Review: Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer

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Do you suffer from dry skin?  Today I’m reviewing Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer and it’s a must read!

I’ve been using this Olay Red Jar for almost two months now and needless to say I’m in love.  I took it with me to Minnesota back in July.  It’s always a good indicator if a moisturizer works for me when I travel because that’s when my skin is the driest.  Every time I step off a plane, my face feels like it’s cracking.  THE WORST.  Olay Whip saved my skin from looking and feeling like an alligator.

First, my skin is super picky and sensitive.  I’m happy to report that the Olay Whip is lightweight and non-greasy.  It absorbs extremely fast and feels so soft on your skin.  I apply it all over my face and neck each morning before putting on makeup.  It acts as a great primer too.  I love how it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky.  It’s seriously light as air and goes on super smooth.

The best part about the Regenerist Whip is that it’s fragrance free.  Yay!  I’m super sensitive to any type of fragrances – especially when it’s applied to my face.  Most moisturizers I’ve tried in the past all have such a potent smell.

My face is naturally oily so therefore shine is always an issue for me.  After applying this Olay moisturizer, my skin is smooth, matte and shine free.  AMAZING.

How To Apply Moisturizer

1. Always wash your hands before applying anything to your face.

 2. Take a small amount on your finger and warm it up in your palm or fingers to ensure even application.

3. Apply to your cheeks using a circular motion. Then apply it to your forehead and the rest of your face.

4. Don’t forget your neck!  Apply a small amount and use gentle upward strokes.

TIP: A little goes a long way so use it sparingly.  It’s best not to apply too much.

After using Olay Whip for a while now, I’ve noticed my skin feels SUPER hydrated.  It also helps diminish my fine lines and wrinkles.  I’ll most definitely be packing this Olay Red Jar with me for an upcoming trip this month.  Love it and would highly recommend. 🙂

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  1. Hi Annie!
    Have definitely wanted to try the Olay whip moisturizer–Also, what is
    your nail color in this post? Love the pink!

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