How To Save Time with Walmart’s Express delivery service

I’m super excited about today’s post.  It’s a bit different than my usual post.  Today I’m reviewing Walmart’s Express delivery service.

 I recently discovered Walmart’s Express delivery service and wanted to share my thoughts.  Since becoming a mom of two, life has become a lot more hectic to say the least.  Trying to work full time, nurse Meadow 24/7, take care of Milan on top of everything else, it has become a juggling act.  Anything I can do to make my life easier, sign me up!

I decided to save myself some time and energy, I’ve been using Walmart’s Express delivery service.  There are some items we cannot live without and tend to run out of quickly.  Diapers, toilet paper, coffee and tissue.  As you know, having a newborn is no joke and we go through so many packs a week that I can barely keep up!  Fun fact about Mr. Right, he LOVES his coffee and drinks it all day and night.  We may in fact go through more coffee than diapers!  LOL

Here’s an example of an order I recently placed and what it looks like when you place an Express delivery order:

Here is where you choose 2 hours or less with Express.  Service is available from 10am – 6pm.

Here is where you can enter in your mobile number and select whether or not you want them to leave it at your door.  I usually select this option because it’s the easiest in case I’m busy nursing.

You can also choose to allow substitutions if your item is out of stock.  If you prefer not to, make sure to unmark the top box where it says ALLOW SUBSTITUTIONS.  Make sure to review your order  before checking out.  I also want to point out that the prices for the items you want is exactly the same as it is in store.  Win win!

Below is the final step where it shows the total of your order.  If everything looks correct,  go ahead and place your order.

I have to say I’ve used this service a few times and it’s seriously a life saver.  It’s easy and convenient!

Walmart Express delivery is subject to availability at select stores. Standard delivery fee and/or Express delivery fee may apply. Minimum order applies.

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. This is a great idea and I wasn’t even aware of it.

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