Halloween Family Costume Ideas: The Addams Family + Boba Milk Tea

The Addams Family…

My dress (size XS) + wig | Husband’s suit + fake cigar + mustache | Milan’s costume + tights | Meadow’s costume + wig + tights

Meadow: Boba Shirt (size 2T) + pants + boots | My shirt (custom by Buzz Bear Studio) + leggings + bow combat boots | Milan’s boba shirt (size 6) + pants + boots

This year, we had an absolute blast getting into the Halloween spirit. To be completely honest, we were pretty indecisive about our costumes until just two weeks before the big day. The last-minute scramble added a dash of excitement to the process. Miraculously, I stumbled upon Milan’s costume for free on Facebook, and it inspired us to embrace The Addams Family theme. However, we decided to give a twist to the classic characters. Instead of dressing Meadow as Pugsley, we thought it would be adorable to transform her into a mini Wednesday.

As for my own costume, I must confess that I didn’t put in much effort or planning ahead of time. In fact, I tried everything on the very day of Halloween, which was a risky move, to say the least. Thankfully, luck was on my side, and everything came together beautifully. I had ordered several dresses from Amazon, but the one that fit turned out to have an unfinished hem. No problem; I took matters into my own hands and simply snipped off a few inches to make it work.

In our excitement, we attempted to capture a plethora of photos before embarking on our trick-or-treating adventure. However, it seems that fate had a different plan for us, as 95% of the photos mysteriously became corrupted on my memory card. This was quite a disappointment, and I’m at a loss about how to retrieve them. Does anyone know how to fix this? Fortunately, we did manage to salvage three snapshots from the ordeal, and that’s certainly a relief.

One of my favorite Halloween traditions is donning matching costumes with my little ones. After our Starbucks-themed costumes from a previous year, I decided to go for a boba tea theme this time around. Buzz Bear Studios reached out to me, who custom-made my fantastic boba tea shirt. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this amazing seller for several years, and her sweet nature always shines through.

Honestly, Halloween was never a holiday I got particularly excited about until I had kids. They have this magical way of making it so much fun. Milan truly embraced his character from The Addams Family, and it was so much fun to witness. As for Miss Meadow, she wasn’t quite in the mood for trick-or-treating, so I took on the role of candy collector on her behalf. What can I say? Mom duty always calls! xx

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