Another Chanel?

Sweater: LOFT ruffle cardigan– size XXSP (buy here or similar here)
Cami: Forever 21– size XS (buy here)
Skirt: Ann Taylor pencil– size 00p (buy here or similar version)
Shoes: Ann Taylor perfect patent pumps (buy in black or similar here)
Belt: Ann Taylor perfect patent skinny belt- size XS (similar here)
Necklace: Pearls (similar here)
Purse: Chanel dark red lambskin m/l
Ahh…yes I am addicted to Chanel! I am typically not a red type of person but this shade of red, almost a burgandy/wine color I knew I had to have. Isn’t she a beauty? I knew I could pair if with neutral outfits to add that extra pop of color that I need. 
Now do you see why I need to sell a couple of my other Chanel’s? I must compensate for my new taupe and this one! So I got so many emails on which Chanel’s I will be selling and I am not even 100% sure. It’s hard to let go of any of them. More than likely- I will be selling my beige Summer flap. Please feel free to email me for pricing and details.

I am also loving my new Loft rufffle cardigan! It fits really nicely and very lightweight for Summer. I also got it in a pretty charcoal color.


This white skirt is amazing. See it on Kelly here– she looks fabulous in it! As soon as I read her post and she said it fit right off the rack, I didn’t waste time getting it because since she is smaller than I am and it would fit me more snug. I always have to tailor Ann Taylor skirts whether it being in the waist or hem so I jumped on this one. I have my beloved Theory white skirt which I try not to wear too often so this works as a perfect alternative. The only complaint I have is that it does wrinkle easily.

What do you think about me adding this color Chanel to my wardrobe?
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  1. Great color choice! Now I want a glass of red wine!! :p

    I love that LOFT cardigan! I am so antsy to go shopping now! You have paired everything so nicely!

  2. My keyboard is covered in drool. OH-MY-GOD. This is the perfect shade of red. I once saw the same red on a Proenza Schouler PS1 and haven't found it anywhere since. I need this shade of red in my life!

    I just realized something… is Sydney the one who bought your taupe flap?!?!?! First time Chanel owner, will be arriving sometime this week… did I connect the wrong dots?!

  3. Love that color for a bag! It looks beautiful with the lavendar sweater. I would also like to see it with paired with maybe a navy jacket and tan skirt 😉

  4. @Cee LMAO! Oh Cee….mine is still covered in drool too You likey? LOL

    And no it wasn't Sydney who bough the taupe:) But that was a good guess! hehehe

  5. @Cee LMAO! Oh Cee….mine is still covered in drool too You likey? LOL

    And no it wasn't Sydney who bough the taupe:) But that was a good guess! hehehe

  6. Outfit is gorgeous. I have the same sweater… : ) but it is in a taupe-y color. Is that the taupe one or blue-ish sweater? You look great in it!!!

  7. omgggggg your new wine colored chanel is AMAZING! the wine color in lambskin is outstanding it looks so buttery!!! eek! congrats hon 🙂 *sigh* i know what you mean i just can't get enough of chanel!

    ps. totally unrelated but i'm drooling overy our e-ring set and your right hand ring!! you've got some gorgeous bling girl!

  8. I can see now why you bought two..both colors are absolutely DIVINE and to die for. I love how the luxury lambskin looks comparing to caviar. Wish I had an unlimited shopping fund!!

    You outfit is gorgeous and feminine.

  9. I just love your whole outfit here too – I'm a neutral girl too and the CC is PUUUURFECT! I don't usually gravitate towards this wine red colour but well, CC makes it look so special!
    Got any you're holding back from us? 😉

  10. This is so pretty…congrats on the Chanel, it's beautiful! That LOFT cardi looks awesome on you, I may have to go hunt it down…

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