J.Crew Emmaleigh Dress + Ferragamo Belt + Coach Leopard Pumps

Dress: J.Crew – size P00 (buy in navy or charcoal or other colors)
Belt: Ferragamo (buy here)
Shoes: Coach – size 5 (similar here or here)
Purse: Chanel m/l in caviar
Sunglasses: Chanel 5197H
I’ve been through a few pairs of leopard pumps in the past couple of years. Either the heel is too high or the print wasn’t right, I have yet to love any pair.  I saw Vicky post her Coach leopard pumps on Instagram and they looked promising (see them on her here). Luckily, she alerted me when Coach Factory was having a sale and I scooped up a pair in my size. 
I love the chunky block pump and they seem to be fairly comfortable (worn a few times). I don’t love the leopard print but it’s pretty close to what I am looking for. 
I adore this J.Crew emmaleigh dress (see previously here). It fits me perfectly without any alterations. Plus it has pockets! I was unsure about the double venting in the back because I’ve never seen it on a dress before but it’s growing on me.  
I just ordered the emmaleigh dress in navy pinstripe since it was on sale.  I also got the origami dress in brilliant berry.  I wanted the hammock green but it’s sold out in my size.  If you are similar in size to me, J.Crew dresses in P00 have all (I have several – see here and here) fit me without any tailoring. Usually even with petite dresses, either the hem or the hips need to be tinkered with but J.Crew dress sizes are spot on (for me).  Now if only they could work on their pencil skirt sizing…I’d own every one of them.
My pretty scalloped dresses finally came so I hope to review them soon.
Do you find J.Crew dresses fit you well?
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  1. what is your bust/cup size? i am considering getting this dress but i am wondering if i will have to get the top part altered to fit properly.

  2. I almost always love J Crew 00P but sadly the scalloped dresses just didn’t work for me. It was too shapeless and I just couldn’t make it work even with a belt. I’m looking forward to seeing how you style it before I return since they’re already sold out in 00P!

  3. I’ll take one of everything please. I love this dress on you (totally pinning this) but I’m probably to small chested to pull it off even half as well as you. I know what I told you about the belt but the more you wear it the more I want it! Ha!

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