I love them all!!! Surprise me if I’m one of the lucky ones! Thank you so much!! Linzyates

    • Love your style! The black Hendri Bendel purse would be my first choice. ❤️
      Instagram: @my4beachboys

    • If I would win I would love #1 or #2. I love all of these looks and have gained some great inspiration! Thanks. My instagram is sassymamakass .

    • #3…or, #1, or #2, or #4, or #5 are SO great too! I’d love any of them! ????????

    • I would LOVE #5!!! They are all so beautiful and I ususally don’t splurge on handbags so I hope I win!

    • I love #4 because you’re pregnant in it and I hope to be pregnant next month through FET. ???????? I take it as a sign of luck. Thank you for doing this giveaway. Super nice of you. My instagram screen name is mrszeearellano

    • Bag # 1 is beautiful. I would love to have that one, and thank you for being so kind to give away your beautiful possessions. You’re going to make someone’s day!! IG handle is @stephaniedechant

    • I would love 2 or 3 please! I love Kate spade purses and I love pearls, one of my favorite accessories. The black purse is so classy and reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, love your posts ????????
      My instagram is alishaneal24

    • Thanks for sharing the love with us!! I really love bagg #3& #5
      Instagram: Cb101042

  2. Bag #1 is beautiful! Longtime blog stalker, first time poster – thanks for the giveaway!

    IG: iwantpie

  3. If I was to win, I would choose the Ivanka Trump handbag; it’s so pretty! ???? Thanks for the opportunity! ????
    IG handle: mlaaa1988

  4. If I were to win, I would want the black Henri Bendel bag–it’s so classic! Thanks! ❤️????
    Instagram Handle: @simadb9

  5. Hi, thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! This is very thoughtful of you.

    It looks like there currently are three bags listed as #5. Id be happy with any of them! Lol

    My instagram is @garritygraphics

    Thanks again! 🙂

  6. So excited about your giveaway! I would love either the black Hendri Bendel Purse or the Kate Spade crossbody! To different bags, but both really classy and way adorable! Thank you for all of inspiration ❤️! @lizcgomez

  7. The black Hendri Bentle and the Ivanka Trump handbags are gorgeous and so everyday practical. Thanks for the giveaway, love your blog and Insta!!

    Instagram handle: sammyschristina

  8. If I win I would love to have the Kate Spade Purse, such a pretty color.

    IG Handle Monalisha sethi

  9. If I won I would choose the black henri bendel bag or pearl necklace-gorgeous.
    Instagram: ludieoo

  10. I love all your stuff. #1, #2 and 3 on your purses are my favorite .Instagram name: @ninarwerts

  11. I love all the things ????!! But in special the black Henri bendel bag ????????????????please I want it ????…….instagram: ppaito26

  12. This is so sweet and generous of you!!!
    I would love to win number 2, the Henri bendel
    Insta: geemiya

  13. I loveeee love either of the Hendri bendel bags! #4 especially I love purses and I’ve never had one of that brand. My insta is chey_reynolds ???? Love all your posts!

  14. Annie, this is so great! I would love the black Henri Bendel. Or also the gray one.

  15. IN LOVE with #1 & #2! Those bags are stunning! Thank you for this giveaway opportunity! Instagram ndave11

  16. First of all thank you for this beautiful giveaway!! I’m loving the black Henri Bendel 🙂 crossing my fingers for that one ???? my instagram is @souhairmcd. Thanks again!! Xoxo

  17. Oh my..all purses are beautifil but really like #5.

    What a fun giveaway, love your clothes!

  18. Thanks for doing the giveaway, Annie! Love your style and kindness.

    They are all beautiful, but I think my favorite is #1, the Henri Bendel purse. My second fave is #3, the Kate Spade bag.

    IG handle: hfyoung7

  19. Hello if I were to win, I love bag #3. It’s sophisticated and love the color. My insta handle is fjprince.

  20. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I love #2 and 3, but would be happy with all! IG kacretel

  21. If I win I would love to have bag#5 and bag#2 both are great addition since I have three kids they both great to carry while holding my 9 month baby. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  22. Annie! I love number 4 — I never can find a good white purse! Thanks for doing the giveaway– instagram… stacycutchall

  23. Hello!
    Love your blog and insta, not petite but I just love your style. ????

    #1 handbag
    And #4 the watch.

    Insta: lilmouse_85

  24. I love handbag number 3. It would be great for an upcoming trip!
    IG handle heathermarilee

  25. I always love the Kate Spade Bags! 1 is my favorite with 3 a close second. You style them amazingly!
    IG: SarahStineman

  26. Love that you do this! Found many sales thanks to you.

    Big fan of the #1 gray Henri Bendel handbag

  27. I would be thrilled to win any of these gorgeous bags. Thanks for doing this great giveaway!!!!
    Instagram is kvot19

  28. Thank you for being so generous to your followers and I’m of them. If I wiuld win I would love to have the kate spade bag. My ig handle is angelheart83. ❤️

  29. Love #1! I have a weakness for anything gray 🙂 thanks for the giveaway! (@kzyw)

  30. Annie! How to pick JUST ONE!? But if I had to, being a practical mom, I love, love, love the black Henri Bendel purse. P.S. Thank you for your dedication you put into your blogs. Seeing Milan grow right before our eyes is just an added bonus! (@molly.phom)

  31. First of all, thank you so much for this fun giveaway! I would love to win the Hendri Bendel Purse. I have quite a few staple color purses (black and nude), but find it hard to splurge on other colors. This baby blue-ish gray is gorgeous and the shape is my favorite (square/professional). IG

  32. If I were to win, I would want either bag 1 or 2. I can’t choose a favorite out of those two! Insta handle jessica_d_morse

  33. I simply adore the Henri Bendel #1 and the Kate Spade, but they’re all equally adorable!

    Instagram: @maivtxosyaj

  34. They are all so beautiful! I love #1 and #2 (grey or black purse). If I had to choose I’d go with the grey ???? Such a fun giveaway. Thanks for being great! Instagram name: empoff

  35. Omg this is so amazing of you to do this giveaway. I love purses 1 and 5!

    Instagram: raman27

  36. Oh i forgot to say Bag 1 or 2 or 3 —- it would be a dream to win , my IG is @mylome1 Thank you *)

  37. I forgot to include my Instagram handle @breelovesfashion8 .. love the black Henry bendel bag 🙂

  38. Bag #1 for sure! It would fill a gap in my closet for a bag that color @shellybelle23

  39. Love your style, videos of Milan’s cuteness ????????, and giveaways!! I like #3 light blue Kate ♠️ or #2 black Henri Bendel ????????!! Thank you!
    Instagram: parkit4margaret

  40. Love, love, love handbags #1, #2 and #3! ???? Thanks for the giveaway, so sweet of you.

    IG: acalderon12

  41. I love #1! Gray is one of my faves and the necklace is so pretty and a nice compliment to the bag!
    Instagram: box_of_jacks

  42. Hi Annie, This is so generous and fun; THANK YOU!!!

    I love, love, love #1, the grey Henri Bendel tote; but really anything would be much welcome and appreciated.

    Thank you also for your all the time you devote to your lovely blog and sharing your beautiful angel (Milan) with us.

    Sending you lots of love <3 <3 <3

    IG: mariposarosa66 (aka Bernie)

  43. Bags #3 or 4 I love!! I’ve always been a Kate Spade fan! I love your looks and find them super inspirational! Petite people have to stick together! ❤️

  44. Hi Anne,

    Omg! I so love your style!!!

    If I were to win, I would love to have black Hendri Bendel. It is absolutely gorgeous and so sophisticated. This is so awesone what your doing. I know it must be hard parting with such beautiful handbags.


    Thanks for the chance ????

    • I’m at drooling ???? over all the Hendri Bendel bags ????. Keeping my fingers crossed I get lucky!

  45. If I was to win I would love the #2 black hand bag #2 pearl necklace. First time to leave a comment but love your style and your blog. Thank you for giving us a chance at giving your things a new home.

  46. I would love #3. That blue color is one of my favorites and so is Kate Spade. Insta Christieloughlin. Thanks!

  47. I found your blog/Instagram recently and love all your outfits and of course Milan’s outfits too. I like necklace #2 the most and purse #3 the most.
    My Instagram is @livetutravel

  48. I love your girlie girl style! I think I would choose purse #1.
    Instagram mrsjulespayne

  49. I love #3 it’s so darling! I look tha baby blue on the Kate spade purse super cute for spring❤️

    Instagram is @laurenmorariu

  50. #1 or #3. Love watching your IG stories because of Milan.

    IG: alethechatterbox

  51. This is amazing!! I definitely love #1 and # 4

    Instagram: @prettyadorabledesigns

  52. This is awesome! I love following you! I live in Santa Monica but am originally from the Midwest so I always find it interesting to your clothing choices.

    I like all the purses but love #2 or #5

    Instagram: lindseypufall

  53. Liking the #1 & #2 purse Henri Bendel, but any will do 😉 Thank you for doing a simple awesome giveaway.

    Instagram @ss.nana

  54. I would be thrilled with 1,2,3 or 4. All are simply gorgeous!!!!

    Insta:. @jessicaandersen11

  55. I absolutely love the Hendri Bendel handbag #1. Te pastel color is perfect for the spring and summer. I also like #2.
    ig. ms.des87

  56. I ran across you on Instagram several months ago and am now a faithful viewer of all your posts and have bought multiple outfits based on your recommendations. I would be grateful for one of these gifts. Thank you for giving me ideas and pulling together a more stylish outfit for both work and casual. I just ordered some pink pumps! And the pelican scarf, which is adorable and affordable. The blue Kate Spade would be my choice.

  57. They are all so beautiful! My favorite is the black Henri Bendel purse. I’m wishing on a star and hoping I will get chosen. Thank you for sharing! Milan is so beautiful and precious!
    IG: joyfulbunny

  58. I love number one. Thanks for doing this! I love your mom stories. I have a toddler girl and expecting the next one soon. @michquast

  59. If I were to win this giveaway, I’ll wish to win Hendry bendel and Ivanka trump bag as it is big enough to carry baby stuff for a quick outing..

  60. I can’t choose they are all great! I love your style! Thanks for the chance to win! @saraheclavea

  61. Thank you for the opportunity to win any of your beautiful bags. My favorite is #5. IG handle @mrsmdj

  62. Hi! Thank you for the opportunity. Kate Spade for sure! I’m a big fan of the brand. Love your content and style. ☺️

  63. Love all of them but I especially like #4 Hendri Bendel white Purse. IG: J_may2015. Thank you.

  64. What a fun giveaway! #1 would be my first choice, followed by #5
    Instagram: daniellengoodman

  65. You’re awesome ! Love your style and this giveaway ???? I love the Ivanka Trump bag ???? so pretty!

    Instagram: sschimpf14

  66. I would love to win #1,2,4 or any. They all are gorgeous.
    Instagram-@ mahihaile

  67. Ooops I forgot to leave my IG handle, littlemarieinAZ! Sorry…I love that #2 bag & the pearl necklace.

  68. Hendri Bendel #2. Any of them I would love to have, so it’s very hard to choose the ONE 🙂 🙂

    IG: katie.joi.keosouvanh

  69. I need that light blue KS bag in my life. So badly. So, so badly. ????

    IG @ltc0928

  70. OMG….I am so glad I found a petite just like me who can recommend clothes. Being petite and really curvy not very easy to find the real fit.

    if I were to win I would love the Kate Spade light blue bag which is #3. So classy and definitely has that wow factor look.

    My IG: is Mariam Morenike

  71. Love them all but especially Henri Bendel Bag #4. Instagram: @holce
    Sorry if this is a duplicate :-/

  72. Hello! I love your style! 2 and 5 are my favorite handbags but they are all really cute.
    Instagram: @zaidatx

  73. I love the look of black Hendri Bendel bag, number 2. Thanks Annie!! ❤️

    IG: samm1lam

  74. I would LOVE to win the Kate Spade bag!! It’s one of my favorites!

    Instagram is horsenrt

  75. Would love to win #2, so cute! Also this is a very awesome giveaway idea!

    instagram: jrichardson920

  76. #1 and #3 you a looking gorgeous always pleasure to see your pics ❤️❤️❤️

    IG: tanzeela_tah

  77. They are all gorgeous, but I really love the Ivanka Trump bag!! You are so kind and generous! Thanks for keeping us all in style!!

    IG mel.b516

  78. Thank you for doing the giveaway!

    I would love to win the black Hendri Bendel bag #2
    My second choice would definitely be the Kate Spade #3

    IG: @geemelnichuk

  79. As always, absolutely love your blog and following you on Instagram (love your stories). Obsessed with the Kate Spade bag and the necklace you have paired with it (#3)—that color is divine! Thank you for being awesome and giving away your amazing accessories!!

    (IG: catd219)

  80. Love all of them but #1 and #2 are my favorites! Thanks for the giveaway!

    IG – aarushi35

  81. #1 & #2 are both super versatile! I love them all! What a kind thing to do! Instagram: @jpropes

  82. I was trying to comment when the comments were being buggy, so please forgive me if I accidentally commented twice.
    I love 1, 2, and 3! They would all be so nice, and I would appreciate any one of them!
    Instagram: @jessicabroyles

  83. If I win I would like the blue Kate spade purse. I would like to give this to my lovely and close friend. She is going to love this..

  84. Love all of them! But if I can only pick one, number #2. @jaywifecarsonmom12

  85. I would love to win the Henri Bendel bag! I absolutely LOVE following your Instagram page and look forward to your new posts! ❤️

    IG: missdeepu

  86. I absolutely love all of them yet 1 and 3 are my favorite. I recently started wearing pastels since following your post. I just bought a pair of periwinkle bow shoes that would go perfect with 3. Thank you for looking out for us shorties ❤️❤️❤️ @amberlynnef

  87. #2 and #5 pls.. btw- Love your OTK Boots for petites Blog..very helpful!!

    IG: alliemadie

  88. I’d love bags 1 or 2, but I also love 3 and 4.
    My instagram handle is mrs_crisan

  89. I love #3 kate spade bag. I love that pastel blue color. Pastel colors are my fave. My instagram is “yoitzmickey36”.

  90. Love the blue kate spade #3 🙂 Thank you so much for all your outfit ideas for us petite gals.
    My insta is @aleruales

  91. Hi, I love your style!! Thank you for the giveaway. I like the Kate Spade handbag #3. I am also obsessed with her frames.
    Instagram name is kabesm.

  92. I never win these things, but worth a try for #1. 🙂 Thanks for the fun! IG itsthelinda

  93. I would love bag number one, the gray Henri Bendel! It’s such a timeless bag and would go with everything. You’re so kind to do these giveaways, especially with such staple pieces!

    Instagram: staciroo

  94. I love #1! Would be happy with any of them. Tagged on IG. Thank you for doing this 🙂 Instagram: @lisag246

  95. I would love to win the blue kate spade handbag. Love that it doubles as a crossover bag. Very convenient for new Mom. Thank you again for your generosity. Instagram: aly_newwin

  96. I’d love to get a bag 2 or 4! Both look very classy! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this great giveaway!

  97. The Henry Bendel bag #2 is gorgeous! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!

    IG: amberlynne12

  98. I would love to win the Kate Spade bag! That blue is just divine! Instagram: @juliebenedeti

  99. Love your style and the way you carry yourself! Milan is such a cutie…. I’d love to win bag # 3. Going on a vacation this summer to Europe …. would love to carry that purse. ????

    IG: anniegomez18

  100. Loving all but 3 and 4 are my favorite! ???? Absolutely adore your style! So classy!

  101. I entered when the comments were acting buggy so I apoglize if I have two entries! Thank you for this opportunity! I really love #1 & #3! My insta is theresa_clementi

  102. I’d choose #1 or #3 they are both gorgeous!!!

    I love your styles and the links are fabulous for being able to find the outfits I want to copy

    Instagram name- ahortbrwnnfuzzy

  103. I love you style and thank you for the amazing giveaway !! following your blog and on social media…
    I would be happy to win any of the amazing bags… but the Kate Spade and the Black Henri Bendel are swoon worthy !!!!!!
    Instagram: @talkerblogger

  104. Loving all the bags but #1 bendel and the ivanka trump bag are lovely!
    Instagram: chessy15

  105. This is so wonderful to have something from a closet of person you admire and follow regularly for style updates. I love the collection you have picked. But since am more inclined towards pastel and earthy colors so if I will be the winner than I would love to have #1 or #5. Thanks much????

    My insta handle is “Swati_kapur03”

  106. Oh my what a great giveaway. I’m in love with all of the handbags!! Or the watch or the blue small earrings man i can’t choose just one! I love your blog I’m 5ft1in so it helps me so much!!

  107. I would love to win #1! This is such a kind giveaway to everyone who loves following you ????.

  108. I love #1 and #3 my IG is littledeb87

    Thank you for posting Im fashion impaired and petite and you give me great ideas and where to find clothes that will fit me right!

  109. I LOVE #1 and #2! The blue hues are such a timeless edition to any closet

    Instagram: @keelstersss

  110. Number 2 and 3 are my favorite, but in all reality I would love any of them!


  111. I would love to win #1. Thanks for sharing with your followers. I’ve loved watching you grow. ????

  112. My favorites are bags #1 & #3. Such an awesome and different giveaway! My IG is @mommachick

  113. Love them all!! The black Henri Bendel bag is one of my favorites!! Thanks for doing this…so fun ❤️ Insta : @mrscipi

  114. Thank you for the giveaway! I love the Kate Spade purse.
    Instagram name is bonniebl

  115. Absolutely in love with the Kate Spade! Beautiful colour, perfect for spring ????✨

    Instagram: kristinleaman

  116. Love love love number one!!!!!!

    Instagram – megos7288

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity! Love your blog!

  117. I LOVE the Hendri Bendel Purse #1 or the Kate Spade! Both bags are perfect for Spring/Summer outfits. Love this idea for a giveaway!! IG: @hillarynicole, @markmaly8.

  118. I would love bag #2 as my first choice or either bag number #1 as second choice.
    instagram: kimbar23

  119. I love #1! Giving away is such a wonderful way to keep the fashion trending! I always donate my purses when I get new ones.

  120. Love, Love to Win #1 or #3! I will carry them with LOVE. Thanks for the giveaway!!
    IG: lipenvybyejl

  121. I would LOVE to win the Kate Spade bag! So cute and stylish ❤️❤️

    Instagram: @horsenrt

  122. You are so incredibly kind for doing this giveaway! I have been wanting the Black Henri Bendel Rivington bag for SO LONG! ❤️???? So I would choose handbag 2 if I were to be lucky enough to win! My Insta handle is @courtnysvendsen ????????????

  123. Thanks sooo much for the giveaway!!!! I don’t own a black purse, so I would say #2 black Hendri Bendel!! But in reality they are all amazing, and the jewelry as well!!!

  124. So hard to choose! I think #1 or #5.
    Btw I really do love how your blog/IG has naturally changed the arrival of Milan. I’m a mother, love my children and love fashion. It’s been fun to watch that metamorphosis take place in your social media space!

  125. Hi there. I love bag number 1 or 3. jamieflowers is my Instagram name. Good luck to all!

  126. Hey girl!!!! So i’m hoping that i might win and get a chance of having a kate spade bag. (Dream of mine) thank you for being such a great person. Love your instagram page and your blog. I’ve had many outfits that were inspired by you.

  127. I love them all actually but I would love to win #5. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Instagram @jennachristiansen727

  128. I love bag #2! A classic black tote bag is what every woman needs to get through the week! Perfect for work or travel. AH so cute.

  129. Whoa I had to scroll down a lot just to get to the comment box. A lot of messages here. Hope whoever wins will love their prize!

  130. I love bag number 3! 4 is cute too 🙂
    kmcwaters32 is my instagram! I have tagged friends and liked your photo on insta!

  131. Thank you Annie! I love them all but if I had to choose it would be 1/3/4. So generous!


  132. I would love love love to have the blue Kate spade purse it is simply gorgeous ????????

  133. #1 for sure. I am a Henri Bendel addict, although the #3 Kate Spade is pretty awesome, too!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!!!

  134. Hii! i will like purse number 4 the henry bendel one! or the number 1cant decide! love how easy you made this giveaway!???????? my ig handle is jennespinal

  135. Hi , I don’t know if my previous comment went through.
    I love seeing your posts and outfits are great .
    I would like the Henri Bendel Bags, so classy .
    My IG: jessyjde

  136. All of them are so pretty i would like bag number 1 please and thank you 🙂 My ig name is rissarenne

  137. I love #1, #3, and #5 in that order! I’ve always wanted a purse in a soft pastel, but have never purchased one for myself.

    Instagram: trishtawfik

  138. Hello from Idaho. I have never won a giveaway before, I would be very thankful if I won.
    My husband and I share an Instagram: @hcalaniz

  139. All the bags are lovely! But the one I like most is the small tan/camel colored crossbody labeled #5. Perfect to take on my honeymoon. Thank you for doing this giveaway and good luck to everyone!

    Ig: little_missmariee

  140. I’m in love with all of these handbags, but the Hendri Bendel and Ivanka Trump bag are my favorites for sure!

    I’ve enjoyed following you on Instagram, but perhaps I’ll start following your blog as well. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! ????????????????‍♀️

    Instagram: hjbieker

  141. I don’t have an Instagram account and don’t know how to use it ????but I do follow you closely on Facebook. I love purse number 1.

  142. I love them all, but #5 (Ivanka Trump) is my favorite. I love the color and the long strap which frees up my arm for carrying babies ???? #momlife @lisaliz25

  143. Love the Kate spade bag, you and your daughter are too cute! Love following you!
    Ig: mrsallisonsmith

  144. I’d love to win the Henri Bendel Rivington tote. Thank you for the generosity. May God bless you more!

  145. Annie, first of all, thank you so much for your generous giveaway! That is so thoughtful of you; we, your readers, are so lucky to get a glimpse of your professional blogging life, as well as your personal life. Thanks for inviting us in!
    I love bag #1 and #2 by the way. ???? Instagram handle: kait_aliff.

  146. What a lovely giveaway!!! Bag #1 or #3. Gorgeous pieces for spring right around the corner… Love your blog sweet girl. Keep up the inspiring work! IG: cindyrose23

  147. I love the Hendri Bender Purse #1. But I’m not picky if I’m lucky enough to win, I will take any one of the beautiful purses. @anirishprincess. Tagging my girls. @paigenicole

  148. I love them all they are all gorgeous. But if I have to choose I would love the Kate Spade.

    Thank you!
    Insta: anaicela

  149. The Kate Spade bag! #4! Being a mom of a one year old, a hands free, cross body bag would be great! Instagram: ash_rutledge

  150. I would love #3 if I win! So excited! First time doing this! IG: ebob_luv.
    Love your blog!

  151. @lanzwalsh is your biggest fan and toady is her birthday 25 years old. We both look forward to your post and stories. It would mean so much to win. #2 but really they are all beautiful! Fingers crossed

  152. Everything is beautiful!! Love your style. But if I have to pick favorites, it would have to be either the first or second Henri Bendel bag!

  153. If I were to win, I would take any purse, all are absolutely stunning ????????????


  154. wow! this giveaway is fantastic! thank you!!! I can see myself with 1,3 or 4 combo. #4, #4!!! will be my dream to wear for Valentine’s celebration ????????????
    IG: Tania Porras

  155. I love all of them my favorite is bag #2 and #5. I would love to have any of them especially #5 since I love that color!

  156. Hello! I don’t think my comment went through yesterday, so trying again…they are all gorgeous!! Absolutely love them! If I had to pick one it would be #1, with #2 as a very close second! Insta is @livethedream6

  157. This is so awesome! My favorite item is #4 the watch ????????????????????! Instagram handle: @innakozarez

  158. Purse #1 for sure! So cute and classic! Thanks for doing such an awesome, fun giveaway! Sending love from a fellow OC toddler mom ????
    IG: _samanthaward

    (Hoping my comment posts this time and it’s not a duplicate ????)

  159. HI Annie!! I love following you on your blog and ig!! I love Henri Bender bags and the kate spade ! Thanks for doing this giveaway.
    Ig: mashiamerie

  160. Hello! I just love your outfits! Such a style inspiration and wish I had your closet! I love #3 best! My insta is kristine_malloy

  161. Oh goodness! It’s so hard to choose. If I were to win I would choose #1 or #4! Thank you for all the inspiration!
    Instagram: @ericakoren

  162. Love you’re cute style! Started following you when I was pregnant and still following you and your cutie! If chosen i’d Pick #1 or #2.

    Insta: mymy67

  163. This giveaway is so amazing. Even if i don’t win, just want you to be appreciated for your generosity. If I do have the opportunity to win a bag, my choice would be the Kate Spade purse. I would also be grateful for any of the Hendri Bender Purses.
    IG handle is meera347

  164. #1 and #5 ! Although I would appreciate and love any! I am so excited! Super sweet of u to do this!
    Thank you!
    IG joyful_41

  165. They’re all beautiful bags and accessories. But I would really be happy to win #2 or #3.
    Thanks for all the fashion inspiration and the giveaways!
    Instagram: the.quezadas

  166. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway. I love the blue kate spade bag (#3). With two active toddlers, I’m always using a crossbody bag so I can have my hands free to hold them or when I’m trying to chase them from running all over the place. I love the color blue too. My instagram name is joanna_mamax2.

  167. If I were to win I’d love to win bags 1 or 2! They’re both such stunning bags and perfect for everything! My Instagram handle is! I’m such a huge fan and follower of yours and fingers crossed I can win! ❤️ Thank you for doing this giveaway for us!

  168. Thank you so much for the chance. I have to say, I’ve been eyeing that #2 black Henri Bendel purse for quite a while and would pick that if I won. 🙂

    Insta: lauraaych

  169. All of the bags and purses are so cute! All of them!! Lol but if I was to win I’ll want the small brown cross body purse please! I am a simple person 🙂
    Thank you very much

    Instagram: paderxiong26

  170. I think #4 (white one) and #1 (grey one) are equally adorable!! Thanks for the chance to enter! ???? Instagram is @ashleyhartman12

  171. My favorite bag is #3! I think I’ve followed your instagram since O was in high school! I love your style. Thanks for being so sweet!

  172. Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    I’d love any of the #5 items.
    Insta: andeekfo

  173. I love #1! My Instagram handle is @goodgirlcharliebrown. Keep up the good work with the blog!

  174. I love your blog and following your style on IG. I am drooling over bags #1 and #2. ????

  175. Love reading your blog and seeing your posts on IG! I never knew how to define my style until I started following you! It’s elegant, classy, and feminine! Id love to see more Mom looks for on the go with kids and not looking disheveled haha!

    Great giveaway but I’d follow you regardless 🙂

  176. Love your style! I would love the Ivanka Trump handbag or the Michael Kors

    Ig: _kathylee

  177. Love the Ivanka Trump bag! But would want Bag #3–the Kate Spade!
    Insta: ashface_13

  178. Love your style! I would love the Ivanka Trump handbag or Michael kors.

    Ig: _kathylee

  179. #3 or #5 !! Love following your IG…always glam and classy! Thanks for your generosity in this giveaway!! My IG is livingfree2day ????????????????

  180. This is such a thoughtful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity ! Love the hendri purses especially the #2nd one in black…like every girl needs a little black dress, you always need to have a nice black bag ???? keep spreading love, uour blog has helped me so much feel confident in styling as a petite asian american woman myself. I never knew how to put pieces together until i came across your blog. Thank you for everything!

    IG handle: lo_chizuko14

  181. I love everything!! But if I were to win, I really like the baby blue Kate Spade purse. It is very cute 🙂

    Thank you!!
    My IG: vee_e

  182. I left the wrong Instagram name on my previous post so I’m posting again! I love #3 and 4!

    Insta name: @kamcwaters

  183. I love love #3 I love that shade of blue ???????????? (also a close runner up is #1 love that pale gray????)
    IG: carmenereyes

  184. I would love to win the Kate Spade bag. That powder blue is everything!

    IG : @limerab

  185. Thanks for the chance to win! This is so awesome. Would love the Kate Spade #2 in baby blue. ❤️

  186. Would love to win anything but the Kate Spade is my favorite ???? prices 1,4, or 5!❤️❤️

  187. I can’t seem to choose which one I like the most, I’d be happy with any of the bags.
    Thank you for doing the giveaway, so generous of you❤.
    Insta: @itsmemomis

  188. I love the #3 baby blue bag the first moment I saw it on your page! The style of this bag is great for me carrying around my body and chase my active little 1.5 yrs old, and look elegant at the same time, it will be wonderful if I can have it because I can’t afford one. @carriethecute

  189. #3!!! That Kate Spade blue bag is just ????????????!! Seriously obsessed! My instagram is: @whittysharman

  190. I’m by no means petite but just love your style. I copy your looks all the time and adapt it tall-girl style. I love that Kate Spade handbag????

  191. Love the Kate spade purse ????! But would be happy with any of the prizes!
    Instagram: @mommaelias

  192. I love with your petite styling (4’ 11 girl here) I get a lot of my outfit ideas from your post.. Pinterest,blog,insta,Facebook I follow you in all ????

    2. Stella Dot pear necklace
    2. Hendri Bendel Purse
    (But 5.Ivanka Trump Hangbag is super cute)

    Insta: vina1123

  193. I absolutely love #3 and #5 handbags, ooooo. I love your style you have amazing stuff

  194. I would love either Henri Bendel purses (perfect for work and actually anytime!).
    IG: mel_p_valmores
    Thank you for this fun giveaway!

  195. Thank you for sharing with us but more than anything else thank you for being an inspiration. If I were to win I would love to get #3 or 5.

  196. I would love to win the Ivanka trump handbag. I am going to college soon, so it would be really nice to have a great handbag, like that, to bring to classes and gamedays!

  197. Purse three is my favorite! So pretty 🙂 My Instagram handle is Julia.poptart

  198. #3 Kate Spade & #5 Ivanka Trump are my faves!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Instagram: debbiespag

  199. Thank you so much for this giveaway. ????
    I love your blogs and posts. ????
    & I love all the bags but the ones I like the most is the Hendri Bendel Purse #1 or #2 or even the Kate spade bag #3.

    Instagram : evelina_chergutsa

    Btw your daughter is so precious.

  200. Love your outfits and posts! ???? It would be so amazing to win the Black Bendel purse or the adorable Kate Spade one. Thanks so much! ☺

    IG: sm21_ga

  201. I hope I win! I like tiny stuff so #4 the watch and #5 the baby. So cute ❤

    IG: minnieluvzyou

  202. Thanks for sharing pieces from your fab closet! I’d love to be considered for either bags/accessories #2 and #3. Thanks!

    Instagram: jmacahilig

  203. I’m not picky – I’d take any of them! Thanks for the opportunity! I ❤️Your blog!!

  204. I love your posts and outfits. I’ve learned a lot on how to dress with help of your posts

  205. I love them all but my fave is bag 2. You can never go wrong with a classic black bag, and pearls are timeless. I’m a longtime follower because I love your sense of fashion. I’ll be sure to tag friends! @jae_cole_world

  206. I’d love the baby blue Kate spade! I have 4 girls so lots of pink so I think this blue would be fun! @lefeeley

  207. Ahhh I’d love to win the Kate Spade! ???? purse number three is my fave! Wish I could be as cute as you!
    Insta: @rainyrea

  208. I love your blog and your IG! Such sophisticated style. I would choose bag #2 or #4. I like the structured type of handbags. ????????????

  209. I love your closet! I would die to get a Kate Spade purse BUT I love all your purses and accessories, seriously lol everything you have is SO cute!
    If by any chance I win you can reply back to this comment or send me a message letting me know through IG: kay_jump

  210. katepsade bag no. 4 is a beautiful color that goes with almost anything, especially denim because I’m a fan! (A desperate need in Chicago’s cold weather too). Being a pastel it could be styled in spring with almost any color as well ????

  211. i would love to win the beautiful kate spade bag!!! the color is gorgeous and i love all things kate 🙂 insta: @arikitty

  212. Love them all but that light blue Kate Spade purse is beautiful!! So I would love to win #3!
    I need to look through your maternity styles.. I’m 18weeks pregnant and need some ideas!
    My IG is @taylorperkinssmith

  213. Annie, thank you for doing this! I’d like to be entered for bags 1, 2, and 4, please 🙂
    IG: paolabreezy

  214. Hi! What a generous giveaway, thank you for the opportunity. I hope this goes through, it seems the first one I entered yesterday did not. If I was to win I would love #3 (my favorite), #2 or #1.

    Insta name: danijelao12

  215. I’m still having trouble getting my comments to post, but I’m trying again. All of your bags are beautiful, but I’m especially fond of bag #1. You wear fashion so well, and it’s really helpful for us fellow petites to know where we can go to find things that fit! Thank you!

  216. They’re all awesome, but #5 is my fav. I need to stop using a diaper bag as my ‘purse’. @betsyradelow

  217. I was finally able to get my comment posted, but I had forgotten to add my Instagram. Today is going to be a great day–I can feel it! As I had said, all of your bags are beautiful, but I’m especially fond of bag #1. You wear fashion so well, and it’s really helpful for us fellow petites to know where we can go to find things that fit! Thank you!

    Instagram: @michellehamzawi

  218. In love with #1 & #2 🙂 and love that you’re doing this 🙂
    My instagram is Claudia Sundelin

  219. Would love number 3! Your blog is fantastic! Thank you for doing what you do! Instagram: Mandmhall

  220. Love the Kate Spade purse or one of the Henry Bendel. They’re all awesome. @sherthebear228

  221. I would love to win purse #3!! I love the color. My daughter is pregnant with her first child and it is a boy, i would give it to her.

    # 1 & #4 are also gorgeous!!

    Thank you

  222. I absolutely adore the Kate Spade bag! Gorgeous! Xx

    IG: elizabethbynature

  223. The Henri Bendel Black Purse! Thank you for representing the shorties of the world!

  224. I would love the Kate Spade bag (#3)!! I’ve been eyeing it on the KS website for forever now!

    IG: eevahhh

  225. I’m in love with the Hendri Bendel purse #1 and the kate spade purse #3 and the #5 cross body .
    IG: adrianab_m

  226. I tried posting yesterday but it was a bit buggy. Sorry if this is a double!!! What a generous give away thank you for giving us the chance to enter. I’m so in love with #2 (black Hendri Bedel) and #2 (Ivanka Trump) both are so classy & practical. My husband and I have been full time volunteers for years and I could never afford such a lovely bag. Hoping to win but happy to be included. Thank you!!
    Ig: artistry_by_jess

  227. Sorry if you get this multiple times! Thanks for putting this together it’s so generous of you. I love bags 1 and 3 but would be happy with any! Insta is mrs.bklein

  228. I love all the bags but especially love the black Henri Bendel for school or work days when I don’t need a full-on bookbag/tote. I always love your posts; I first found you when I was image searching something I was considering buying from Talbot’s. I have always found cute pieces there, but you were the first insta fashion account that I’ve come across to feature their accessories 🙂
    IG: kateekraus

  229. I love #3 and #5, they’re both super cute and I love the shade of color!
    IG: grisi_09

  230. Hi!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I would love to win the Silver Henri Bendel purse! I hope I am a lucky winner!

    My IG name is glamgirlchelsea.

  231. Your blog has always been one of my favorites because of your genuine class, flawless taste, and soft charm… but I have to say, when you added Milan to the mix pretty soon I found myself looking out for your posts of her on Facebook!! She is absolutely darling, I can’t get enough of her! She will be a star… thank you for sharing her with us!

    #2 & #5 are great!

    Haydee C.
    Insta: haydeebegoodtoyou

  232. Love love love ???????? to win the bag #3 kate Spade purse It will be perfect for spring/summer. IG:@araksiaboghossian

  233. Loveeeee the blue Kate spade bag!!!! So cute!!!!!???? Love all your posts & styles!

  234. I LOVE YOUR POST,and your IG PHOTOS. Your style is always on point. Its so hard to pick,I would love number 1 Henri Bendel Bag, or The Kate Spade. Thank You for the opportunity. Good Luck to everyone <3

    my ig: listen_to_your_dreams

  235. #3 is my fav!!! I just can’t resist Kate Sapde bags ❤️ Mrsstephyl

  236. Thank you so much for your consideration. I would select #1 or #3 ❤️ They are both very nice bags.

  237. If I HAVE to chose just one, it would be…
    The black hendri bendel bag
    The outfits, handbags and accessories are ALL adorable!

  238. Love the Kate Spade one! (And the small brown over the shoulder) :). Love your blog and the organization!

    Instagram: @ninacrouse

  239. Would love to win either HB purse #1 or Kate Spade purse #3 they are both so gorgeous! Thanks for doing the giveaway ❤️❤️❤️
    IG kellyk1980

  240. I would ???????????????? the Kate Spade bag. That is my favorite shade of blue. 🙂
    IG @transuniversum

  241. I love your style and thank you for hosting the giveaway! I would love to win #3 or #5! My insta is yo0onjj

  242. I’m glad the site is working! Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win #3 or #5! I would look like a super stylish momma ????????❤️
    My insta @veilaveils

  243. Thank you for having such a wonderful giveaway! I would love to win purse #2! It is beautiful 🙂
    My IG handle is @jrod559

  244. I would love to win the Kate spade purse #3 it’s a must have ???? so pretty!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway


  245. Would love #2 or #1…grateful for the opportunity and really can’t lose winning anything from your closet ???? jen.hamm instagram username Thank you

  246. Bag #1 and #2 ???????? Love your blog! So happy I found you on insta!???? You can find me @ charmainedscott

  247. Would love to win bag #1 Or #2! Thanks for hosting a giveaway for your subscribers 🙂

    IG: missnouvaj

  248. I always been love your style and following you on instagram to get inspire by you love love love I love any bags ???????? (IG: @fatmahalas)

  249. My favorite is the Kate Spade. @amkc1 I love your blog and Instagram page. Thanks for organizing the giveaway.

  250. This is so exciting! Purse #3 or #5 would be perfect! I’m looking for a beautiful and classy bag that can go with me everywhere, hold all my essentials and add a pop to any outfit! IG handle: lucymbat

  251. I’ve been looking for a purse just like your black Hendri Bendel (#2)!! Would be perfect for work!

    IG: jiaojiaolienne

  252. Just in case my comments didn’t go through yesterday, I adore purse #4 – it’s too cute and stylish at the same time! Insta: @lilladyrunner

  253. I need to go out of my comfort zone of having just black purses! I would love to win either #1 #3 or #5. Good luck to me and the other ones as well.

  254. #1 ALL THE WAY! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this purse and necklace combo, and LOVE you! I follow your blog and instagram (as well as @stylishbambina) for all fashion for myself and my baby! I think you are so wonderful and your messages this year have been so inspiring. I’ve even starting listing my “wins for the day” every day. Thank you for all that you do and for your generosity with these giveaways <3 ~@kristydani

  255. I literally love them all!!! #2 & #3 are my favorite! @msmagou is my instagram

  256. I love your style ! I found you on Pinterest last year when I was looking for nice fall booties and fell in love with the Vince Camuto booties that we’re featured in your blog! I hope I can win anything I love everything !

  257. I would love bag #2! I tag my bestie @mponce94 and my IG is @daniii_ponce

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  258. Thanks for the giveaway!! If I were to win, I’d love to get the Henri bendel #1! Ig is mangoms, I’m an avid follower of your ig!!

  259. My favorite is purse is number 1! The kate spade (#3) is also a nice one !

    IG: obey_theLawings

  260. I love the Henri Bendel black purse. I just want to say thank you for this giveaway!

  261. They’re all great but bag#2 is my favorite. Can’t ever go wrong with a nice black bag! 🙂
    IG: jennaykang

  262. I absolutely love the black Hendri Bendel purse #2. It is so sophisticated and beautiful. ig dez.weilert

  263. I absolutely LOVE 3 and 5???? however I’m a Business Admin major and need something bigger and simple like 2 so I can look more professional

  264. If I win I’d love to have any of the hendri bags, they’re all so classy that I can’t decide.
    Instagram : rabia.noureen

  265. I love #1!
    Thank you for hosting this and for your daily posts giving us ideas on how to look stylish!
    Instagram: t.rocha10

  266. Sorry if this is double but I’ve been trying to comment lately and it’s not going through.
    I’d love any of the hendri bags they’re all so classy
    Instagram : Rabia.noureen

  267. Bag #2!! Sorry if I’ve commented more than once, I couldn’t tell if my comment from yesterday went through. Thank you for taking the time to put together this giveaway!!
    Insta: sisterduet

  268. I love #1, it looks so classic and professional! Thanks for having the giveaway!

  269. I am new to your page, and I am loving it. Thanks for the contest offering. I would love #5.
    insta: @karlaehall

  270. You are too sweet to be doing this giveaway! I love following you and your style!! If I were to win, I would absolutely love #5!!! ????

    IG: katie_n_sutton

  271. I really like the Hendri Bendel in black (2) and the Kate Spade (3) as well. They are both really cute!
    Thank you for the doing the giveaway!
    Instagram: celsornelas

  272. #3 and #5 are my favorites! (Maybe leaning towards #5…that leopard clutch!!)

    @mama_siah on IG

  273. Hi, I love your girly and bright fashion and I’d just love to win anything from your closet, but from the accessories I’m especially loving #2 and #4- those pearls ???????? and the handbags…1, 2, and 3!! Henri Bendel and Kate Spade are my fav!! If I was rich I’d own everything they make!!

  274. I love your style and have been following you for a few years. Thank you!

    I love #1!


  275. What an awesome giveaway! I love the Ivanka Trump Handbag the best (#5) but they are all super cute! My insta handle is @cowgirljfa!

  276. All of the bags are wonderful! Any one of them would be a dream come true to receive. #1 and #3 especially stick out to me though!


  277. This is such a hard choice because I absolutely love #1 and #3 and would be so excited to win either. I suppose if I had to choose #3 would be it because it would make a great mothers day present.


  278. This is so exciting ! I would love bag 1 or 2 but really any of them would be awesome .. thanks for doing this giveaway ! Good luck to all !

  279. I love the kate spade #3 purse & the #3 neckalace! ❤️❤️❤️ @lilithelilypad

  280. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. If I were to win, I’d pick #3….Kate Spade fan here! I love the shade of blue on that bag!! IG account and loyal follower @akessler79

  281. Hi! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway ???? all of the bags are equally pretty but if i were to choose i would pick the kate spade light blue bag #3 coz its such a pretty color nd perfect for spring and summer..
    INSTAGRAM -@jenybrightbelle

  282. Thanks so much for doing this! All the bags are gorgeous but I love #3 (the gray Kate spade) the most!

    IG kandres7992

  283. I would really love to win the tan Ivanka trump handbag #5 or he pearl necklace #2. I am a middle school teacher and both of these would be THE GREATEST gift to win! I IG name is ataylorchris. Please, please pick this middle school math teacher! ????❤️????????‍♀️

  284. Oooooooooh, I like #1, the grey Hendri Bendel satchel. Thanks for doing this amazing giveaway! Hope my comment gets through!

    Instagam: lilcanuck

  285. What a fantastic giveaway! I would love to win that gorgeous blue Kate Spade bag. My diaper bag is also Kate Spade hahaha. I’ve been following you for years, first for your personal style and then when you were pregnant and had Milan, for inspiriation for my own little girl!

    IG: @mrs.lauramarie

  286. I love them all but #1 and #2 are my favorites. They are timeless and will go with anything.


  287. I love #3 and #2, they are awesome everyday handbags that are neutral and can go with anything. IG name- Navipink

  288. I love bag #1 and #3! The colors are so beautiful and they match with any outfit! I love versatility in fashion especially when there’s no time to come up with a perfect outfit. My Instagram handle is ms.eihinggg

  289. I am in love with the kate spade purse. Fab Color and style. I would love to win!

    Thanks for having the giveaway.

    My IG: chic_ty


  290. Love the Hendri Bendel purse #1 or the Kate Spade purse #3. Thank you.
    IG: chetzky08

  291. I would be elated to win #5 Ivanka handbag ???? and compliment accessories!! So thankful for this opportunity. I’m sending prayers and good vibes with my post hoping to be chosen! Lisa Young @lisakyoung

    • Clarification: my fav #5 I’m referring to the camel color round bucket style bag. Not sure if I have the right designer. Thank you
      IG @lisakyoung

  292. If chosen I would love either Hendri Bendel’s number 1 or 2 handbag. Or the watch, it’s so cute!!
    Thank you Annie for wanting to share with us!!

  293. Hendri bendel all of them lol, oh my god thanks for the opportunity
    Ig Rabia.noureen

  294. Love #3! Such a pretty color and well Kate Spade wins my heart every time

    Instagram: @kmn4488

  295. I would love to win number #3. That Kate Spade purse is beautiful.
    Instagram: cat_and_pearls

  296. I was fall in love the handbag #1 & #5 ( Ivanka Trump) ♥️???????????????? I’ll love win some of those handbags


  297. Hi, thank you for all your ideas ???? I’ve being following you for a time now, before you had Milan and I had help me since I’m 4’11”. If I win it by any chance I would love ❤️ #3 if not #5 is pretty too. My instagram account is Ninamm03.
    Sabrina m.

  298. I would love #1 or # 5. Very versatile could see myself pairing these with lots of outfits. Thanks so much
    Instagram: jessicadpolizzi

  299. Hi, I’ve been following you for more that 3 years now and I’m thankful because all the ideas that you give us everyday since I’m 4’11” and it’s hard to find clothes pretty and in your size that fit. If by any chance I get to win it I would love #3 Kate spade if not #5 I like it too.
    IG: ninam0307

  300. I’m loving #5 but I would be happy with any of them!
    This giveaway is amazing!! Thanks!????

    IG: @Stacyleanne

  301. This is an awesome giveaway, thank you Annie! My favorite purse has to be #3 Kate Spade. IG is hannsteve
    By the way, I tried to enter yesterday and had problems. I hope this post will come through. Thank you!

  302. I would love bag #1 or #2
    Thank you so much for doing this. I love you style. You’ve given me so much ideas.

  303. I’d love any of the bags, but especially the grey or black Henri Bendel. My instagram is @carolinespurzem

  304. In absolute LOVE with the Kate Spade #3 Bag! ???????????????? Getting married this summer in Mexico, I need a bag to match the color of the water!

  305. I love all of them! So any would be great if I were to win!! I especially like #1 & #3 though!! ????????❤️
    My instagram is: emmylouhoward

  306. I love #2. I’m graduating from law school in May, and I would LOVE to have a great black purse! My instagram is @maley357

  307. God willing, if I were to win, I love handbags #2 & #3. ????☺️
    Instagram: prettypinkchic

  308. I absolutely LOVE purses numbers 1 & 2 ???? Henri Bendel is always classy and stylish ????

  309. This is such an amazing giveaway! I love all things style and beauty. I have been itching for a new bag. It’s been years since I have purchased one. I would be be sooo excited to win any of them. But bags with cross body straps are more useful for the Mom life. Thank you ????

  310. Thanks for this blog. I get a lot of ideas where to shop petite sizes from your posts. I would love to win Henri Bendel bag #1 since I like the style & color.

    IG: sereynity

  311. Hi! I love love love the Kate Spade purse ♠️ (3)! I’m obsessed with everything Kate Spade! It’s so chic and timeless!

  312. As a teacher, handbag #1 and 4 look like they would be perfect to carry everything that’s a necessity and more! Thanks for always being so kind and providing great outfit ideas for us petite ladies. <3

    Instagram: pinkurin

  313. Hi!! I would love the Kate Spade Bag! The color is so fun! My insta is Michie919 ????

  314. Its my first time to join like this because I like the #3 Kate spade bag… really really like it!

  315. I’d be happy with any of these to do honest! I absolutely love your style! I started following you when I i was looking for a tulle skirt, and I found your post with the pink one with a polka dot top, honestly I’m obsessed with tulle skirts now, haha. If I had to choose though, I’d have to go with #5! Love the pale blue Kate spade bag! Thanks so much! Xo
    Instagram: ckmcquil

  316. Number 1 and 2 are giving me allllll the feels! love having a petite gal to help me stock my closet 🙂

    IG: emilylmarshall

  317. Love bags 3 & 5. They are all gorgeous though! Btw… I just started to read your blog last year and I love it. I have a 19 month old and I’m with you on this terrible two coming…I feel like it’s happening now, he’s such a monster sometimes ☹️

    Instagram: thuthemaxtran

  318. I love bag 4. I’d honestly take anything if I won though. That blue Kate spade is also gorgeous

  319. Long time follower and love your style!! All of these are awesome, but my tops picks are #2 and #3. Thanks for the giveaway!

    IG: catzeee

  320. I love the black Henri Bender purse! That would be amazing to win! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    Instagram: @romanstephanie

  321. Hi Annie. You’re such an inspiration. I’ve been following you for a while and bought a lot of cute clothes because we are same petite size. I’d love to receive the #1 bag Henri Bendel one. My IG is m1ca_gray.
    Thank you!!!

  322. Got my eye ???? on #4 & 5…… fingers are crossed ????….. @padilla_julie

  323. Looooove the black HB bag, #2! But let’s be honest, they’re all gorgeous and I’d swoon over being able to call any of them mine- you have amazing taste!

    Thanks for being so wonderful giving back to your followers! Xoxo, ktmeyer (my IG name) ????????????

  324. So glad you went with something that could be enjoyed by anybody!

    Dying over #1! #2 is a VERY close second. Thanks for being so generous!

  325. I love your style. I am short as well and you give me so many ideas and confidence when I wear long cardigans or calf length skirts. Anyway, If I win I would love the first Henri Bendel bag (black). My IG handle is @tianamckinney

  326. I would love purse #1 love the color and it’s perfect for spring! So fresh and fun!

  327. Winning this would be so fun! Your closet would be a dream come true as we are the same size/height but a bag fits everyone so that’s fun. I would love to win number 4!

  328. Love the Henry Bendel purse #1and 2. Also in love with the MK rose gold watch . Thanks so much❤️Sis @snowqn check this giveaway.
    My instagram – @mannvi7

  329. I absolutely love your style and it would be great to win any bag. I have to say my favorite style piece is the Kate spade coat ???? with the bow . So cute and adorable. I hope Milan is doing great! I love hearing your mommy tips and tricks. Don’t stop doing you !

    IG name: @rdylissettego

  330. I would love the blue Kate Spade purse; it’s so classy ????
    Insta: @jiyralorr

  331. I absolutely love all of these bags! 1,2,3,4 and 5! Would love any of these bags ????????????

  332. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway. My favorite one is either #3 or #4.
    My instagram @bibi_noodles

  333. I would love the Hendri Bendel bag! It’s gorgeous and I love neutral toned accessories!
    My IG handle is @elledubyuh.
    Thanks for this giveaway! I started following you on IG for outfit inspiration and really love your blog.

  334. Wow what a great giveaway.I love your style!I really like the black hendri bendel purse or purse # 5.

    Instagram name is stephaniearielamos

  335. Wow I love this giveaway ,and you’re style!I really like the black Hendri Bendel purse or purse #5.My insta name is stephaniearielamos

  336. I would love to win the Hendri Bendel Black Purse #2!!! I absolutely love your style ???????????? Instagram: valeriacd_

  337. Thank you for sharing some of your beautiful accessories! Thank you for this opportunity. If I had the option I would most love #1 and second option would be #5.
    IG: s_jordan97

  338. I love the Anthropology outfit combo! Accessory #3 and purse #3 are gorgeous. @countrygrill

    IG name:heavenlysent326

  339. I love that black HB bag! So classy. Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    Insta: @littledittygirl

  340. I’d love your #3 Kate Spade purse. Very pretty everyday bag ????

    IG: itsmelodyyyy

  341. Been following you for a while now. Love your style! Love #1 and #5

    Instagram handle: ives85

  342. I love bags 1 and 3. I would be happy with anything, but those are my favorites.

    IG: RooLundie12

  343. Hi:) thank you for the giveaway. I love watching your style on Instagram:) I love the 1, 3, and 5 bags.

  344. So hard to pick, absolutely love your style!!!

    But my favorite is #3 and then #1


  345. I would love to win bag #3! This is such an awesome giveaway! ????

    My instagram is @lexiregalado.

  346. Hi
    I love bag# 1 bags # 5 each & bag 2.
    To be honest if I win any bag it would make my day. Thanks for sharing

    Instagram is




  347. II love bag# 1 bags # 5 each & bag 2.

    In my previous message i meant if i win any bag it would make my year not just day.

    Again thanks for sharing

  348. It’s worth a shot ???????????????? I would love any of the ???? handbags! All are gorgeous ????

  349. I love your blog, and I’m happy to support! I love the blue Kate Spade purse (#3). Thank you again for doing this, it’s awesome! ????

    IG: andreaenciso4

  350. I love the Kate Spade bag!! Thank
    You for doing this!

    Instagram: meshugah_rachel

  351. I would love to win the #1 or #2 Henri Bendel bag. It’s a versatile color and so elegant! (@nissa4)

  352. Thank you so much for the giveaway!! I absolutely love your style you’re such an inspiration. If selected I’d love bag number 1 or 2.

    Instagram: laura.elizabethza

  353. Love Kate Spade #5!!! Thanks for doing this!!!

    My insta is: kelsrhartman


  354. This is such a fun idea! Let’s see… my favorites are #1 and #3! Instagram: lindsey_hall87

  355. I’d absolutely be thrilled to win any of these purses but I especially like #2 and #5. I think they are beautiful and sophisticated pieces that will always be in style so I’m sure I’d get a lot of use out of them! Hope to win!


  356. Henri Bendel #2 is my favorite. Your purses and outfits are so cute! IG: iheartshinythings

  357. Wow!! It would be an honor to be able to wear what u wear. Bag number 5 is so versatile & would go with anything. Love ???? u lots & everything u represent.

  358. I love them all. #1 would be the most need to my closet, since I don’t have a gray bag, but I also really love #5 the tan Ivanka Trump & #2 the black Henri Bendel or the blue Kate Spade. Well, actually, I’d be over the moon excited for any of them. Thanks @eternalshopgirl

  359. Love your Instagram account! Should I win ???????? I’d love the Cinderella blue Kate Spade purse or the leopard print clutch. My instagram is melanie.paige.e

  360. I love all the purses but really like #1 & #2. I love this blog. It’s hard to shop being a petite girl but you make it so much easier with your awesome recommendations. My IG name is jguti85. Thanks!!

  361. Is there an all of the above choice? …I mean This giveaway is amazing! Thank you for your generous heart to share such beautiful things! Just picking one I’m going with the white Henri Bendal #3 I believe ❤️

  362. Hello, I love following you on Instagram. I love your outfits so much and wish to dress like you. I love purse #1,2,5. Thank you for the giveaways because you’re sharing your dream outfits and accessories to the world. I truly admire you and your talents in fashion.

  363. All of the purses are so cute but I like the #1 bag best.
    Insta name is @victor.rose

  364. So exciting!! I would love to rock #1 if I were to win! Best if luck to everyone ????

    IG: ninalyssa17

  365. Would LOVE to win bag number 3. Blue is my favorite color! My Instagram handle is alwidder.

  366. If I were to win, would love to have # 1 and # 2.
    Thank you for being so generous.
    God bless you and your family

  367. Omg I love your blog so much! 2,3, and 4 are gorgeous bags that I would absolutely love!

  368. Thank you for doing this giveaway.
    I would like 1,2,3 as they are all beautiful
    I don’t own any bags or purses.
    Bless xo
    Instagram @rosegoldserotonin

  369. I am a sucker for Kate Spade, but I’ve never been able to buy myself a Henri Bendel so I’d choose 1 or 4! So beautiful!! ???? @simplystegen

  370. Hello ???? if i were able to win this giveaway i would choose bag number 2 ‼️???? thank you for doing this amazing giveaway …. my instagram name is smileysuzzy .

  371. You are so generous and I love following your IG! I’m not picky and would appreciate any bag as they are all gorgeous! If I absolutely have to chose it would be #2 or #3. My Instagram handle is dannie_duchess

  372. Well they are all adorable!!! But #3 is my favorite!! *all the heart eye emojis*

  373. I would love to win #5 Camel color round saddle bag! My next choice would be #1. I’m loving your blog, and whatever opportunity I have is a great one!
    IG @lisakyoung

  374. Love your style so I like them all. #3 and #1 are favorites. Thanks for sharing!

  375. I like the Hendri Bendel Purse in grey (#1). It would match the most outfits in my closet. My Instagram handle is kbogner15.

  376. I am a GREY Fanatic! I adore the Henri Bendel Bag#1. It is gorgeous! I also love Bag #2 and #4. I like classic lines and simplicity in Purses. I also love your site, blog, IG, etc! I happen to be a Stylish Petite Woman Boss as well. Keep up the amazing work.. ElleParker IG: @lbparker06 Bestie: @b_halpern923

  377. Tough decision!!! Number 3 or 5! But 4 would integrate into my wardrobe so well ahh.
    Instagram handle @kitten_heel

  378. I really love that Kate Spade bag! I have been looking for something that size now that I am no longer needing my giant diaper bag! Thanks for the opportunity to win. @britany_owen

  379. Number 4! Perfect bag for the up coming summer!!! I absolutely adore your style so much!

    Instagram ashbridgman

  380. I love purse #2 or 4 ???? Thank you for doing an awesome giveaway and thankyou for all your fashions tips????
    Instagram @bllano29

  381. I’ll take all of the please! Haha.. Just playing… I Love #1..
    Just found your page ..LOVE your STYLE..
    Instagram: Buffy_lynnn

  382. Hi Annie,

    My very first comment on your blog, so a big HELLOOOO to you and Milan. The innovative and fun giveaway got me posting :). I do frequently visit your blog and have hit gold at many Ann Taylor and LOFT sales thanks to your notifications. Kudos to your dedication, positiveness. Last but not the least thank you for letting me learn from your styling mantra. I do not have an IG account but would love to win #1, #2 or #5.

    Best wishes,

  383. Fab! I’d love to own Hendri Bendel bag #2 or the Kate Spade bag. ❤️ My Instagram handle is @monique.eucapor

  384. Love this giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

    I would choose purse #2 ????

    Instagram: antoinette_catalano

  385. I am hoping to win #2 for my sister. She is looking for a bag for interview and her internship this summer.
    Instagram: kissofdeval

    Thank you

  386. I love everything!!!! (Especially necklace #3) Which is true of all of your outfits. I’ve actually bought a few different pieces you’ve shown on your blog and have used things in my closest to create outfits inspired by you! Insta: @catiesoup

  387. Thank you for your blog and posts! Your style is inspiring! So sophisticated, elegant, and chic. If I win I would love #1 or #3 … thank you! @teasbylynn

  388. Ahhhh I love #3 – what a perfect new neutral!!! And matching necklace is adorable!! Instagram: @ladylasseigne

  389. I would absolutely LOVE number three! I love Kate Spade, and this color is darling! My Instagram name is caitwilso.

  390. Love all of them since you have great taste! But I think I am partial to number 5

    Instagram : Browsermum

  391. That baby blue Kate Spade bag. ???? LOVE IT!! Check my Instagram @kjaleigh. Can’t wait to find out!

  392. I love the Black Hendri Bendel (#2). I love the way you paired all of these accessories! Thanks for being such a fashion inspo! IG: @simplysarika 🙂

  393. I’m in love with both #3 and #2 ????
    But honestly, all of them are gorgeous ????????
    Instagram: morenok.29

  394. I would love #1 or #4 !! Thank you so much for doing this contest; you are very generous!

    instagram: mcap327

  395. I like bags #1 and #5. Really appreciate your generous offer. Your the best fashion blogger ever!!

  396. I absolutely love #2. I do not own any designer bags and would love to win one of yours.
    I follow your blog as well as Milan on IG.

  397. Love the Kate Spade bag, such a beautiful blue! Tagging my sister who recommended your blog in response to all my complaints that I “have nothing to wear!” #christinetoto

  398. I wish to win the Rivington tote. Hope you do more purse giveaways or even clothing too for your petite followers 🙂

  399. I hope to win bag #2 for my girlfriend I know she’ll love it. Perfect give for Valentines day. Thanks

  400. Love your Instagram! I would love to win bag #1 or the Kate Spade.
    Instagram: docrups

  401. My favorite purse is a tie between the #1 and #4 Henri Bendel. They are both super cute in different ways. This is the first time i’m hearing of this brand, will definitely look into it! Thank you for this generous giveaway!
    IG account: gracej86

  402. Kate Spade (#3) is my spirit animal and you safe my fashion savior ❤️❤️

  403. If I were to win, I would love to have the black Henri Bendel bag.

    IG: jennychang1900

  404. Hi! Thank you for doing this! I would love #4!! It’s so perfect. As a backup plan, I also like #1.

    IG: alyssa_stoddard

  405. Love your style. You give me s much inspiration as a petite person myself. #2 and #3 would have to be my favorite bags. Instagram the_tashafactor

  406. I love both #1 & #2, maybe 1 a bit more, those zippers are gorgeous.

    IG @ amaleah18

  407. I would LOVE to win handbag #1 (gray Henri Bendel bag). Everything about it is just perfect! Second contender would be handbag #3 (Kate Spade). THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

    IG: twinpower82

  408. #3! Love your style – and I love that you shop sale item too which is practice and realistic. Keep up with the good work! 🙂

  409. GAME CHANGER! That’s what your blog has been for me. Your inspired petite outfits have given me the confidence to go outside my comfort zone and try things like over-the-knee boots, trenches…and colors besides black 🙂
    I’ve yet to up my game with any stand-out handbags, which is why I’d love love love to win #3 – the Kate Spade bag – and corresponding pretty necklace.


  410. If I were to win I would love the Hendri Bendel bag number 1 or 2. Both are amazing bags!

  411. I would love handbags #1 or #3, they are exquisite!! I also love the watch at #4. Love your posts!!!!! Thank you. My insta: #foreverdarling


  412. I love all of them! But, if I had to pick just one… it would be #1! Grey is my favorite color! @lisaaquillano

  413. I would love to have bag #1 and 2 they are both classy. Thanks for the giveaways Annie! ???????????? @nurse_ronsky

  414. I will love to win number 2! Good luck to everyone! And thank you Annie for this giveaway! This is my insta @ frezagil

  415. Love the gray henri bag ! Actually , they’re all beautiful . Thanks for doing a giveaway ????

  416. Thanks for planning this give away! I would love the gray Henri Bendel bag! IG: rpa85

  417. What a fun giveaway! I have followed you for YEARS, and think you are simply fabulous! My ultimate pick would be #2, but I would be beyond excited with any of the bags/jewelry!

  418. Love your posts and your style! If I won, I would
    Love bag #1 or #2!

    IG: @terilyn_makeup

  419. Love them all but #2 black Henri Bendel.
    Instagram @walsh1989. Started my new career in real estate I would love to win one of the bags! Love following you and seeing your beautiful little girl! ❤️

  420. My Instagram is @activeambition.

    I would love either Hendri Bendel bag, number 1 or 2.

    This giveaway is so great!

  421. Love them all but my favorite is #2! I have been trying to save to get that one!
    Love you style, I always find inspiration for work wear on your blog and Instagram posts!

  422. Bag number 2, the black Henri Bendel or the blue Kate Spade bag 3, or bag number 5 the Ivanka Trump bag. I would loveeeee to win!!

  423. Thanks for this giveaway! You are so sweet
    I would love to win. I really like purse # 2 and #3 my instagram : Crislunita15

  424. Thank you so much for this giveaway!!! You are awesome and love your style????
    If I win I would love to get anything, I’m in love with #1,2 & 5.. thank you again????

    My IG b_e_r_e_nice

  425. I love #1 and #2! Both Henri Bendel bags are gorgeous and classy, perfect for work.
    IG: @jaderivera5

  426. Love ❤️ the black Hendri Bendel one! Thank you for this awesome giveaway opportunity…

    Instagram @lucydear5

  427. Thank you for your kindness. Any one of the bag would be greatly appreciated.


  428. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to do this giveaway. I love #1, #2, & #5. Instagram: trouvaille_palmbeach

  429. Thank you for this giveaway!

    Loving #2 and #3! Leaning toward #3 more because of the long strap.


  430. Hi! If I were to win, I’d wish for the black Hendri Bendel purse or the Kate Spade. Both are so cute!

  431. I have to say I love your blog! I follow you on Facebook and IG. If I were lucky enough to win I would love the gray handbag with the pearl cluster necklace. You are the reason I’m looking into buying petite clothes. My IG is armiesha_marie

  432. The Hendri Bendel and the Kate Spade purses are beautiful. I love the colors.
    IG gabimergulhao

  433. Thanks for this giveaway. If I would win I would like to have the kate spade bag. My ig: angelheart83

  434. LOVE Kate spade bag #3! Keep up The good work I really enjoy your blogs and insta my insta is shivanie Prince

  435. #3 Kate Spade is beautiful! Such a nice giveaway for you do offer.
    Cheers! @ajhogg

  436. I would love to win #5. I’d like to be more hands free since I have a one year old.