Loneliness + Pink Short Trench + Scalloped Sandals

pink short trench coat white jeans spring outfit camel scalloped sandals

This is so random but I regret ever trying boba tea.  Now I crave it literally every single day.  I’m meeting up with another girlfriend tomorrow to get my fix and it’s the second time this week.  It’s so freaking good.  Things have been so crazy for me lately.  Good crazy.  Work is going great and I’m still elated over potty training Milan.  She’s still doing amazing and I couldn’t be more proud.  I don’t know what it is but I have a feeling things are going to turn around for me.  I don’t know why I feel this way but it’s better than feeling like crap right?

pink short trench coat white jeans spring outfit camel scalloped sandals

I’ve been surrounding myself with great friends who are real, don’t judge and make me laugh.  Laughter is seriously the best medicine.

Awhile back, a reader reached out to me wanted to tell me her story.  Ironically she’s also from Minnesota so we connected immediately.  We began chatting on Instagram about her family, her dad and what her mom went through.  She shared how her mom was always honest with her (when she was old enough) about everything.  I don’t want to go into detail about our conversation but it was so raw and deep.  It touched me to the core.  Afterwards I felt a sense of hope for Milan.  It’s amazing how two strangers can connect on social media and connect in ways that I didn’t think was even humanly possible.  Just wanted to share. 🙂


My entire family and most of my close friends that know my situation have no idea how I’ve been able to survive these past few months or even the past few years.  Some days I have no idea either.  I just try to stay focused on Milan and my business.  Both keep me quite busy.  🙂 Once the house is quiet, Milan is in bed and I finish up with work, it does get lonely.  It’s a strange feeling because I’ve had a partner for basically my entire adult life.  It’s definitely an adjustment.

Feeling Blessed

As lonely as it is at times, how freaking blessed am I to be Milan’s mommy and get the privilege of raising her?  To witness her milestones, to hug her when she’s not well, to be able to tell her how much I love her, to watch her grow and blossom, to pick her up when she falls, to dance with her in our living room to Frozen songs over and over, to eat every meal with her, to have her tell me I have bugs in my ear and heart when she plays doctor, to having her tell me she’s a garbage truck and not a toddler, to hear her say I love you mama out of the blue.  The list goes on.  Everything in my life has led me to her and for that I am grateful.

pink short trench coat white jeans spring outfit camel scalloped sandals
Coat: c/o Ann Taylor short trench coat (size 00P) | Top: c/o Ann Taylor stripe side knot tee (size XXSP) | Jeans: Topshop Jamie high waist skinny jeans (size 24×28, another option HERE) | Shoes: c/o Ann Taylor scalloped leather sandals

In love with this pink short trench coat.  It’s currently 40% off!  Sizing runs true to size.  I’m wearing size 00 petite and it’s pretty big on me.  The sleeves are really long which is why I have them scrunched up.  I love the color and style so much I’ll probably pay to get the sleeves tailored.

These scalloped leather sandals were such a nice surprise.  The leather is buttery soft, doesn’t cut into your feet at all and overall very comfortable.  Amazing and would highly recommend (plus they are 40% off)!Striped body-con midi dress nude pumps spring outfit

Dress: Striped midi dress (size XS) | Shoes: Louboutin (similar HERE)

How cute is this dress?  Love the colors and perfect for spring and summer.  Sizing runs VERY small.  I’m wearing size XS and it’s extremely fitted.  Decent quality for the price tag.  The length is super long and I have it pinned up.  I’ll have my tailor chop off the additional length – shouldn’t be too difficult or costly.

Soludos Ibiza Classic Sneakers

Soludos Ibiza Classic Sneakers (tan suede color on major sale HERE)

I’ve had these sneakers for awhile but keep forgetting to share them.  They’re currently my favorite sneakers.  The leather is very soft and very comfortable to walk in.  Sizing runs about 1/2 size small.  I took my normal size 5 and they fit me well.  The tan suede color is on sale plus an extra 50% off.  Such a great price!

XO, Annie
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  1. This outfit is so spring-y! Love that short pink trench, and it looks great on you, Annie. Wishing you the very best day.

  2. I am new at trying boba tea. What is your favorite flavor? Thank you!
    P.S. keep being you! You are an inspiration to others. ♥️

  3. I can feel your pain and the sadness but you are a very strong women and I believe you will get through it.
    One day you will look back, smile and thanks God it happened because your life will be much better at that time and you will find what you have been looking for and deserve for, some one will be appreciate you, treasure you and just love the way you are cause that’s YOU!
    Big hugs and stay strong!

    • Thank you so much Michelle. I completely agree! I know one day I will look back and thank my lucky stars. You are so sweet – thanks for leaving this comment. XO

  4. Sweet girl, I so know your pain. It’s so comparable to a death, yet you know the person you have lost is still in this world, and there seems to be no end to the mourning. No closure. Heartbreaking loneliness. Allow yourself the time, however long it takes to grieve., and know that those who truly love you will allow you that time. It’s the unspoken loss, the exhaustion of existing in a world you shared with someone you loved, of finding your way. We don’t know each other, but that does not matter. I’ve been following you for so long. Sending you and your beautiful daughter my heartfelt prayers for strength and comfort.

    • Hi Cindy,

      Thank you so much for this and for understanding. It’s absolutely comparable to death. Crazy. I really appreciate your support and prayers for both Milan and I – means the world to me. XO

  5. Praying for you!! Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”
    You are not alone. Your Heavenly Father is surrounding you with warmth and love from many! I’m one who thinks your business is fabulous and continuing to pray for you! God is with you!

  6. Hi annie, those sneakers look cute! Just wondering…I read that most reviewers say the sneakers run tts or slight big…but u think they run small? Or was that a typo?

    • I think they run small so I’m shocked that people say it runs big. I’ll put them on again tomorrow and report back to make sure I’m not losing my mind lol

  7. Annie, I truly empathize with this difficult time in your life, but please, please get some professional help, and journaling is quite effective as well. I love looking at the fashion and styling ideas, but the weeks of sharing of your personal status has started to take away from the joy of fashion on your website. I am thankful you have good friends and family to share and for support, and perhaps a therapist may be a great support for you too. My Best, Kate♡

  8. That’s such a gorgeous trenchcoat, I’ve never seen anything like it! And sometimes I feel the same way as you do like things are about to turn and I don’t know how to explain it either but that hope gets me through things.

  9. Hey Annie! Just to let you know, I am perfectly fine with you sharing your story here and I know many others are too. This is your blog and you can do whatever you want. You need all the understanding and prayers you can get. Since you opened up and started sharing, I have included you and Miss Milan in my prayers each day. I know both of you will be OK and you WILL get through this.

    Thanks for all the outfit ideas! Keep them coming. Oh, and your hair looks phenomenal BTW!

    • Thank you for saying this Sherry. I really appreciate it. I knew that by opening up about my struggles and private life, it would change the dynamic of my blog and some won’t like it and I’m okay with that. For every one person who doesn’t like it, there’s thousands of amazing women like you that don’t mind it and understand that it’s my blog and platform to share whatever it is that I want. I’m so touched that Milan and I are included in your prayers. That means more than you know. Thank you so much. XO

  10. I have not experienced the pain you are going through and thus don’t have any advice. What I can say is that you are strong and you are doing your best for you and your little one. You have a village of support around you, and I think it is better to be lonely than being with the wrong person. You have so much to offer, in your personal life and career. Cheers to your resiliency, courage, and future! Love the pop of pink in the outfit, and I need to check out those shoes! Have a wonderful week!

  11. Hi Annie,

    I came across your Instagram a little over a year ago and I followed you to your website and bought a scarf. I just now happened to see your stories and the comments people left. Thank you for opening up your life and I’m going through the same thing. I’ve been in limbo for almost a year and a half and just a week ago I finally got the closure I need. Some days I feel like part of me just died, and I have no control over my emotions. But seeing the comments these women left and hearing your story have given me hope that I will be okay again and that I’m not the only one going through this even though some days the loneliness is unbearable.

    Y Nguyen

    • Hi Y,
      Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through a difficult time but I’m also happy you got the closure you needed. I completely understand the part about a part of you dying – I feel the exact same way. It’s like mourning a death. I have yet to get the closure I need however I am moving forward and please know that YOU WILL BE MORE THAN OK. You will be great. Believe it. Everything happens for a reason and we both will look back one day and thank our lucky stars that it happened. Sending you hugs and lots of love. Please keep in touch. XO

  12. Great blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers?
    I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress
    or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely confused ..
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