Sweater: Old Navy – size XS
Jeans: Old Navy in campfire – size 0P
Scarf: Hand crochet by MIL (similar HERE)
Measurements: Shaft = 15″, Circumference = approx. 14 1/4″, heel height 1 1/2″
Measurements: Shaft = 15″, Circumference = approx. 14 1/2″ (slightly larger than cognac), heel height 1 1/2″

If you are wondering how to measure the circumference of a boot – take a flexible measuring tape and measure the fullest part of the boot. For these B.P boots, the fullest part was near the very top. To measure your calf circumference – take a flexible measuring tape and measure the fullest part of your calf. As a reference, my calves measures 12 1/4″. This will help you determine how wide the circumference of the boots will be for your calves. My ideal boot circumference is 13″.
To measure the shaft height – start from the bottom of the foot to the top of the boot. To measure the length of your leg – take a flexible measuring tape and start from the bottom of your heel to right below your knee cap. My ideal shaft height is 13″ or 14″.


These are very similar to the Steve Madden Intyce boots but I like these much better. The biggest difference between the Steve Madden’s and the B.P’s is the Steve Madden’s has an adjustable buckle and no zipper (pull on style).  I prefer the B.P’s sleek and hardware free design.
Pros: I love the rich cognac color. As I mentioned in this post, the online stock photo depicts a strange cognac color. I didn’t do any photo editing so you can see the true color and details of these boots. I really like the hidden/low covered wedge style. My feet feel weird in completely flat shoes/boots so this is perfect for me. This gives you a little lift but you still have the comfort of flats. The bottoms have rubber soles and has traction for those of you who live in rainy or snowy climates. It’s also nice that they don’t make a lot of noise when you walk.  I like the round almond toe and this boot runs true to size. If you prefer wearing thicker socks with your boots, consider sizing up.  I’m a true 4.5 – small size 5 so with socks, these fit me perfectly.  The leather is soft and not stiff/heavy like most leather riding boots.  The cognac pair seems to be a bit more supple. I’m hoping after some wear, both pairs will soften up.
 The circumference is smaller than what is stated online.  Nordstrom says it’s 15″ but mine measure smaller. The cognac (14 1/4″) runs a bit smaller than the black (14 1/2″).  As you can see from the picture above, there is still a big gap on both pairs. It’s do-able for me since I will be wearing jeans tucked inside most of the time.

Cons: I’m not a fan of the exposed back zipper and would have preferred a pull on style or a hidden inner side zipper.  I don’t like that the interior of the boots are not leather but I guess the price point would have been much higher had this been the case. The excess strip of leather sometimes gets in the way when you are trying to zip up the boots. I’m trying to figure out a way to make it stay perfectly flat (any suggestions would be helpful).  The shaft height is about 1″ too tall for me but I think I can get away with it.


These boots are currently on sale for $87.06 (was $129.95) which I think is a decent price for good quality, genuine leather boots. I have two other B.P suede boots from a few years ago which I love and fit really nicely. I hope some of you were able to pick up a pair in your size when I first posted it here. If your size is sold out online, I would keep an eye on it as sizes tend to pop up periodically on their site.

I wore the cognac pair for an entire day of shopping and I happy to report that my feet were not sore at all. They are extremely comfortable and don’t require a breaking in period. Yay! I hope you found this review helpful.
What are your thoughts on these boots?

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