Here are some more of my H & M finds I found last weekend. I was really surprised at how well this white blazer fit! I already have 2 other white blazers from Bebe and Express but they are so old that they are not bright white anymore- so I figured for the price tag of $49.95- it wasn’t too bad. I also decided to get this H & M pencil skirt as well because I just love the fit. So my entire outfit is from H & M.
Jacket: H & M white blazer- size 2 (similar here: EXPENSIVE VERSION and AFFORDABLE VERSION)
Top: H & M ruffle shell- size XS
Skirt: H & M black pencil skirt- size 2 (similar HERE and HERE)
Pin: Black flower pin (similar HERE)

Aldo Black Patent Pumps- size 5 (similar HERE)
Pros on the Blazer: The cut is really petite friendly. The width (bust area) is very narrow and the cut is not a straight cut which I LOVE because it shows off your curves. Any straight cut blazers doesn’t look right on my petite frame because it’s too boxy and feminine. The length where it hits on me is just right. And I love the one button too. Oops- forgot to take a picture of the back- it was super cute- had a band with 2 buttons in the middle. The material and quality seemed well made and not “cheap” looking so I bought the last size 2!
Cons on Blazer: The sleeves are extremely long! The couple H & M blazers I have, the sleeves fit pretty nicely but this one was really lengthly for some reason! So I had to cuff them twice! I guess it looks good with the sleeves cuffed so I didn’t hestiate to get it.

Pros on skirt: The cut is fabulous and is very fitting. The length is a perfect length for petites. The waist and hips fit nicely without it being skin tight- which is very work appropriate. The quality compared to F21 is by far much better.
Cons on skirt: For some strange reason, they decided to make the lining super long! It peeks out when you sit and when you stand or walk- it irks me so much! I had to pin up the lining temporarily and will have to sew it up higher. Other than this issue- this skirt would be perfect!
Verdict: KEEPING both items!
I added this black flower pin to dress the oufit up. I have a bunch of flower pins for years ago that I took off of other shirts and saved them. Thank goodness I didn’t donate them or throw them out! Whew! I also found some cheap flower pins at H & M in case anyone is looking for one.
Black and white combo is one of my favorites. Simple and chic.

H & M is a great place to get affordable blazers and skirts for work. I have had alot of luck finding items that fit nicely without breaking the bank and without the cost of tailoring. I made it one of my missions this year to not have to spend money on tailoring unless its totally necessary. That alone saves me so much money!
Anyone else have a white blazer they love?

Stylish Petite