Summer Whites and Blush

summer outfit white crochet halter dress blush espadrilles pink straw bag

I’ve been toying with the idea of moving back to Minnesota to be closer to my family…

summer outfit white crochet halter dress blush espadrilles pink straw bag

I’ve actually considered this for many years but now I’m in the position that I can make this decision.  It’s hard to imagine leaving California.  It’s been my home for so long and I absolutely love living here.  I originally moved out here to get away from the brutal Minnesota winters.  I can’t even fathom going back to that climate after being spoiled with beautiful weather year round.

summer outfit white crochet halter dress blush espadrilles pink straw bag

As much as I love living in Newport Beach, Minnesota will always be my home.  That’s where I grew up.  I love the people and it’s a great place to raise Milan.  Most of my family is back there and Milan would have so many cousins to play with.  The only drawback is one set of her grandparents is here in California.  Milan is very close with them and sees them every Saturday like clock work.  I know they would be devastated if we moved out of state.  It’s tough.

summer outfit white crochet halter dress blush espadrilles pink straw bag

I also have so many amazing friends that I can’t imagine life without.  It’s definitely a tough decision.  No matter what I decide, I really want to get settled before the holidays.  To be honest,  the past few holidays have been really really tough for me.  I really want to make it a point this year to make it extra special for Milan regardless of where we live.

summer outfit white crochet halter dress blush espadrilles pink straw bag

On another note, I’m loving this eyelet halter dress so much.  I’ve had a lot of luck with Forever 21 lately.  Love their dresses!  This one is very nice quality and fits well.  Great for hot summer days and OH SO CUTE.

summer outfit white crochet halter dress blush espadrilles pink straw bag

Dress: Forever 21 eyelet lace halter dress (size small) | Bag: Eliza May rose compass bag | Shoes: Treasure & Bond Sannibel espadrilles (other colors HERE)

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  1. Does Milan’s father have joint custody? If so you may not be allowed to move to MN.

  2. That’s a tough decision to make. I have 2 little ones and live really far away from my entire family, mostly because of work. I love where I live but I’d move back in a second. Having so much family support, for both me and my kids, would be everything. I’m sure you’ll make the best decision for you and sweet Milan!

  3. You do what your heart says! If you need to be closer to your family to help with Milan and you need the emotional support then do it! The other set of grandparents can come visit or you can take a special trip to see them. It’s so hard to raise a child as a single parent so do what’s best for you two!

  4. We visited Minnesota a few years ago and I fell in love with it. The people were awesome and I’d love to go back one day. California is known for its temperate climate, compared to Minnesota, but it’s definite a different ballpark. I lived in CA, but found it too superficial, materialistic etc. Not to mention the attitude, rat race and culture. That’s just my 2 cents. Most people have to reside where their jobs and/or family are…..If your career is flexible and can be anywhere, then you have a great opportunity to live wherever you want. At least you will have the emotional and physical support plus whatever you need in MN from your family and friends that you’ve always known. It will also give Milan a chance to know her Mother’s side of the family and her other Grandparents. I’m sure they would love it. Her Grandparents in CA can always visit MN. Again, that’s just my 2 cents. Ultimately, it’s a decision that must overall be best for you and Milan. Sometimes, the only way to truly remove yourself from a toxic situation/past/person is to completely leave it all behind and never looking back. Tough decisions can have a way of moving you forward to where your path needs to continue on….. Best wishes!

  5. Annie. Being close to family is so helpful with young children. I lived out east for a while and came back home to Minnesota when I decided to have kids. With a 4 and 2 year old you need all the help you can get. The winters are long, yes, but kids LOVE the snow. Minnesota has so much to offer in regards to schools, daycare, parks, lakes, etc. It’s such a clean and beautiful state, I am so thankful for it. Let me know if you ever need neighborhood recommendations!!

  6. I would move back with your mom. No one else will love & care for you like your mom.

  7. I’d move back home in a heartbeat. With family around to help and support you, you’ll never feel as lonely. No one will love your child as much as your family too.

  8. I may be biased being from MN, but I believe that family is so important to have as a support system when raising children. Providing Milan the chance to grow up around her cousins is priceless, think of the wonderful memories you’ll make! The educational system is superior which is an added plus. Yes, the winters are long, but Minnesotans make the best of each season and appreciate the beauty of all of them.
    The grandparents can always come to MN to visit. Leaving friends is hard but you’ll have your family to fill that void until you build new friendships. I’ve met my closest friends through my children!
    Hard decisions to make but I’m sure you’ll do what you feel is best for both you and Milan.

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