Meadow Ivy 7 Months Old

Hopefully these pics will help put a smile on your face!

Can you believe Meadow Ivy is already 7 months?  It’s surreal.  I have no clue where the past 7 months went.  It feels like I gave birth, blinked and now she’s 7 months old.  She loves to talk (super chatty like her dada), grab things and still nurses like a champ.

It’s going by so fast.  I bought this pink baby bath robe and faux fur slippers when she was first born but it was so big on her.  Now it finally fits and I about died when I taking these photos.  Can you even stand it?

The mini Mac book….hahaha!  I die.  It’s actually a mirror with fake a keyboard inside.  Hilarious.

Baby girl is teething…naps and sleep have been a struggle but honestly does it even matter when she’s this cute? 🙂

Bath robe + headwrap (also comes with cucumber slices) | Faux fur slippers | Mini Mac book (actually a mirror)

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  1. Omg!!!She is just too precious for words!
    Good job, mama! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your beautiful family!