Mommy and Me Gingerbread Pajamas + Matching Pink Sequin Santa Hats

Sharing the cutest gingerbread pajamas and pink sequin Santa hats!

My pajamas (size kids 14) + Santa hat | Milan’s pajamas + Santa hat | Meadow’s pajamas + Santa hat | Christmas tree: c/o King of Christmas (Queen 8″ flocked pre-lit) | Gold mirror (3′) | Marble Fireplace

The past few weeks have been quite challenging for us. Milan recently got braces, and it’s been a real struggle for her. Thankfully, she’s finally back to her usual self and can eat most things again. I was overjoyed to capture her smile in these photos because it feels like I haven’t seen it in ages. Braces are certainly no walk in the park!

Now, let’s talk about our adorable matching gingerbread pajamas. I was pleasantly surprised by how perfectly they complemented our theme this year, centered around gingerbread girls and gingerbread homes. Unfortunately, they don’t come in adult sizes, but luckily the kids’ size 14 fits me just right. Meadow is rocking a 3T, and Milan is sporting size 6x/7.

Our coordinated pink sequin Santa hats are simply amazing! You can grab a pack of three for under $20, which is quite a decent deal. Although the hats are a bit large for my girls (more geared towards adult heads), we managed to make them work. On a side note, the sequin Santa hats come adorned with holly decorations, but I easily removed them. You can keep them and repurpose them for something else if you’d like. Happy Holidays! 🙂

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