Did you know that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra? Myself included! Most women right now are wearing too big of a band size and too small of a cup size. Other women are wearing too small of a band size or too large of cup size. I strongly urge all of you reading this to re-measure yourself at least once a year. If you lose or gain weight, this will affect your bust size so it’s best to re-measure yourself periodically just to make sure.  
TLBC 30C Bra Review
I’ve always worn the wrong bra size because I didn’t know any better and just settled for what I thought fit. I once was wearing a 32 and a 34 band thus causing the bra to ride up (adjusting downwards all day) and the straps were constantly falling down. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a strap that is hanging off your shoulder and trying to be sneaky while adjusting it in public or at work.  If this sounds familiar, then you are wearing the wrong bra!

TLBC Bra Review Comparison Wacoal 30C

Before we get started on my review of The Little Bra Company, lets briefly talk about how to measure what bra size you are.  After doing a ton of research, I’ve complied three simple steps to determining your bra size. While discovering all the ways and techniques on how to obtain the right bra size, I got really overwhelmed and confused.  I read that you add this number and subtract that number and I never got the right size. I’m hoping this will help clear any doubts for ladies who are unsure about how to properly measure your bra size.

Step 1. With a non-padded bra on, take a flexible measuring tape and measure firmly around your rib cage (underneath your breasts).  Make sure the tape measure is horizontal and not too high or hanging too low in the back.  Round to the nearest whole number. This number is your band (under bust) measurement.

Step 2. With a non-padded bra on, measure the fullest part of your bust (middle nipple area). Make sure the tape measure is completely firm and straight. Round to the nearest whole number. This number is your cup size measurement.

Step 3. Type in those two numbers here or here (best calculators I have found). 
I measure 25″ under my bust and 30″ over = 28C (1st calculator) and 28D (2nd calculator).I always thought that cup size determined how large your breasts were. This is a common misconception. The cup size means nothing w/out the band size. For instance, a 28D is the same cup size as a 30C.  As you increase the band size, the cup sizes increase by 1 cup. A 32A is the same cup size as a 30B and a 28C.  Most petite women with a smaller bust automatically think they are an “A” cup because that’s what we were told. When in actuality, some smaller busted women are really B, C and even D cups but with smaller bands sizes. A woman with a 28D bra size compared to a 34D is very different even though the cup size is the same. 

TLBC 30C Bra Review Yvonne Sascha Erin
 Please click below to read my review on three bras from The Little Bra Company. I must warn you, these are a bit revealing so read/view at your own risk. 
I had reservations about doing this post but I figured it shows as much as a bikini top does so hopefully no one’s eyes get offended.  I opted to wear a tank underneath the black lace Erin braTLBC appeared back on my blog a few years ago (see here) and debuted their “C” cups back in early 2011. 

TLBC specializes in attractive intimate apparel for hard to find sizes ranging from 28-38A, 28-36B, 28-34C. Their bras are made specifically for smaller, petite proportions. They also have a padding scale of 0-5 *’s for how little or thick the padding on each bra is. 

They sent me both 28 and 30 band sizes to try. Since my true band size is a 28, I thought for sure the 28’s would work out but TLBC bras do run much smaller than most other bra companies. The cups on the 28 are too small but the band fits perfectly. (Note: if you can stretch out your bra in the back more than two fingers, the band is too big)
I’m hoping TLBC comes out with 28D because that would be my perfect size! Remember a 28D is equivalent to a 30C in cup size but the band size is smaller.  
Yvonne Nude Vanilla – size 30C (available in 2 colors)
Padding = ** (2 stars)

TLBC 30C Bra Review Yvonne nude vanilla petite bras

This is my favorite bra from TLBC.  The band runs the largest out of all three that I’m reviewing.  It’s too loose on me when worn on the last hook so I plan on wearing on the tightest one for now (don’t recommend doing this). 
(Note: you should always wear your new bra on the last hook so when it stretches out, you can move to the tighter hooks)

TLBC 30C Bra Review Yvonne nude vanilla petite bras

I think it’s just as important how the bra fits underneath your clothes as it does alone. I wanted to show how it looks under a form fitting tank so you can see the shape.

TLBC 30C Bra Review Yvonne nude vanilla petite bras
TLBC 28C Bra Review Yvonne nude vanilla petite bras

Here is what the 28C looks like – it doesn’t cover all of my breast tissue on the sides – where the arrow is pointed. The band fits me perfectly but the cups are too small. This means I should size up to a 28D for it to fit me properly (will settle for the 30C for now).

Sascha Strapless Nude – size 30C (available in 4 colors)
Padding = **** (4 stars)
TLBC 30C Bra Review Sascha strapless nude bra
TLBC 30C Bra Review Sascha strapless nude bra
It’s so difficult finding a strapless bra that doesn’t slip. This one fits me nicely and doesn’t slide down. You can also wear this bra as a normal bra/convertible (w/straps) but I prefer using it as a strapless. I found that the band runs the smallest (out of the three) and fits snug on the last hook (feels more like a 28 band) so be sure to size up if you plan on ordering this.
Erin Black Nude – size 30C
Padding = ***** (5 stars)
TLBC 30C Bra Review erin black nude bra

TLBC 30C Bra Review erin black nude bra

This bra is great if you are looking to add some major curves. The inserts are removable and the lace is so pretty! I hope they come out with more neutral colors. The band on this bra also runs smaller  but not as small as the Sascha. 
A proper fitting bra can do wonders for a woman’s breasts and figure. I hope you found this review helpful. Stay tuned for a giveaway tomorrow!

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