How To Organize Your Shoes

shoe organizer shoe storage how to organize your shoes

I finally organized my shoe collection!  I posted these organizers about six months ago when I first moved into my new house but never got around to really talking about them.  We took this weekend to clean out the garage and it felt so good to get this done.

Since I don’t have room in my house to store shoes, I needed something that was well organized to put in my garage.  I looked everywhere and nothing really would save space and protect my shoes at the same time.  I LOVE shoes and take very good care of them so I had to have something to was covered but also easily accessible.

shoe organizer shoe storage how to organize your shoes

I came across these stackable large drop-front shoe boxes and was so pumped.  My first thought was OMG I will need a million of these.  It was way more costly than I was hoping to spend however the investment was worth it to me for my sanity.

  Let’s back track a little bit, my shoe situation in the garage was a complete disaster.  Most of them were still in bins from my my TWO moves I did last year and the garage floor was covered in shoes thrown all over the place.  There was no organization and it drove me completely crazy.  I linked to some other shoe storage options below in case these aren’t what you are looking for.

Shoe Organization Options

Click on any item you like!

shoe organizer shoe storage how to organize your shoes

I bit the bullet and decided I needed these in my life.  It was exactly what I needed and I love the fact that they are clear and each pair of shoes would be protected from dust.  Each package comes with six containers.  I forget how many I bought and I’m too lazy to count but I had to buy a lot of them.  Unfortunately these are not all my shoes.  Yes I have a problem but I’m totally ok with it. LOL

I paid full price for them but now they are on sale so here’s your chance!  Here are some F.A.Q’s:


I haven’t had any issues with them falling over.  Not sure how they will hold up in an earthquake (knock on wood) but I’ve had them stacked pretty high and they have stayed put for over 6 months.  They are slightly wobbly if you push them but just don’t push them.  Each shoe box sits nicely on top of each other.


YES!  The drop-front opening allows you to get to the pair you want without having to unstack or remove any boxes.


Absolutely!  Each pair of shoes gets their own box and it’s fully protected from dust.  This is especially a huge advantage if you plan on storing them in the garage.


YES!  Each box comes with ventilation holes so your shoes can breath.


The shoe boxes are made from polypropylene and polystyrene.


Each box can hold up to a men’s size 13.  I also noticed that the height can hold up all of my high heels.  The tallest I have is 4″.

shoe organizer shoe storage how to organize your shoes

Large Drop-Front Shoe Box (comes in a pack of 6)

The only drawback I could come up with is the drop-front flap isn’t the best quality.  They sometimes don’t stay on all the time when you’re trying to assemble and stack but once they are on, I haven’t had any issues.  Overall, I’m super happy with the results!  It didn’t take much effort to assemble and organize my shoes.  I love being able to see every pair and know that they are being protected from dust.  Love and would recommend!  You can buy them HERE.

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  1. Hi Annie!

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to organize my shoes in my garage and this is it! One question I had was I saw the small version of these organizers online-Do you feel like those would have worked for you as well (if you didn’t have the 4” heels)?

    • Yay! You will be so glad you did this! I feel so much better lol

      As far as the small ones, I haven’t looked at the dimensions but if you don’t have high heels and depending on what size shoe you have, it doesn’t hurt to try? You can get both sizes and see?

      • Hi Again Annie!

        Just wanted to thank you again for introducing me to these shoeboxes! I took a chance and ordered the small ones last week and didn’t expect them until April because they were on backorder. Lo and behold-They arrived at my home on Thursday and they are absolutely perfect! It feels SO good to see my shoes neat and tidy and to walk into my garage for the first time without tripping over them!!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I saw this when you shared with us earlier. This is going to be one of my projects. Thank you for reminding me I need to get these storage boxes. I love this idea better than using individual shoe storage boxes. I have to unstack them to get to my shoes. This makes it easier to get to my shoes.

    • Hi Susan! These are so much better than the other individual storage boxes. Who has time to unstack every time you need to get a pair of shoes? Lol

      This is definitely way more convenient! Let me know how your project goes:)

  3. What a great idea! Currently I have a built in shoe rack, but this will be great for my overflow (I, too, have a problem lol) Do you have a ladder to get to the higher rows? This is a great project especially now while we’re all at home! Stay safe and thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Annie,

    I love this idea for a garage if there is no room for a shoe closet in the house. What do you do with boots, particularly tall or knee high boots?

  5. I need more shoe shelves. Plz inform me when there’s a 50% off on shoe units. Thank You