Dress: Ann Taylor – size 00P (buy HERE)
Belt: Ann Taylor – size XS (similar HERE and HERE)
Shoes: Cole Haan – size 5 (similar HERE and HERE)
Necklace/Earrings: Pearls ($8 set HERE or similar HERE)
Sunglasses: H&M cheapies
Shoulder to shoulder = 9.5″
Armpit to armpit = 15″
Waist = 13.5″
Hips = 17″
Total length = 32.5″
Split neck drop = 5″

I took pictures of the dress belted and un-belted so you can see the true fit.
SIZE/FIT/LENGTH:  The 00P fits okay on me at first glance but it’s a tad bit too wide.  I usually like to wear my sheath dresses belted, especially if it’s a print. It’s nice to add dimension and break up the pattern. The waist could be brought in about 1″ and the slides slimmed slightly. I don’t want it to be tight but just enough so it fits nicely. I’m not sure if you can tell in the second picture (side view) of the dress belted, there is bunching of the waist at every angle.  It’s much more apparent in person and does not look good (especially from the front). If you are slightly bigger than me, then this should fit you just fine.  The length may be too short for ladies that are taller. 
MATERIAL: 98% cotton, 2% lycra/spandex (I wore for an entire work day and it didn’t wrinkle or at least you couldn’t tell since because of the print.)
QUALITY: Thank goodness the dress is fully lined. My favorite part is that it has pockets. That’s always a plus for me. I love the split neck, it’s different than the typical rounded or square neckline of most sheath dresses.
PRICE: $138, definitely wait for a sale (I bought it with 25% off)
VERDICT: Keeping and would recommend. It’s nice to add a different print and color to my collection of dresses. I paired this dress with a navy blazer for work and it looked really nice.

I tried to get all angles of the dress so you can see how it fits from the front, back and side view. My photo shoot was cut short because of the crazy winds.  I was afraid my camera/tripod would topple over like last time.
What are your thoughts on this dress?

Stylish Petite