Thanksgiving 2023 Hotel Del Coronado

Thanksgiving 2023…

My dress: c/o Ivy City Co (size XXS) + bow pumps| Milan’s dress: c/o Ivy City C0 (size 8) + similar bow shoes HERE | Meadow Ivy: c/o Ivy City Co (size 3T) + similar shoes HERE

Thanksgiving at Hotel Del Coronado was truly a delightful experience that lived up to our expectations. From the delectable cuisine to the festive decorations, every detail contributed to a beautiful celebration. Establishing this tradition over the past couple of years has been particularly special, and we plan to continue making it a cherished family ritual.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate our dazzling dresses— they garnered numerous compliments, and the matching ensemble created quite a stir. The children graciously allowed me to capture a few photos, a task that always brings me joy. Behind the scenes, orchestrating such an event is no small feat, despite how seamless it may appear. Reflecting on the photos and videos brings me immense joy, and I hope that as the kids grow older, they’ll come to appreciate these memories as much as I do.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xx

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