Finding the right pair of boots for petite’s is extremely difficult and frustrating. I have always had trouble finding boots with the correct shaft height and calf circumference. I don’t have the narrowest legs but they are short and my calves measure 12″ which make it very hard for me to find the perfect pair of boots. I did some research and wanted to pass the info along to the petite community!

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Before last winter when I went on a crazy hunt for boots, I had no idea what shaft height meant or how to measure your calves. This chart is very helpful! So needless to say, I was wearing the wrong everything!
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The two things to look for when shopping for boots is:

1. How tall the shaft height of the boot is
2. How well the boot fits your calves

Finding boots that aren’t too tall in the shaft and small circumference boots is definitely a petite challenge!


If you want to find out your calf circumference, take a flexible tape measure and measure around the fullest part of your calves. Mine measures 12 1/4″.

Take a flexible tape measure and start at your heel and measure up to right below your knee. My ideal shaft height is 14″.  
As most of you may already know, most boots are designed for TALL people so you will find that most shaft heights at a minimum of 15″ or above. I have found a few boots last Winter with 13 and 14″ shaft heights at Nordstrom’s. You can usually shop online and narrow your search to the shaft heights- which is nice but it doesn’t leave you many choices. I am really selective when it comes to boots only because being petite, the wrong pair of boots can overwhelm our petite frame. I sometimes have to search for mid-calf boots because  mid-calf on a regular person is just right on a petite frame! It’s not always the case but just a heads up.
I normally would have some selections but this season, I haven’t seen one pair of boots I have liked enough to even suggest! How sad is that? I know the other alternative is the stretchy material boots which I am not a big fan of. So hopefully something good will come out into the boot world that will fit us petites. *Sigh*
I guess I will just stick to the pairs I bought last year! Does anyone else have suggestions?

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