Mother’s Day 2024: Matching Mommy and Me Sequin Dresses

A Mother’s Day to remember…

My dress: c/0 Ivy City Co (size XXS) + Clear heels | Milan’s dress: c/o Ivy City Co (size 8) + similar bow shoes | Meadow’s dress: c/o Ivy City Co (size 3T) + similar bow shoes

We had an unforgettable Mother’s Day celebration at Hotel Del, and it truly exceeded all expectations. I cherish our little family traditions, especially those special moments with my girls. While convincing Milan to match outfits with me is becoming more challenging, I can’t help but reflect on how quickly time flies as they grow.

Mommy and Me Dresses

Our matching mommy and me sequin dresses were an instant hit! Everywhere we went, people couldn’t help but stop and admire us. The amount of compliments we received was overwhelming, with one family even jokingly declaring that we stole the show! It was such a fun and memorable moment. Hahaha! Some may find our matching dresses and endless photo sessions a bit excessive, but for me, it’s about seizing every precious moment while they’re still young. They’re only little once, and I want to capture every bit of their childhood before it fades away. It’s true what they say—kids grow up in the blink of an eye. It’s hard to believe that Milan will be a 3rd grader come fall, and Meadow is gearing up for her preschool adventure. Time flies, and it’s bittersweet to witness them blossoming into their own unique selves.

The brunch spread at Hotel Del was an absolute feast, and I couldn’t resist sharing a glimpse of it on Instagram. Trust me, the food was even more delicious than it looked! Snow crab claws became an instant hit, especially with Miss Meadow joining in the feast. We were so stuffed that dinner was entirely out of the question!

Afterwards, to my surprise, the girls insisted on frolicking on the beach despite our lack of towels and proper beach gear. Typically averse to sand like myself, their eagerness was contagious, prompting me to embrace the spontaneous beach adventure. Witnessing their laughter and pure joy amidst the sandy shores was simply enchanting. These are the moments that make life worth living—simple, unfiltered happiness shared with the ones we love most.

As they say, let them be little. Let them explore, and let us cherish every fleeting moment together. 🙂

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