Mommy and Me Pink Gingham Dresses

Sharing these adorable pink gingham Mommy and Me dresses!

My Dress (size XS) | Milan’s Dress (6-7) | Meadow’s Dress (18-24 months) + Blush mary jane shoes | Similar heart balloons HERE and HERE

How adorable are these matching dresses?  I’m finding it harder and harder to find matching outfits now that Milan no longer wearing size 5T.  Matching sister dresses usually stop at 5T and now she’s a size 6-7.  Crazy!  So now I have to be a little creative when searching for matching outfits for all of us.  My babies are growing up so fast. 🙁

Found all of our dresses on Amazon.  I’m obsessed with my smocked gingham dress.  It’s nursing friendly, petite friendly and super comfortable.  The quality is really nice too!  I paired the dress with these sandals (the MOST comfortable pair EVER).

On a totally unrelated note, the other day while I was getting my nails done, someone hit my car.  I was fortunate that she was so honest and not only left me a note apologizing with her info but went from store to store to find the owner of the car.  She came into the nail salon found me!  I thanked her for being honest and coming forward instead of just driving off.  The damage was minimal but noticeable. She later texted this to me: “One must live a truthful life, especially when nobody is looking. That’s when it’s most important.”  We are meeting tomorrow to get my car fixed.  What a lovely human being.  So rare these days and I’m so grateful that she has such a good heart.  It’s a nice reminder that there are still good people out there. <3

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