Wednesday Wants: Mustard Cardigan and Chunky Sweaters

I was so bummed when my LOFT mustard cardigan got cancelled this week. I had placed a style finder order last week and made the mistake of tweeting and posting on Facebook before my order was officially shipped. They had plenty in-stores at the time I ordered but I guess I was just unlucky this time. To compensate, I am going to try this J.Crew cardigan in spiced chartreuse in hopes it works out.  J.Crew is having 30% off all sweaters plus free shipping so it was perfect timing for me not to have to order more than I need to. I’ve had this in my cart waiting for a decent sale. It’s still a bit expensive but fingers crossed that the quality will make up for it.  LOFT is having a sale on their sweaters and it’s stackable with code NOVAFF25 for an additional 25% off your orders of $125 or more. I ordered this 3/4 cable sweater in royal turquoise and olive green.  
I had to order a this faux fur vest just for free shipping but secretly am excited to try it on. I know it will probably be a return but it’ll be fun to see what I look like in it.  
Anyone else get anything?

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  1. I saw a faux fur vest at H&M going for only $14.95 yesterday and was SO tempted to buy…but it's just such an awkward time of year to purchase one, because you can really only wear them over long-sleeved shirts and it's getting to be too cold for that – dilemma!

    I hope the JCrew cardi works out – it really is SUCH a pretty color. Love it!!

  2. Aww, sorry to hear your order got cancelled but glad you found something at J. Crew instead! I went to the LOFT store yesterday to take advantage of the 50% off coupon but didn't have any luck with the sweaters (all of them emphasized my tummy!). Seeing as how you have no tummy, I'm sure your LOFT selections will look great on you šŸ™‚

  3. I know such a bummer! Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Hopefully I will love the J.Crew cardi more:)

    No luck at LOFT? I usually don't have luck in-store for some reason. My local one has a tiny petite section. From post-baby posts, I can't see any tummy:)

  4. That's a great deal for a faux fur vest…but I agree you can only wear it over long sleeves and not very often either:)

    FIngers crossed that my J.Crew cardi works out:)

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