Thanksgiving at Hotel Del Coronado + Mommy and Me Dresses

A Thanksgiving to remember…

My dress: Ivy City (size XXS) + bow pumps | Milan’s dress: Ivy City (size 6) + flower shoes | Meadow’s dress: Ivy City (size 2T) + bow shoes + Meadow Ivy headband

We took the girls to Hotel Del Coronado for Thanksgiving this year and it was amazing!  We really didn’t know what to expect but since we don’t any family in California, this seemed like a perfect way to celebrate.  I ordered these gorgeous dresses for our Cabo trip back in August but they didn’t come in time. 🙁 I even paid extra for shipping and I NEVER do that!  So these dresses have been sitting there for months collecting dust.

When my husband came up with the idea of doing Thanksgiving at Hotel Del, I knew it would be the perfect place to wear these dresses.  I can’t even tell you how many times we got complimented.  People went NUTS over these dresses.  The Thanksgiving brunch was very expensive but quite impressive.  The food was delicious.  It almost felt like a wedding venue.  Milan finally tried turkey, green beans and cranberries.  She said she loved her fancy feast!  She’s such a picky eater so this alone was a win for us. 🙂

The kids were so over taking photos with me.  I was determined to get as many pics as possible given the price I paid for all of our dresses.  I managed to get some but it was NOT easy.  Taking photos with younger kids is always an event in itself and sometimes bribery doesn’t work. Haha

I’m thinking this could be an annual family tradition – so much fun!

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  1. Cute pics Annie! Same thing happened to me! I ordered a dress for my vacation trip and paid for expedited shipping, which I never do, and it still didn’t come in time. I ended up wearing something else. It arrived after I came back from vacation.

    • Thank you so much Brooklyn! That’s a bummer about your dress. 🙁 So happy we were able to wear our dresses finally! I may re-wear them for Christmas just to get my moneys worth out of them + the insane shipping costs. lol

  2. Precious pictures. All three of you are beautiful in your dresses. They are so pretty. Wonderful place for Thanksgiving memories.