Dress: Forever 21 striped tunic – small (buy here or epaulet)
Jacket: H & M trend – 2 (similar here)
Belt: H & M taken from skirt (similar here or here)
Purse: H & M (similar here)
Necklace: Thrifted
Ring: YSL arty in lapis– 4 (buy here)
Shoes: Ann Taylor – 5 (buy here or cheaper)

I’ve been obsessed with J.Crew’s about town dress ever since I saw it on Vicky and poor thing has been helping me stalk the website but with no luck. I’ve wanted a nautical dress this whole Summer but haven’t found one that fits and is a decent price. 


Luckily for blogs (or is it trouble?) because I saw this F21 tunic on Elle and went on the hunt for it the same night. (and broke my in-store shopping hiatus after 24 hrs.) It’s supposed to be a tunic but on a petite, the length is perfect! 

The material sucks but the fit is great and for $9.50, who can really complain? I finally succumbed to getting this H & M cross body after seeing it on Jean. I needed a small, brown purse that I could beat on and not have to worry about damaging. It’s great for running errands and shopping hands-free and I don’t have to panic when I’m eating or in the fitting rooms.


This is a great casual date night outfit that is affordable and extremely comfortable. I have now satisfied my craving for a striped nautical dress. Even though it’s now Fall, it’s still super hot in CA so maybe I can sneak a few more outfits out of this one:)

Stylish Petite