Simple Sheath, Gold and Orange

Dress: Banana Republic *gifted from reader* – 00p (tweed sheath)
Belt: H & M – XS (similar HERE)
Necklace: Thrifted (similar here)
Earrings: Chanel
Shoes: Aldo – 5 (similar here)
As you can probably tell, I love me some dresses! Do you ever find yourself gravitating towards the same items over and over? I sometimes find myself wearing the same item repeatedly and have to figure out ways to come up with different looks so people don’t think I am wearing the same things. Are you tired of seeing my gold necklace yet? : ) 
Also on a random note, I hope people don’t get bored with my blog because my style doesn’t really change much. I don’t jump on the trend wagon too much merely for the sake of blogging. I blog about outfits that I really do wear in real life and not what’s hot or in at the moment. If there are things you would like to see post about, any suggestions would be welcomed! There are tons of cute trends that I love but know I won’t really wear them so it doesn’t make it to a post. I know, I am boring! I’m trying my best to get outside of my box but it’s a work in progress 🙂

**The winner of the vintage Peri cameo giveaway is Ana! Please email me to claim your prize and provide me with your info!**
To be fair, I am forced to re-draw because there was no last name provided and there are 3 different people claiming to be the winner:( 

Bloggers: Do you really wear what you blog about or do you blog about the latest trends?

Readers: What would you like to see me in? More pants/jeans? More casual attire?
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  1. Wow, that dress fits you like a glove! Great outfit, I love the hint of orange.
    As a blogger, I just shoot what I am wearing. I only blog about trends if I am incorporating them in my outfits. There are many trends that don't fit my style (like maxi dresses) so you won't see them on my blog.

    I love that you show work-appropriate outfits, not just the shorts-and-platform-heels that really can't be worn to the office.

  2. I love the dress — I'm obsessed with grey, personally. The one thing I dislike is having armholes that are too small. I don't like having armholes that are all the way up in my armpit. lol.

    I think you do incorporate trends, you just incorporate them into your style more subtly than people who are highlighting the trend.

    Personally, I'm just beginning to consider blogging about fashion, but I do think it's important to blog about things you would realistically wear.

  3. you look stunning in this outfit, Annie!! i love the sheath dress and it's making me sad that I sold a dress of mine that was very similar! and i love the new poses.

    as for me, i always blog what i really wear, regardless of whether it's "interesting" or not, lol. i do kinda fall victim to a few trends though but try to style it in a classic way that i hope can be timeless!

    cute & little

  4. Great outfit! and you are not boring! you have your own unique style and I think thats what attracts most of your readers (definitely me!) You know what works for you and I like to pick up tips and see what other people like to wear.
    I just started blogging as well, and I havent done any outfit posts yet, but I plan on just blogging what I wear. I feel like there are so many trends, although they are cute and fashionable, but they are ever changing..I would just get lost in the trend world, instead of working on developing my own "style"

  5. Annie, I rarely get bored of anything of yours. So fear not about me feeling bored in any such way. Everyone has their own unique style. Don't change in any such way that's beyond your comfort zone or beyond your own unique style. For example, don't do any Goth-style outfit posts or any rock-influenced outfits if you aren't comfortable with such looks. This is YOUR blog; showcase your style your way regardless of what anyone thinks.

    Now on to this outfit. Nice car, but with the style you have, you should be stepping out of a stylish limousine or a high-dollar luxury car because you look stylish! As in… prestigious award show stylish. Lovely dress and pumps, and also great-looking accessories.

  6. Love sheath dresses on you, very flattering and work appropriate. I like that you don't veer too much from your normal outfits, because that's how most of us are.

    I consider myself a bit trendy but I like the same things so will buy them in every color/texture I can find. Why fix what ain't broken?! 🙂

  7. i really like your orange belt! it cinches this sheath beautifully. i realized too that my blog photos are more boring because i'm actually posting what i wear instead of "dressing up" to be some persona. of course i'm influenced by trends but i try to make it my own twist. you don't have to feel pressured to dress like everyone else! i think people like your blog because you have classic style.

  8. Love the belt!

    I actually wear what I blog. I don't give in to too many trends even though I like to keep my look modern. BUT, having said that, I get bored of blogs that show essentially the same outfit over and over and OVER again. You (and I don't mean *you* in particular) can still keep with your own personal style, but still branch out with different kinds pieces (which aren't necessarily brand new pieces) and style them in different ways. Nothing is really inspiring about the same jeans with the same style cardi or blazer with a similar belt as yesterday's. Also, experimenting is how personal style evolves over time and it's just nice to see people venture out of their box every so often whether it works or not.

  9. Classic style is never boring! You have a signature look that works for you! If anything, reading your blog inspires me to switch up my usually funky style to tailored, classic pieces.

  10. That dress fits you super well, and I like how the orange pops against it! I actually really admire your sense of style – it's classic, but never at all in a dull way.

  11. Pretty dress, lovely photos Annie. That dress is very flattering and a belt gives a perfect finish. Love this.

    I am happy to hear that you stay true to your style. It is so true that there are some bloggers out there who do not dress the same way in real life but I guess that's a personal choice if they want to use their blog to serve as a fashion magazine. I personally like to read blogs that show clothes which can be worn on street like yours. There are a few blogs I no longer read because I can't relate.

  12. Such great photos! I love the belt with your dress. It's a great contrast 😀

    And I certainly hope that bloggers post what they wear IRL .. it's a bit loserish to put together outfits just for your blog that you wouldn't wear in real life, imo. LOL I'm glad to hear you're true to your style, but it doesn't hurt to try out a few trends! I'm sure you can rock them! : )

  13. I really enjoy reading your blog. I particularly like seeing the different work outfits you come up and the things you buy. I also use your blog as a reference for shopping and how things fit. So, I wouldn't worry about not being boring. What you've got going on is very resourceful and inspiring!

  14. That dress is very flattering! I wish they still had it – I'd pick it up in a heartbeat. Also, I normally feel weird wearing necklaces when I wear a belt (crazy I know but I don't want to over do accessories), but it looks great here and maybe I will try again! The belt is too cute.

  15. I have a similar sheet dress that I got from Ann Taylor. It's black and fits perfect!

    By the way, I'm happy that you don't ever change your style for the sake of blogging. You blog what you wear and you're real. That's one of the reason why I keep coming back to your blog.

  16. This dress is perfect on you, Annie. I love the orange belt on a gray dress. Your vintage jewelry and Chanel earrings add the perfect touch to this already stunning outfit.

  17. 10-10-10!!!!!!! Every single element of this outfit is a perfect 10. The dress. The necklace. The belt. The shoes. EVERYthing.

    I think this is quite possibly my favorite outfit I've ever seen on your blog. This is TOTALLY something I would wear myself, so it really speaks to me. You look fabulous! Life has gotten so busy for me that I haven't really had time to blog, let alone check in on some of my favorite petite bloggers. But stumbling across this post was a nice surprise!

  18. This dress is perfect on you!! It looks amazing on you!! 🙂 I love your blog and all the business/work clothes!! 🙂