DIY: Ikea Kallax Bookcase Hack

Toys have officially taken over our house!  I’m sharing a super affordable DIY Ikea hack to use as storage.

This is the Ikea Kallax bookcase ($34.99) before I add anything.  There are different sizes but I needed this one for Meadow’s nursery.  I was originally going to put wicker baskets in each cube but it just didn’t go with her elegant room.  So I added these insert with doors to each cube ($15 each).

Next I swapped out the knobs.  The hardware that came with it didn’t do it for me so I found these cheap gold ring pull knobs on Amazon.  You get a pack of 10 for under $11.  Looking back, I would have spent a little bit more substantial and better quality but if you are going for affordable, these will do.

Then for the final touch, I wanted to mimic Meadow’s Pottery Barn Ava Regency dresser so I found these custom overlays that are made specifically for the Ikea Kallax furniture line!  What a GENIUS niche.  This company is amazing!  They save you so much time and effort because it’s already tailored to certain lines of furniture.  MIND BLOWN.  I got the Anne Kit which is designed to fit the Ikea Kallax bookcases perfectly.  I opted for the 1/8″ but you can choose a thicker overlay.

I used these glue dots to apply each overlay to the door panel.  If you’re looking for something more permanent, then I would suggest getting wood glue or a stronger adhesive.  One thing I would point out that I learned from putting on the first overlay is to put the glue dots about 1″ apart.  I started out and spaced them too far apart (about 2″ which resulted in gaps).

No one would ever be able to tell but I’m glad I realized it right away.  The rest of the overlays, I was able to take my time and added more glue dots closer together.  Looks much better with no gaps.

Another thing to consider is when to apply the overlays.  I applied the overlays AFTER the doors/inserts were installed on the bookcase but you can certainly do this BEFORE  installing the doors (it may be easier and more precise).  Note to self – don’t attempt any DIY projects with a one year old present.  Haha

I’m really happy with how this turned out!  Shockingly these squares fit a lot of stuff.  So great for storage.  Hope you enjoyed this simple DIY project as much as I did. 🙂

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