Do you have sweaters that have those annoying fuzz balls near the armpit where your purse rubs? Or from many washes, sweaters will accumulate these un-attractive fuzzies!? I have a ton and they are so annoying! My sister sent me this fabric shaver as a gift and swears by it. I was so excited to share this with everyone! I have so many gorgeous sweaters that get ruined by these stupid fuzz balls. 
I tested it out on an old sock first just to make sure I got the hang of it before using it on a sweater. I highly advise you do this first so you don’t ruin any of your favorite sweaters (especially cashmere or silk blends). My sister used it on one of her Ann Taylor silk blend cardigans and it caused a hole so be careful!
You will need 2 AA batteries (I use re-chargeables). It’s super easy to use. Click the on button and remove the clear plastic cover and start shaving those pesky fuzz balls. Warning: don’t be over zealous and go fast or else you may ruin your sweater! Just graze the top part of the sweater gently. **Update- if you have a dress form, it works really well when the sweater is on the actual dress form. It makes it easier to maneuver.**
The fuzz goes into the little tray (blue part of unit). When you are done, slide out the tray and throw away the fuzz! Be sure to give the whole unit and the tray a good wipe down with a paper towel or cloth just to keep it looking nice and pretty:) It also comes with a adorable, tiny brush to sweep extra debris off.
Here’s two of my Vince cashmere sweaters:

I did some research and the cheapest place to get this EverCare fabric shaver is CVS online. It’s only $3.99 but I checked several local stores and they all looked at me like a crazy Asian girl wanting to shave off sweater fuzz balls? Try explaining that to a cashier… 😀 The Container store also carries it for $7.99 and carries it for $4.99 but you need $25 for free ship. I saw tons of cheap generic Chinese ones on Ebay but I don’t have experience with them so I am not recommending those.

All in all, I LOVE my new fabric shaver! My sister is the best! I’ve been looking in hubby’s closet to find items to shave! I love my new toy! I know I am a dork!!! Now all my sweaters are back to being brand new!
Readers: Do you own a fabric shaver?

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