Mommy and Me Matching Spring Outfits

I can’t believe it’s only going to be about two more months (or less) before baby girl arrives!  Trying to soak up every minute with Milan and take as many photos together as possible.

This stage (4 years old) might be my favorite age besides the fresh newborn phase.  When she was 3, it was hard but we did go through a lot together.  I don’t know why but since the quarantine, she has grown so much.  I can’t really even articulate it but she seems so much smarter, brighter and happier.  Not to mention she’s getting so tall!

Looking at these pictures makes me have a lump in my throat.  I get so teary eyed just thinking about everything.  Maybe it’s pregnancy hormones but I’m so grateful for her and all the positive things in our lives.  We are in such a good place and nothing could make me happier than to see her thriving.  Having positive people around us (Mr. Right and my amazing friends) makes the world of difference.  No more toxic or destructive people to bring us down.

My outfit: Dress: Leith (size XXS) | Jacket: Loft (size 00P) | Shoes: Adidas

Milan’s outfit: Dress: Old Navy tutu dress (old, similar HERE) | Jacket: Old Navy (similar HERE) | Shoes: Adidas original kids superstar sneakers | Similar bow clip HERE

I had to share this photo of Milan because it’s TOO CUTE not to share AND she took this all by herself!  Ha ha!  I was changing dresses with the front door wide open so we could see each other (sorry neighbors!) and she said ok mommy I’m going to just take one by myself. LOL She did an amazing job! 🙂

These were taken on Mother’s Day.  It felt so good to finally get outside for some fresh air.  It was such a nice treat.  I love this little spot in La Jolla.  No one was around and we were able to just be together for a few minutes.

I can’t believe I’m 30 weeks and pretty soon we will be able to match with her baby sister.  I feel so blessed despite all that is going on.  I want to cherish these last couple of months with her.  She truly is my EVERYTHING.

It was raining earlier and it was a great excuse to put on our Hunter Boots.  We haven’t worn these since last year when we were in our rental.  I’m glad her boots still fit her.

Matching with Milan is one of my favorite things to do and I’m glad I started making the effort again.  I need to come up with more outfits before the baby comes.  It is not easy with this bump!  Just wanted to say thank you for sticking with me throughout my journey and watching Milan grow.  I love sharing her with you guys. <3

My outfit: Dress: Wild Fable (on sale, size XS) | Jacket: Loft (similar HERE) | Boots: Hunter Boots big kids (size 4) | Necklace: Savvy Cie initial necklace (on sale)

Milan’s outfit: Dress: Gap (similar HERE or HERE) | Jacket: Target (similar HERE) | Boots: Hunter Boots

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  1. Hi Annie!
    Have you already picked a name for your new baby girl? I know you won’t be revealing the name till after the birth, I just wondered if you and Mr. wonderful had picked out a name?
    I must be missing your reply somewhere. I asked a few times if you could tell me where you bought your couch? I have never seen a response so I’m assuming I must have missed your reply. Please let me know through an email where you bought it.
    Thank you.

  2. I love age 4 and 5. My favorite for my younger siblings and kids I babysat. They’re so sweet. Beware, a hormone change makes 6 years olds temporary hellions. They can’t help it, but it often lasts that entire year. They hit 7 and you’ll get your darling back.