DIY: Mommy and Me (plus baby) Matching Starbucks Frappachino Costumes

We had such a difficult time figuring out Halloween costumes this year.  Since we won’t be going trick or treating, the motivation to get dressed up wasn’t easy but we knew we wanted to make it fun for Milan plus it’s Meadow Ivy’s first Halloween!  She won’t remember it but I still want cute photos to show her later.

{My costume}

{Milan’s  costume}

{Meadow Ivy’s costume}

We went back and forth trying to come up with ideas and I finally decided on matching Frappachino costumes.  Everything that I found on Etsy was way too expensive to just to wear for a few minutes so I decided a DIY project.

First, in full disclosure, I am NOT a DIY kind of gal.  Actually far from it. lol I don’t have the patience or the skills.  No joke.  So if that sounds like you, then you can definitely do this! No really, you can.  It’s THAT easy and doesn’t take much time or money.

Here is what you will need:

– a beige bodysuit or long sleeve tee (I got THIS ONE)

– a toddler/kids long sleeve tee (Milan’s exact one HERE and Meadow’s HERE)

– A white tutu skirt (adults HERE, kids HERE and baby’s HERE)

– 2 or 3 paper towel rolls (I cut them in half for the kids and used 3/4 for mine)

– green felt (buy HERE)

– white felt (buy HERE, I used two sets because I made 3 costumes)

– hot glue gun (buy HERE)

– scissors

– headband (buy HERE for mine and Milan’s and for baby, I used an old headband but you can buy them HERE)

– Starbucks logo (right click to save to your computer – you will need to change the size for each person before you print depending on the size you need)

Step 1:

Print out the Starbucks logo (you need a color printer).  Hot glue it to a piece of white felt and cut around it.  Then hot glue it in the center of  your bodysuit/shirt.

Tip: Try on your shirt first and make sure the placement of the logo is in the right place before hot gluing it.

Step 2:

Cut out a bunch of circles (you will need extra for the headband) of white felt.  I used the same size as the Starbucks logo.  This will be used to make the “foam”.  I didn’t do the best job at making them as pretty as I would have hoped but time wasn’t on my hands as I did this between Meadow’s naps.

Tip: Make each circle into a fortune cookie and play around with how they look on the collar before hot gluing it to your bodysuit/top.

Step 3:

Hot glue each fortune cookie/foam piece to the collar of your bodysuit/shirt.  I also hot glued each foam piece to the one next to it to keep in in place.

Step 4:

Now for the headband.  Cut the paper towel roll in half.  If you want a taller “straw”, cut it to the desired length.  Take one sheet of the green felt.  FYI – the green felt comes with adhesive so this requires no painting or glue.  I measured how much green felt I needed and applied it directly to the paper towel roll. Literally took 2 seconds. (Another option is to use Forest Green acrylic paint instead of the green felt)

Step 5:

Take one circle of white felt and glue the green felt paper towel roll in the middle.  This will be placed on the band.  Now glue the bottom of the white felt (with the paper towel roll) onto the headband.  I placed it off to the side on the headband for a cuter look but you can opt to do it in the middle.

Step 6:

Do the same thing with the white circle felt pieces (make them into a fortune cookie) and hot glue it to the bottom of the paper towel roll.  Play around with it before actually using the hot glue gun.  Again, mine isn’t perfect and I wish I had more time but it works. lol (Optional – place 2-3 circles on the bottom as extra layer before applying the fortune cookie foam pieces)

Voila!  You now have Mommy and Me matching Frappachino costumes!  Happy Halloween! XO

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