Say hello to my Chanel taupe lambskin flap…


Top: Ann Taylor striped tee- size XXSP (similar here and here)
Skirt: Petite Sophisticate (hand me down and tailored from mom)- size 0P (similar here and here)
Belt: Ann Taylor perfect patent skinny belt- size XS (similar here and here)
Necklace: LOFT 3 tiered pearl necklace (similar here) 
Shoes: Ann Taylor perfect patent pumps (black version here or exotic pump)
Purse: Chanel taupe lambskin m/l
I got a 50mm lens for my birthday and was super excited to test it out. It definitely has a learning curve but close-up pics work really well. I am still getting used to it and figuring out all the settings. I figured what a better way to debut both and show off my new purse! Isn’t she gorgeous?


I ended up getting 2 of these gorgeous taupe babies so I will be selling one of them. It’s a very long and complicated story of how I ended up with two but I figured someone would be able to benefit from my madness. So if you are interested- please email me for more details. **Purse has been sold**  I also will be selling a few other of my Chanel purses and you will see why later on this week….stay tuned!!!!
I am loving my depth of field pics! It just makes things more interesting! If anyone has any advice on settings or how to use a 50mm lens, I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get!
It was deathly hot outside but I forced hubby to take pics of me (poor guy). I found this tee for only $10 at Ann Taylor so I couldn’t resist! See Jean’s post here on how to wear it business casual. She looks great in it!
Oh and I completely forgot that I uploaded Part 2 of my Wardrobe essentials video last weekend. So if you have a moment, watch it if you’d like:)
Have a great day!
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  1. I only recentrly found your blog, and I really like your style. I'm your size, and you inspire me to create new outifts. Also, I can wear them to work because your style is classy and not provocative.
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Annie! Love the outfit and congrats on your new Chanel!! She looks beautiful! I'm also digging the new camera lens and new back drops.
    I'd be interested in buying your Chanels, fyi. 🙂

  3. wow, the taupe is so gorgeous!! I love the way you styled it! Let me know how much you're selling the second one for!

  4. You look gorgeous! Congrats on the new bag and lens, I'm sure you will get a ton of use out of both!

  5. Umm… Annie, how have you been able to hide this new baby from us on Twitter?!?!!? Not even a peep of a hint! Congrats!!! The story of how you acquired two taupes sound interesting… perhaps you would share later this week? 🙂

  6. @Cee LOL! Oh me- it was NOT easy hiding it from Twitter! I've had it for quite some time now but just haven't had time to post and wanted good pics to do it justice! LOL And the story…oh boy- it's not even blog worthy..LOL

  7. Wonderful outfit and loving your new beautiful baby!
    If only her twin was mine.
    I've been practising with my camera too even though it's not new.

  8. I especially love your bubblegum skirt – it's such a daring color. I won't even mention liking the new Chanel… you have to be mad not to. Congrats on your new pretty baby 🙂

  9. This is very stunning bag! My mom recently loaned me her black one… After lusting over it for years I am now afraid to take this baby out!

  10. What a gorgeous bag! I especially love the silver hardware paired with the taupe – such a pretty combo! You look great as always and loving the new lens pics!

  11. Congrats on your new baby, Annie! The color is gorgeous. I am curious to hear your story =) I got my 50mm lens 2 months ago and I love it. Kileen gave me some tips. I set the camera to aperture priority (AP) with f/1.8 and it works really well for me. Hope that helps!

  12. This blog should really be called "Really Pretty Petite," because that's what you are in these pictures. Your smile, sweet face, and lovely hair are all timeless. The combination of white and black with this light pink skirt is a lovely combination. The handbag is lovely to go along with all of this. Absolutely love the first picture to this post the most of all of these pictures.

  13. When are you selling your other Chanels and which one? Are you pricing them as second hand? LOL… I'm interested.

  14. @Shei Hi Shei! Yes I will be selling a couple of my other Chanel's but none of them are really used so the pricing will reflect that. I haven't decided which ones but probably the beige Summer flap and possibly my PST:)

  15. @Shei I realized that I didn't answer when I'm planning on selling my oyer Chanel's I'm not sure when but hopefully soon? I'm hoping to find some time to take some detailed pics:-)

  16. I'm dying over here! your chanel bags are amaze!!! Not amazing, but amaze!! A verb!!

    I need to put that on my dream board asap. I love how you twisted your belt. How do you get it to stay like that? Great look! Perfect

  17. @Erica hi Erica!!! Awe thanks so much!! I'm still dying myself..LOL

    And yes yes yes put on ur dream board!!! 🙂

    As far as the belt twist- all you do is take the leftover belt and tuck it upwards from the bottom underneath and loop thru the top and then downwards into the middle! Does that make any sense? It stays like that the whole time but the back of the belt rides up…lol

  18. I am loving your new lens, the photos are amazing. Your new Chanel is absolutely gorgeous, I love that color as much as black. How do you care for your lambskin bags? Do you use any products to recondition it at all? I wonder if I have to do anything with mine to keep it in a pristine condition.

    I wish I could buy it but I am on a Chanel ban until Dec 🙁 Did you get it before the price increase?

  19. girrrrrl!!! your new taupe flap is STUNNING! the color is so amazing.. a great neutral without being a basic normal like a black or a beige.. so gorgeous. congrats congrats congrats!! you wear her so well!

  20. So, I'm pretty sure that's one Chanel too many. Don't worry, as a good friend I am here to take another off your hands… when you're ready. *hug*


  21. @Nelah Thanks Nelah! I take care of my lambskin bags so well that I haven't had to recondition them yet. *knock on wood* I just always place it carefully back into the dust bag after each wear.

    And you are on a Chanel ban? Oh no!!!! LOL

  22. Oh, Annie, this baby is to die for, and so are your pictures! I love, love, love them. You seem to have a better handle of your new lens than I do. I blame it on my way too old camera body. hehe. 😉

  23. Hi there,
    Love your posts. I was just wondering if you would be interested in selling your deep red medium flap bag? Very interested in this style.

    Thank you,

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