Lookbook: Theory Lecture “Gratian” Jacket & Theory Lecture “Joanie” Skirt

*SIGH* At last, my search is over! Remember this Theory Lecture “Gratian Jacket and Theory Lecture “Joanie” Skirt? OMG- I must be the luckiest girl on the planet because I was able to hunt both pieces down in a size 0! There is a fashion god! This finally came back from my tailor….(drum roll)….here it is!

Jacket: Theory Lecture “Gratian” Tweed Blazer- size 0 (similar HERE and HERE)
Skirt: Theory Lecture “Joanie” Tweed Skirt- size 0 (similar HERE)
Blouse: I.N.C. Ruched sweater– size PXXS
Shoes: Aldo patent leather pumps– size 5
I have been looking for this Theory Tweed suit ever since I saw it on Alterations Needed, see her post here with a 00 blazer, and on Extra Petite’s post here with the full skirt suit in a 00 and on Diary of a Shopper’s post here also with the full skirt suit in a size 2 after alterations. They all look fabulous in this suit!
All I had to do on this suit is take up the sleeves and hem the skirt several inches. I decided to hem the skirt to the length where it is now because with my short legs, my perfect length is right above the knee. I didn’t want to go any shorter because of my business and didn’t want to go any longer because it would overwhelm my petite frame. The original length went to the middle of my calves- it was insanely long. And before tailoring it- I thought I would have to take in the sides but after the hem was done- it fit really nicely. It’s amazing what a simple hem can do and how it can totally transform a skirt.

Click below to read how on earth I managed to hunt this suit down in a tiny size 0!

happened to be at Nordstrom Rack one weekend and found a size 6 and an 8 in the jacket and thought- for fun- I’ll try it on just to see how it looks.

Well needless to say even though I was swimming in the size 6- I fell in love and from that point on, I went on a mission trying to find this suit in any small size. I would have settled for even a 2 or a 4! Well it surprisingly popped up in a size 0 on Nordstroms.com at the end of March one late evening and I literally almost had a heart attack and ordered it right away. It was on sale for $89.98 (which is over 75% off of $398). 
But I had no matching skirt to go with it so of course, I called every Bloomingdales.com and several Bloomingdales across the nation and got so many scoffs and chuckles from every SA (sales associate). They said that suit has been sold out for over 4+ months and is from Fall/Winter of 2009 collection. Some said they never even heard of it (its that old).  I even tried calling Theory outlets in hopes that there was one lingering somewhere waiting for me but all hope was lost to find the matching skirt   

Well one night, the Theory Joanie skirt popped up in a size 4 popped up on Nordstroms.com so I snatched that up thinking- I can just tailor it. I figured- I have no choice but to settle since there was no way I would ever find it in a 00 or a 0. So just as I was about to take it to my tailor, I was brushing my teeth and refreshing the page I had saved on my iPhone, a size 0 popped up on Bloomingdales.com. Yes a size 0! 
 It was on sale for $133 and I had $25 off so the total was a little over $100 which is 50% off of the retail price of $198.  I almost choked on my toothbrush and ran to my computer and tried to order it- I put it into my cart and was about to checkout and all of a sudden, big red letters popped up on my screen saying- the item I am trying to purchase is no longer available. I was like what the heck? So needless to say- I lost a night of sleep (yes I get that obsessed about clothes). That was a on a Friday night, then the next night, there I was brushing my teeth again and refreshing my page on Bloomies.com and VOILA- a size 0 in the skirt popped up again!!!!!!!!! 

I thought it was some kind of cruel joke. I rushed to my computer yet once again and tried to order it and it said it was no longer  available and I checked my phone and it was still there. VERY STRANGE. So I tried to check out from my iphone and it worked!!!!!!!!! It was a success but I still was suspect about it given my 2 times trying to order it so I didn’t want to get too excited until I had the skirt in a size 0 in my hands…… I checked my account every 2 seconds to see when it will ship and from then on tracked it every second of the day. And of course, the tracking was not updated like it normally is so it really didn’t tell me much. Then I get this mysterious email from Bloomingdales.com saying they could not process my order and for me to call them immediately. My heart sank and I got this sick feeling in my stomach. I called and the SA said- oops- that email was a mistake- your skirt is on its way- it should be delivered the next day….I was thinking- are you guys trying to kill me??? 

Well the skirt arrived the next day in perfect condition in a size 0. I even left work during the day to go get it….I was that excited 🙂 So now I can return the size 4 skirt back to Nordies. You think my Theory suit saga would end here but it doesn’t! I went to Nordstrom Rack to do some returns (May 1st) and as usual- it was mass chaos in the store. I rummaged through the crazy racks and all of a sudden my eyes met with this skirt. I thought I was imagining it. But it was the Theory Lecture “Joanie” skirt and it looked somewhat small…and low and behold it was a size 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been to this particular Nordstrom Rack many many times looking for this suit and never saw this skirt before. It was all alone mixed in with all these other skirts. I checked it over and it was in perfect condition. I was jumping up and down like a little girl in a candy store and then when I looked at the price tag- I almost fainted. It had a red sticker dot on it that said it was 40% off last marked price. The last marked price was $74.97 which brings the total to about $44.98. I literally have never walked so fast to stand in line. I was then able to return the other size 0 to Bloomies. Whew! Was that a rush or what?

So my total suit costs about $135 which retailed at $596 for the full skirt suit. Not bad huh?! I had to do some alterations. The sleeves were taken up and the hem of the skirt was taken up several inches. But I am happy to pay for alterations on a size 0 skirt vs. a size 4 which would have had to be taken apart completely to fit me and would have cost me way too much.  I am SO mad at myself for not taking before pictures to show everyone how long the skirt was and how long the sleeves were because the before and after fit is so different! I thought I would have to take in the hips and sides of the skirt but after just taking up the hem- it fits perfectly! I was in such a rush the day I dropped it off at my tailors- I didn’t have time to snap off some pics- darn it!

I just had to share my story with everyone because I feel like I climbed my Mt. Everest trying to hunt down this suit and to actually be able to find it in a size 0 in the blazer and skirt is truly a miracle!!!! *SIGH* (of relief)
So what is my secret to finding items that are long gone? Honestly, I think I am just LUCKY! I try to save the page of the item online and refresh it constantly. This Theory Suit find was truly pure luck. It’s from the Fall/Winter collection of 2009 so for me to find it in March/April/May of 2010 is just unbelievable! I clearly went thru extra lengths to find this particular suit. So if there is something you like and it’s sold out and it was previously online- my advice is to save the page and refresh it daily and if the timing is right- it will pop up in your size! This has happened to me on several occasions with an Ann Taylor dress, both of my Aqua cashmere sweaters from Bloomies and now this suit! I definitely don’t give up easily 🙂
Here’s to show you what the skirt looks like without the blazer and to show the fit of the waist and hips. I tried many different tops and shells with this suit and nothing looked great so I am still on the hunt for a perfect top to go with it but I chose this top because of the color and how it popped against the salt and pepper suit. I would have preferred a 00 but heck- for the price I got, the fit is still very nice! A little roomy on an empty stomache…but definitely do-able.
This is by far my FAVORITE suit. I don’t know if its because it was so difficult to find or if its because it looks and feels so good on! I definitely feel like a million bucks in this suit. I am sure it will be popping up in many more future posts!
Anyone else have good tips or stories about hunting down an item they love?
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  1. I KNEW it was this suit when I saw your new banner 🙂 What a crazy story… but with a happy ending! I can't believe you got the suit at such a bargain! I also wanted it when I saw it on AN and PAG but between the price and the lack of availability, I didn't even try to look for it. I'm seriously jealous… but you deserve it for all the craziness you went through!

  2. ahhhh insane story to get that one item/outfit /SUIT in your case that you really covet. i usually stop trying if i call 5 times and they tell me im crazy… haha but definitely inspiring. there's this mcqueen legend satchel in maroon that is to die for, was bidding like crazy on ebay for it and missed out last minute… havent been able to find one since :[


    [v] hobovogue.blogspot.com

  3. Lol…I enjoyed reading the entire saga and am really glad for the happy ending! Saving the page is such a good tip…I still see that blazer pop back on websites but never in a tiny size! The price u got it for is amazing…I think I paid 270 for the suit but don't regret it one bit…I agree it's the best suit ever and the separates are SO versatile (i wore it twice this week)! Enjoy it!

  4. Wow that's a bargain!. I really love that suit too..:) BY the way, I have a giveaway at my store you might be interested..;)

  5. OMG I really enjoyed reading this ~ so funny!! And I can totally relate ~ when there's something I want, I will do everything in my power to track it down! I've called my bf who lives across the country from me to hunt down some limited edition lipglosses LOL.

  6. Geez…seeing the full suit on both you and PAG makes me wish I had been more proactive and hunted down the skirt! It still amazes me how many petites picked up that set after I posted about the jacket! It looks great on everyone!

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