H&M Pleated navy skirt and Ann Taylor tulle dress


Top: Ann Taylor tulle flower dress– size 00P (buy here)
Skirt: H & M midi navy pleated *tailored* – size 2 (similar here and here)
Shoes: Cole Haan Aurora lizard slingback (outlet)- size 5.5 (similar here and here)
Belt: Ann Taylor perfect patent belt- size XS (buy here in black or pumice stone)
Ring: Forever 21- size 5 (similar here and here)
Purse: Chanel taupe flap m/l
Ever since I got my H & M red skirt (see old post here), I was on the hunt for the navy version. For some reason, I always tend to buy multiples of things I love in different colors. It’s beginning to be serious problem for me:) During my hunt over a month ago, I came across this navy pleated skirt but the midi style was just not for me. Some look really great in it, it’s just not my cup of tea.
I took up the skirt about 5 inches or so (can’t remember exactly). It took me forever to pick it up from my tailor so I have been itching to wear it. I wanted to keep the skirt at a very conservative length but didn’t want it past my knee caps.  I already have short legs so the last thing I need is just a stub sticking out under the skirt in a midi length. So I opted for this length which I am very satisfied with. I took up the inner lining a little bit shorter than the main skirt and wanted to keep it similar to the original design.
If you don’t have an H & M near you, a great and decent price option is this Urban Outfitters navy pleated skirt. It comes in red too if you want something a bit more bold.
I love my new navy skirt much more than my red version. And the fact that it has a slip built in is even better! It’s much dressier and definitely made better. The waist band is satin-like and very work appropriate. The only downside is the wrinkly zipper. I know several other bloggers got this skirt and complained about the same thing (see Elaine’s review here and Elle wearing it here). Mine is not as bad but it’s still annoying.  Was it really that necessary to make the zipper gold and stand out so much? Regardless, I love it and the waist fits so totally worth it for me.

This is my first attempt at wearing a dress as shirt. Luckily, the length of my H & M skirt was longer than the dress otherwise clearly it wouldn’t have worked. And because the pleated skirt is not fitted, there is no bulkiness from the dress. This dress fits fairly nicely. The back is a bit roomy near the waist and rear but doable if worn with a blazer.

I scored these Cole Haan slingbacks at the outlet a few weeks ago.  The size 5.5’s are way too big on me but I think I can make them work. I also got the green version in size 5 and even those are a bit big but fit much better than the yellows. Those will make an appearance in the next post!

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  1. The skirt looks really beautiful. Is it comfortable to wear a double dress (essentially?) how's the quality of the skirt and is it still available in stores? Thanks!

  2. @Anna Hi Anna! It's pretty comfortable but I don't like the added bulk. It worked w/this skirt because of the pleats and the fit of the tulle dress and the roominess of the skirt. Hope that make sense. The quality of the skirt is really nice- and way better than my red version. I absolutely LOVE it and it's def still avail in stores but comes in a midi length so you will have to get it tailored unless you like that look:)

  3. Great job with the dress/skirt combo! The length looks perfect!!

    So glad you were able to find the yellow slingbacks, too!

  4. HI Annie, You made me want to visit H&M now. 🙂 I like everything about the skirt! The stand out zipper makes it an unique style. And the quality looks good from the picutre. Great look! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Gah I wrote you a comment a while ago and for some reason it didn't go through 🙁

    I'm sooo glad the zipper isn't too bad on your skirt, it looks amazing on you! And great job with the dress as a shirt – those yellow shoes are absolutely amazing too! Love it!

  6. I like how in the 3rd pic the skirt flares out at the bottom. Is it due to tailoring? Great pics and outfit, Annie!

  7. I've seen several people do the dress under a skirt…is it comfortable? The look is really cute and I do like the yellow shoes, it's a nice touch!

  8. gorgeous!! the navy pleated skirt is so feminine and classical and i LOVE the pop with the yellow slingbacks!

  9. Annie, I'm so loving the romantic, ethereal feel of that 1st pic – you look ever so beautiful! It goes without saying that I'm loving the pleated skirt and yellow slingbacks too 🙂

  10. You look beautiful in that first picture Annie!!…(and are those tricep muscles I see on the back of your arms?) Way to go 😉

  11. wow annie this skirt looks great on you after alterations! just sheer enough and perfect. YES i have been looking for the navy version of our h&m pleated orange midi too 🙂 i'll let you know if i ever spot one
    pandaphilia fashion

  12. Oh Annie, you look sooooo pretty in these pictures! I love the skirt post-alteration. The yellow sling-backs are just gorgeous. I was drooling over Jean's post, now yours. 🙂 If you ever decide to get rid of it, I'm here! lol.

  13. The skirt is gorgeous and you chose to hem it to such a great length! It really elongates you and you look tall and slim. Great styling as well and I'm seriously wishing for your earrings!


  14. I love the yellow shoes! And the shot of you by the train tracks disappearing behind you is exceptionally stunning.

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