Mommy and Me Spring Matching Outfits + Tips On How To Match With Your Mini

My gingham dress (another option HERE) | White Denim Jacket (similar HERE) | Sandals | Headband | Sunglasses (similar HERE)

Meadow’s matching dress | Meadow’s jacket (similar HERE) | Tights | Shoes (similar HERE)

My eyelet dress (also seen HERE) | White Denim Jacket (similar HERE)

Meadow’s blush eyelet dress (size 2T) | Meadow’s jacket (similar HERE) | Headband

Home office details:

Desk (similar HERE) | Rug (similar HERE) | Tufted Pink Chair | Bow Chair | Gold Mirror (7′) | Gold Tray + White Vase + Faux Peonies

Sharing these easy Mommy and Me matching Spring outfits!  It’s so much harder getting Milan to match with me now because she’s 6 going on 16. It’s even harder trying to coordinate for both girls and myself.

So clearly I’m going to take advantage of matching with Miss Meadow before she can say no. 🙂 If you love matching with your mini, here are some tips to make coordinating those Mommy and Me outfits a little bit easier.


1. You don’t have to have exact items for you and your mini(s)!  Finding similar dresses or tops with the same color works great and makes it easier to shop for. If you have a boy, find a shirt version of your dress or top.

2. Stick to classic items and patterns.  This will make shopping SO MUCH easier and will also save tons of time.  Denim jackets, solid colors or classic prints like eyelet/gingham/polkadots/stripes are all super easy to coordinate.

3. Stick to the same color palette.  It will feel more cohesive even when the items aren’t exactly the same.  It’ll also make for great looking photos.

4.  Shop around!  You don’t have to stick to one store for all the items.  I rarely find everything I need from one retailer.  Shop around and googling what you are looking for usually is a great way to start.  Amazon has great options and if you have prime, it sure helps if you are a last minute shopper.

5. Start planning early (I know this is hard as a Mom) but if you are looking for Easter outfits and plan on taking family photos, start planning now (or sooner).

Hope these tips help!  It takes a bit of planning and effort but it’s so worth it.  I look back at photos of Milan and I and it makes me smile. 🙂

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