Floral and Blush (Plus talking about Denim Jackets)

H&M Floral Dress and Blush_-2
Dress: H&M – size XS (pretty here and here)
Necklace: c/o Ily Couture (buy here)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin – size 35 (buy here)
Purse: YSL (similar here)
Earrings: Kate Spade (buy here)
Lipstick: YSL #8 fetish pink
Watch: Kate Spade 
H&M Floral Dress and Blush_-14
Hi everyone! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend! I finally found this H&M dress in size XS! I wanted to thank all the lovely ladies who tried looking and for the ones that emailed/messaged letting me know which store had it available. I really appreciate it! The XS fits much better and I’m so thrilled I found it. Today I’m showing two looks, one for work and one for the weekend. It’s amazing by just switching out your shoes and adding a denim jacket can totally change the outfit. This first one is more work appropriate and the second is great for the weekends. 
H&M Floral Dress and Blush_-7
H&M Floral Dress and Blush_-15

I’ve always been on the search for a the perfect denim jacket but I have yet to find the right one. I tried on this American Eagle denim jacket 2 years ago (see here) and have always reverted back to it. I currently have a Gap girls denim (see here) and one from Old Navy (super old. see here and here). The Gap kids fits but I never liked how high the front chest pockets were and the wash was a bit too dark for me. I settled because it was only $13.99. The Old Navy is super cute but the wash is too light but I love the fit. It used to be super big on me but I shrunk the heck out of it and now it’s the perfect size. 

H&M Floral Dress and Blush_-6
H&M Floral Dress and Blush_-13

I’ve found that most denim jackets are either too big, too boxy or the arms are super wide. Kids versions are a good option but it’s never perfect. I even tried this petite one from Loft but it still didn’t fit right. I took pictures of it to gauge the fit which I’ll share on Instagram soon.

H&M Floral Dress and Blush_-16
Denim Jacket: American Eagle – size XXS (buy here)
Shoes: Nine West – size 5 (buy here)

I recently got this American Eagle one on sale for $18 online. I ordered the full price version to compare because I couldn’t tell the difference online. Mine is the “faded” version but I swear there is minimal difference in the wash. I did notice that mine had a little distressing to it which I really like. It looks like I’ve had it for years. I knew the sleeves were going to be extra long but I was willing to overlook it as long as everything else fit and the wash was right. 

H&M Floral Dress and Blush_-17
Measurements before shrinking: sleeves 25″, length 19″
Measurements after shrinking: sleeves 24″, length 18″

Even though the sleeves are long, I love how slim they are. I like to wear my jean jacket sleeves rolled/cuffed up and think it looks much cuter this way. The shoulders fit much better than any other brands I’ve tried and the chest pockets aren’t too high.

H&M Floral Dress and Blush_-19

We need to talk about these shoes! I’m obsessed with these Nine West sandals! They are so comfortable and the size 5’s fit me perfectly! It has a perfect heel height (3.5″) and the leather is very soft. No breaking in period necessary. I would highly recommend them! 

H&M Floral Dress and Blush_-12

H&M Floral Dress and Blush_
Thanks for reading and have a great day! 🙂
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  1. Hey Annie, Its been a while since I last commented but have been looking in at all your posts 🙂 Love your gladiator sandals. Going to get myself a pair.
    ps: Congrats on your People Style feature! Am thrilled for you 🙂

  2. Hi Annie, I love the dress. Any tips on which section of the store it might be in? I went today but couldn’t find it! Thanks! 🙂

    • Usually I know which section things are but this one was very strange! It was in random places at each store I went to. The best thing is to show the SA a picture of the dress and they can tell you if they have it or not. This way you aren’t wasting time. 🙂

  3. This is a very versatile dress. I love how it looks dressed up and down? Really cute idea.

      • WOW! It doesn’t wrinkle? What is the material? I had to come back and see where you purchased this from. H & M..I’ve only been in there once, the one I went to was so overly crowded with clothes that couldn’t. I am not a digger. I love being cute but I have very little patience when it comes to shopping lol. I need to keep my behind once size so I can continue to shop online! : )

  4. I’m seriously obsessed with the dress. It’s the perfect combination of fun and fancy. It looks absolutely amazing on you too! I love your style and look forward to reading more posts!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!
    much love, Joycie

  5. I also struggled to find a well fitting denim jacket. I finally found one last year Aqua @ Bloomingdales. It was cropped in the back and really fits well. After seeing your instagrams. I have also started wearing it with dresses